Monster Integration - Chapter 682 Last Battle III

Chapter 682 Last Battle III

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I swung my Sword at the Grimm monster using the greatest strength I could muster; the Grimm monster was very shocked seeing my Sword coming at it at the blurring speed.

It was too sudden for it, the blade which its most reliable weapon is the mid-swing, it is calling it back to create the defense, but by the time it will call it, it will be too late.

I had planned this strike perfectly, I noted every single detail as I knew if I missed this chance, then I would have to wait for hours to get another, so I gave my all planning this strike.

My Sword moved toward its blurring speed, I could see the monster is moving back to dodge the attack of the Sword, but its speed is simply too slow, it is like ant while my Sword is the cheetah, it is simply impossible for it is run away, it knows that as well as there is clear despair appeared its eyes.

My Sword finally touched its neck and felt obstruction like never before, the defense of its neck is too amazing, if I had not used all my power in the attack, I wouldn't have been sure if I could cut its neck.


Though the obstruction was great, it was crushed by the strength of my Sword as it went deeper and deeper into its neck at a thirty-degree angle. The Sword kept getting deeper and deeper into its neck until it cut off its whole neck.

The neck of the monster finally separated from its body before it started to fall towards the ground with the rest of the body.

"YOU b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"

I heard the loud roar and felt a sword coming at me, but I was ready for it while cutting off the monster. I had also prepared for the mini blast, so as soon the head of the monster flew into the air, I activated the mini blast and got away.

The Grimm monster came at with its eyes filled with frenzied rage, killing this monster would have been quite easy that the other one that I had killed. The other one had the sane mind while this one had lost it in a frenzy.

It is always easier to kill than the frenzied ones than the sane one, but I chose to kill the sane one. I feared that after I finished killing the frenzied one, it might run away, so I killed the sane one, so the frenzied one became even more frenzied, and I will have an easier time shooting it.

Clang Clang Clang…

I and the frenzied Grimm monster started to fight, in its frenzy, its power had increased quite a bit that even I am having a problem dealing with it, but I am not worried as it was just attacking me with the Raw strength, there is meaning or strategy behind its moves.

I just have to deal with them for a while and make the killing shot at it when I get a chance.

We continued to fight for more than ten minutes when I got the chance; I did not let that chance go and swung my Sword at full strength, without holding anything back just like before.


My Sword cut off its neck cleanly as its friends, its body, also started to fall on the ground. I wanted to pick up the body as it will take quite a damage when it fell on the ground, but I did not, I stopped myself halfway from doing that as I noticed that the body of the Grimm monsters too heavy, I would not be able to pick it and walk on air at the same time.


The body fell on the ground with the loud bang; I landed beside it a few seconds later. When I looked at its body, I found its body is in a lot better condition than I expected.

Except for the missing head and several small spurts that are created due to the fall, the body seems fine. Seeing the good condition of the body, my mood brightens, and I happily placed the Runic disk on it to harvest the mana crystals.


Five minutes later, I heard the soft chine from the Runic disk as it finished harvesting Grimm monsters. I took a single look at the mana crystals before putting all back to my storage before collecting the stuff of the Grimm monster, including its storage and Sword.

I am very confident these two monsters surely would have found some Origin Water, though one's strength is not directly related to finding Origin water. Those of High Strength had better chances as their senses are stronger than the rest, which aids them greatly in finding the Grimm monsters.

After collecting everything, I walked toward another body of the Grimm monster which had fallen about a kilometer away, I had to spend some time finding the body, but I finally found it. I harvested the mana crystals from it and collected its storage, just like the previous Grimm monster.

I am tired!

That thought rang out in my mind, and as I walked toward my friends who are still fighting, this fighting had been too intense, especially the first hour where I got seriously injured continuously.

If not for the continuously eating specks of the Ominous core, I wouldn't have been able to survive the first hour.

Soon I reached the place where Alex and others are fighting, though they looked completely b.l.o.o.d.y against the Grimm monster, they are doing fine, if they continue just like that then they would be able to kill the Grimm monster in one to two hours.

Looking at how they are fighting Mid One Star Elite monsters, which is inherently strong, I couldn't help but marvel at their progress. All three of them are very close to becoming One Star Elite; if we could stay one more day, without doubt, they would have become a One Star Elite.

This progress is amazing but not surprising seeing the type of Grimm monsters we are fighting, each Grimm monster is challenged itself and only defeating such challenges could one improve at such breakneck speed.

After watching their fight for ten minutes, I walked toward Kayla. When I reached her, I saw her fighting against the three Grimm monsters, and the body of one Grimm monster could be seen lying dead not far from the fight.

She has already killed the one Grimm monster, and considerable pressure on her has already lessened, if nothing drastic happens, her fight should be finished at the same time as these three.

As I looked at the fight, I saw the progress Kayla had made, she now had the power of Mid One Star Elite and could fight against the High one started Elites, compared to her initial One Star Elite power two days ago, it is a considerable jump.

I watched her fight for a few minutes before I walked out and started harvesting the Grimm monsters. Our fight had created a lot of commotion and attracted a lot of Grimm monsters, all of them killed by Ashlyn, and now it is my job to harvest all of them.

Time pa.s.sed by, and one and a half hours pa.s.sed, and finally, all my teammates finished killing the Grimm monsters they are fighting. Clear happiness could be seen on their face; it is the happiness of not only killing Grimm monsters but also of returning.

We have stayed in this d.a.m.n forest too long; it is time for us to return and take the much-needed sleep we required. Publish