Monster Integration - Chapter 686 Domain Of Withering Sand

Chapter 686 Domain Of Withering Sand

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I had sensed the strange energy from Rachel, but I had never thought it would be such a deep secret. This secret is too important; it would have been understandable if she had refused to tell me, but she is trusting me enough to tell me about it, which made me very happy.

"Was your sister able to awaken that power?" I asked, "No, she had just returned from the Forbidden ground an hour ago, she said she would rest for the night before she will use that Violet Grade Origin Water for Awakening of that power."

"I will be only able to know about it in the morning." She replied a slight trepidation and hope could be seen her eyes as she said it

"Don't worry, she will succeed," I said, seeing the worry in her eyes. She nodded and came to for a kiss. We kissed for a few more minutes before she broke the kiss and hugged me softly.

I also placed my hands in her back and hugged her. Our mission had taken a toll on us mentally and physically. Physical fatigue could be recovered, but metal fatigue that one acc.u.mulates from the constant killing is very difficult to get rid of.

The Grimm monsters may be our mortal enemies, and we may not feel much about killing them on the surface, but our heart still acc.u.mulates the stress of it as we are not killing mindless monsters but the sentient being who can feel emotions.

When we hugged each other, we felt like the stress that we have acc.u.mulated deep inside is vaporizing from her body. As I hugged Rachel, I burrowed my nose in Rachels's neck, inhaling a familiar smell that seems to calm from deep inside.

"You also received another compulsory mission from your guild, I a.s.sume?" Rachel asked after some time after she let go of the hug, "Yes, the guild has given us two emergency missions." I replied and walked into the Kitchen.

"You are hungry, right?" I asked, "I am famished." she replied while rubbing hands on her tummy, cutely, "Ok, I will cook something quick." I replied and started taking out the things I have to cook.

I am cooking a fifteen minutes meal, I have only about one hour before I have to leave for the mission, so I am planning to cook something quick and what is quicker than the Green pasta.

It just needs some simple herbs and the best quality pasta, I have to give them everything, so I take out everything on the table before I start cooking.

Tring Tring...

As I was cooking, my holowatch started to ring, and when I looked up who it was, I was quite surprised as it was Kayla. I accepted her call and soon found out why she had called.

She had a small request which I complied after a few seconds of thoughts as it was a good thing for the team, I may have agreed to her request and others would too agree except for Alex, Kayla will have to work extra hard to convince her.


Few minutes after cutting the call, I had received the mail from which I replied immediately before I went back to cooking again.

Fifteen minutes later, I finished cooking and set up a table and ate with Kayla while we talked about the things we have encountered in the forest. She was very shocked when I told her about the Terra Lions using Mystical Method; I did not tell what that Mystical Method was for her to worry uselessly.

"Rachel, help me open some storages," I said as we finished the dinner, the storages I have taken out earlier from the Grimm monsters I have killed, the one that was killed by the Ashlyn I had kept to myself. On those storages, the team did not have any rights.

"Sure!" said Rachel, I took out a small pile of storages to move them toward Rachel when I remembered something and took out another storage from my storage.

"Rachel, see if you find anything interesting inside it," I said and forwarded on Grimm monsters storage to Rachel.

Rachel arched her brow in question, seeing me only giving her lone storage to open instead of the small pile that is front of me. "It is the storage of Terra Lion, I wanted to see if it has the Mystical Method inside it," I said with a hopeful expression.

From what I have read, only Grim Monsters that are above Three Star Silver Elite could officially practice the Mystical Ability from their tribe's collections while the Terra Lion I had fought is only One Star Elite.

That means the Mystical Method it had used probably did not come from the official source, but from somewhere else, there is some chance that Grimm Monster had that Mystic Ability in its storage.

"This case is the only suspicious thing it had in its storage." My daydreaming disturbed by Rachel's voice, when I looked at her, I found there was a small Black Case appearing in front of her.

This Case is about 25 inches and seemed to be made of stone, a pure black stone. Seeing it, my heart started to beat faster and did not waste time walking toward Rachel to see the box.


Without wasting any time and I opened it and only greeted with lots of herbs and other stuff, but I did not give them as thought as my gaze instantly attracted by the thing in the Gla.s.s bottle, it is giving me a very familiar presence.

I knew this presence very well; it is the presence of the Mystic Ability that Terra Lion used. There is barely any golden brown sand left in the bottle, even less than a pinch, but the feeling it is giving me makes my soul shake.

If I had not guessed wrong, then this should be Sand found in the forbidden Ground, which is treated with Cosmic Energy that was able to infiltrate our world.

This is such a rare resource, very few people are able to get their hands on such things, anything that is related to the forbidden ground is expensive and precious, even if that thing is common sand inside the Forbidden ground.

After the sand, I looked at the other things on the box; there are many herbs, minerals, and many other things that I was easily able to identify.

I looked around the box and soon found what I was looking for. There are two books in the corner, they look like they have been made from a completely different materials.

One looked to be made from the fine leather, while others seemed to be made by the precious paper.

I took the leather book first as it was on the top and when I opened it, I found it written in the language of the Grimm monsters, I flipped the pages hoping to find familiar words I did not. It is completely written in the Grimm language.

I placed the book down, the book may be Grimm language, but I am not worried about translating, the Guild had software that could perfectly translate it.

After putting the leather book down, I picked up paper one which is written in Universal language; I could say that because the t.i.tle is written on the cover of the book.

"Domain Of the Withering Sand!" I muttered as I picked up the book and read its t.i.tle.