Monster Integration - Chapter 681 Last Battle II

Chapter 681 Last Battle II

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I vomited blood and flew back again; this attack had caught me off guard. The Grimm monsters had increased the power of their attacks at the last minute that I was barely able to defend against that.

If not for the early warning, I had sensed through the Killing Rule, I would have found my neck and legs falling separately down with my bust.

It had been twenty minutes since the battle started, but all I am taking the Beating from the Grimm monsters, not only I was able to attack, but I was not even able to get close to it, these Grimm monsters are too quick and powerful that no move of mine seemed to work against them.

Well, they are at the absolute Peak of The One Star Silver Elite and only a slight distance away from becoming the Two Star Silver Elite, what did I expect when I decided to fight against them.

I will have to give my all and then some more if I have to defeat these Grimm monsters, and I had already decided I would not leave the forest before killing these Grimm monsters.

Clang Clang Puh…

Time pa.s.sed by, and an hour had pa.s.sed since the battle started, and finally, I got a long respite from puking the Blood. I have now studied their fighting style enough that now, I could make my sword against their Blade head-on and not puke any blood.

It is not like I had grown stronger, I am physically too weak compared to them, I just got better in diverting the force that came into me and I think this skill will help me very much in the future.

I have many times used the tactic of diverting the force but not as proficient as I am now. every time I would just have to fight monsters for twenty minutes max before I had studied their moves enough that I could kill them.

But here I just needed an hour to study how to divert the s.h.i.+t load of bone-crus.h.i.+ng force that is coming toward me; I am long away of studying their fighting style enough to find a loophole and kill then though that loophole in the direct hit.

Though compared to my other battles, this is very slow progress; I am still thrilled as these Grimm Monsters are crazy powerful, and me fighting against them to this degree is already more than enough.


I activated the mini blast and moved toward the again, they too, seeing me swung their blades in an aim to cut me in half.


Our weapons clashed, and I used the rebound force of the attack to take the curve jump, and like always, they followed me wanting to kill me while I was retreating.

"Rove, let's use full power, this human is a c.o.c.kroach we will not be able to kill it unless we use our full strength!" said one Grimm monster to another who nodded and next moment, their sudden increase in their speed by 25%.

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, let's see how you escape now that we are using our full power." Grimm monsters growled with a fiendish expression as it came at me with its friend.

There is not a shred of fear or surprise on my face seeing their sudden increase in power; I had already known they have been holding back one fourth of their ability, if that's all the power they had, I would have already begun my offensive.

They came at me and swung their blades at me. I also, with all my power, swung my sword in the counter while dodging the blades of Grimm monsters.


Step Step Step

Our weapons Clashed, and this time, instead of flying back, I just took the three steps back, which shocked the h.e.l.l out of the Grimm monsters.

"Surprised!" I said and activated a mini blast on my legs and hands and attacked them. These monsters may be powerful, but my killing rule is still effective against them.

Normal monsters took fifteen minutes, and these took an hour, but I had now understood their power that I could divert most of which came at me. The strength is important, but how one uses it also is very, very important.

I used all I learned from the Grimm monsters in Clock Sword Style, and I got the best formulae countering their attacks the best way.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" It shouted at me loudly as they came at me with a face full of rage, if rage could turn in into temperature then their rage would have been equivalent to the bubbling lava.


We started to fight intently, with me taking steps back after each attack, but as the time pa.s.sed, that started to lessen, and forty-five minutes later, I did not take action back when clas.h.i.+ng against these monsters head-on.

It was a very intense fight; first, I was at a disadvantage, but soon that started to elevate, and now I have become their equal, but that is just the start as the next part is going to be more complicated than the previous. Killing them would not be easy, but I am upped for the challenge.

Two hours had pa.s.sed since I am fighting against the Grimm monsters, but till now, I am not even able to land an injury on them; it had been quite a while since I had fought with the Grimm monsters for two hours without landing a single injury on them.

If we had fought any other Grimm monster, we would have been leaving the forest by now as two hours had been over, and ray dawn could be seen spreading through the sky, but against these monsters, I think we would need another two hours before we could finish them off.

"Die Die…."

One Grimm monster shouted in a frenzy, it had been nearly three hours we are fighting, and one Grimm monster had gone into a frenzy, and for twenty minutes it is attacking me with all its strength while I am responding to their attacks same way as I had been doing for past one hour, there is no change in it.

One Grimm monster scrunched its brow many times, seeing that, but it had no choice but to fight as it did not want to leave Battle, which they had wasted so much precious time on.

"It is the time!" I thought tiredly after another half an hour, it had been one and half hour since I had fought against these two Grimm monsters on equal ground, and now it is time to end this cycle.

The two blades came at me one after another as they usually do, but this time, instead of responding with my full strength, I jumped between the cleaver like blades.

This extremely dangerous move of mine caught both of Grimm monsters very off guard, as an only crazy person could perform such a move, it is like placing himself on the guillotine.

But I did as I had no other choice if I wanted to kill these monsters, if I went the conventional way, it would take hours to get a chance to kill these Grimm monsters.


I jumped between the blades and brought my one leg down on the blade below me and used it as the leverage to push myself up at above toward the second Grimm monster.

Bang! "Die!"

The push helped me get above, and I reached face to face with the monsters and with that I activated Mini blast at its most powerful and swung at the monster while shouting 'Die!' loudly.