Monster Integration - Chapter 684 Distribution

Chapter 684 Distribution

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"Let's take out all the Origin Crystals we have got," I said as I took out the five Origin crystals I have, Kayla also did the same take out of the four Grey Origin crystals placed together with mine on the gla.s.s table.

Everybody's eyes started s.h.i.+ning, seeing the Nine Origin Crystals and glittering Origin water inside.

"Let's hope, in all their storages, we will get some Origin Crystals," Kayla said she started to take out the storages of the Grimm monsters, seeing her I and others also started to take out the storages of the Grimm monster we have killed.

We took out all the storages of Grimm monsters; they are not only from the leader of the team but also the minions also.

When we finished taking out all, there were big piles of storage in front of us, and then without speaking, we started to search for the Origin water, or I might say they as I could not operate the Grimm Artifact even so slightly.

We have already decided on the system of inspection on loot; all the teammates will inspect each store; it prevents one h.o.a.rding the Origin water as every origin crystal belongs to the team.

After inspection, the storage will return to the Owner, and other than Origin Crystal, everything else will belong to the owner no matter how precious things inside it is.

We started with the front of the storage of Alex, first, she checked it before handling Ronny then Stephen and then Kayla before it came back to Alex. In the first storage, we did not get anything, and that is not surprising, we would be lucky if we found some Origin Water from the storages that Alex has.

Time pa.s.sed by, and we kept inspecting storage after storage, while they were inspecting the storages, I started taking out the drops of Origin Water from the crystal.

It is a very delicate process as the Origin Water is vaporous, a slight contact with the air, and it will vaporize completely, especially Grey Grade Origin Water, the higher the grade of Origin water is, the greater stability it has.

While I take out the drops from the Origin Crystals, they inspect one storage after another but find nothing.

"Found one!"

Suddenly the silence was broken by a loud shout from Alex when I looked up; I found there was a grey crystal in her hand.

"It's an Origin Crystal," Kayla as she looked at Origin crystals in Alex's hand, after finding the first origin crystal, it was like a G.o.ddess of luck started to s.h.i.+ne on her as within a few minutes she found three origin crystals.

By the time all the storages in front of the Alex got inspected, we have found four Origin Crystal from the storages, that is more that we had expected, we have thought it would be our luck if we managed to find one but we not found one but four and all of them are the decent size.

After they finished with Alex's storages, we started on Ronny's, and to my utter surprise, we have got three Origin crystals from his storages and another three from Stephan.

Just with storages from the three of them, we had got ten unbelievable Origin crystals when I thought about it sound believable t as they had not only fought against the minion Grimm monsters but also exterminated the teams which were too weak for me and Kayla to handle.

These storages are likely from a team of Grimm monsters they have exterminated.

After three of the finishes, it was Kyla's turn. Compared to them, Kayla had few storages as she has fought only selective monsters from the beginning, but most of the leaders, until I advanced and started to fight the leaders.

Of our whole team, the ones who could get most Origin Crystals from the storages of the Grimm monsters are Kayla and me; we are the ones who fought the leaders of Grimm monsters most.

As they started inspecting Kyalas storage, they began to find the Origin crystal every few minutes, and by the time they finished with the inspection of all the storages, they found a total of fourteen original crystals which have the origin water glittering inside.

We just kept looking at the small pile of crystal for minutes before coming back to ourselves as this is too much more than we had expected.

"Micheal, now only your storages had remained," Ronny said as he took the pile of storages in from me as he is close to me and started to check them for the Origin water.

"Lucky first!" Ronny said in amazement as he took the origin crystal from the first storage. Everyone is amazed seeing thus as if the first storage is like this, then how will be other storages; I could literally see gears of their brains spinning at very fast speed.

In the next five minutes, there were another six had been found, and ten minutes after that, there were eight Origin Crystals

"What The f.u.c.k!"

A loud voice of shock rang out from behind when we looked back; we saw a beautiful girl with shoulder-length blond hair standing by the door with an absolute shocked expression.

She is very beautiful but also quite powerful as she is also a One Star Elite, but the thing is she is wearing short elegant black nightclothes. She had an expression of shock as she was looking at the pile of Grey Origin Crystals that are piled up on the gla.s.s table.

"Evie you woke up!" said Kayla with a pleasant smile on her face, looking at the bright smile on Kyla's face I did not have a guess who she is, she is likely a girlfriend which Kayla had mentioned earlier.

"Yes, the bed felt very lonely without you," said Kayla's girlfriend as she walked toward her and sat on Kayla's lap and kissed her without care for all of us who were sitting in the room. We did not disturb them and enjoyed the show of two beautiful girls kissing.

"Babe, you have got a lot of Origin Crystals, I barely got one of you to have." said her girlfriend, totally ignoring the existence of all of us. Hearing that Alex was about to burst, but I stopped her before she could by pressing my hand on her shoulder.

"It is me but my whole team, especially Micheal, of whom we have opened only half the storages and already got thirteen Origin Crystals," Kayla said while looking at all us apologetically.

She looked quite surprised hearing that and finally looked at us seriously, especially at Alex, who was looking at her like she wanted her alive. As if understanding her earlier rude behavior, her face instantly became red in embarra.s.sment.

"I am sorry for a.s.suming Kayla is doing all the work, the idiots I have been a.s.signed to are doing nothing but relying on me to get Origin Water," she apologized, everyone expression eased hearing her apology but not of Alex who is still glowering at Kayla's girlfriend.

"Everyone, please forgive Evie, she had a habit of talking without thinking," Kayla said, only hearing that the Alex expression eased a little, and she resumed inspection of the storage, which is her hand.