Monster Integration - Chapter 683 Return

Chapter 683 Return

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"We can finally leave!" Alex said as they finished harnessing and collecting the things from the Husk of Grimm Monster.

It's been nearly three days since we have been awake and everybody is exhausted, a clear tired look could be seen on the faces of everyone. This tiredness became unusually heavy when we fought against the Grimm monsters for five hours.

Except for me, all my teammates took five hours to kill the Grimm monsters; it was our longest battle we had fought in the forest. We had spent three more hours inside this forest than our mission required, and it will take a few hours more to get it out.

"Let's leave", Kayla said and all our mood had brightened up hearing that.

Without wasting any second, we started to walk out of the Crimson Lake area, and like always, I was at the front. This time while leaving, I am using the senses, which are enhanced by the killing Rule at full power, not to find the monsters but to avoid them.

Me or my teammates did not want to fight any fights; we just want to leave this area quickly as possible without any obstructions from any being.

We have expertly avoided all the Grimm monsters on our way and got out of the Crimson lake area in less than half an hour and started to move toward the exit of the forest.


While we were moving swiftly through the forest, I saw that Ashlyn again found the Origin Crystal, and now she is digging it, but while digging, she is not happy as she used to be when finding the Origin Water and I could guess why.

Two minutes later, she had a thumb-size Grey crystal in her claws, which she put in her mouth and started crunching, though she may not be very happy with its grade; it is still Origin Water which tasted delicious.

A few minutes later, she came inside me, and I felt rejuvenating energy spreading through my body, strengthening my soul and body. Though it is still working, its effects are lacking compared when it used to full force.

The Grey Grade water already had half of the effects on me. I will now have to find higher Grade Origin water, but how hard that is.

Finding Black Grade Origin water is a hundred times harder than finding the Grey Grade Origin water and Pink Grade is a hundred times rarer than the Black Grade, the higher grade crystals are not hundred times rarer than the previous one but they also possess an effect that is hundred times greater than previous.

One drop of Black Grade Origin Water is comparable to a hundred drops of Grey Grade Origin Water. If Ashlyn or I can find it, then a single drop would be enough for me to become a Two Star Silver Elite.

Unfortunately seeing its rarity, we will need great luck, let's hope we will have that.

"Finally, we are out!" Alex said shoutingly, it had taken us nearly three hours to get out of the forest, we have mostly avoided the Grimm monsters, but some we weren't able to avoid and had to fight.

We also saved some humans teams who were about to be killed by the Grimm monsters, if it had been any other hunting, with our power, it would not have taken us more than one hour to get out of the forest.

After getting out of the forest, we immediately took to the sky and started to air walk toward Milfred.

"Kayla, you are flying!" I heard a shocked voice, only to see Kayla is flying through the air, not walking on it but flying, though her gait is quite unstable as if she could fall anytime, it is clear that she is flying.

'Void Boots!'

I said in my mind, Kayla is using void boots. Now that she has reached the Brigadier Stage, I am not surprised to see her using Void Boots to fly, as only Brigadier Stage and above could use them.

It is Kayla's first time using it and has quite an unstable gait, but she is still able to match our speed; flying is different from the air walking. Those who could fly are always faster than those who air walked.

Ting ting ting…

Suddenly our holowatch started to buzz with notification, and in that notification, there was purple mail. I immediately opened and when I read it, my heart couldn't help but fell slightly.

"Well, it seems like we are together for at least five days more," Kayla said the guild had extended our compulsory mission, now we will have to do two more missions before we get our freedom back.

"Man, the guild is too much, I wanted to sleep for the whole day and night!" Alex said in the complaining voice. Not only her, but I too plan to sleep long and go search for Origin Water, together with Rachel, but it will not be possible.

According to the order, we will have to be out of the Midlfred by 9 PM tonight, and they even a.s.signed a new area for us, and it is slightly more dangerous than Crimson Lake.

The decision from the guild did not make us much happy, but it did not make us sad either. The Guild's decision is good, and we would have felt a little happy about it if it had given time, not only for rest but also to use the Origin water.

I could tell my teammates are very excited to use the Origin water we have got, they wanted to use it as soon they have taken enough rest but look like now if they want to use the Origin Water, they will take a little less rest.

"We are going to Kayla's, right?" Alex asked, "Yes,!" I and others replied. I was going to suggest my home, but Kayla had said she had rented the whole Villa, so we decided to go to her home to divide the loot.

Though sleeping is important, the loot is more important; the sooner everyone gets their hands on their share, the sooner they will be able to use it. I am sure most of my teammates want to use the Origin water before the start of the next mission tonight.

Thud Thud...

"Wow! You weren't joking when you said you had rented the whole Villa," said Alex when we landed in front of the medium size Villa. I am also quite surprised as the rest of Villa isn't cheap; one needs to take out the hefty sum of the half-million mana crystals to buy such a villa and looking at its design and everything, this Villa may be little more expensive than the normal villas.

"It is nice, I share it with my Girlfriend," Kayla said modestly as we entered the Villa. The Villa is beautiful inside as it is outside, its interior decorated with a mixture of Vibrant and Dark color with a lot of modern Art pierces.

I am quite impressed by the Villa and promised myself when I go to the Warzone; I will rent such a Villa with Rachel; it will be very amazing.

We followed behind Kayla and soon walked into the big living room, which is like everything in this Villa, very beautiful.