Monster Integration - Chapter 674 Mystic Ability: Scourge Of The Golden Sand III

Chapter 674 Mystic Ability: Scourge Of The Golden Sand III

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With the healing energy casing the Golden sand granules, my body stopped getting injured and healing at a slow pace with the help of half of the healing energy that is focused on healing the injuries.

Though I am still in very much danger as I don't know if the healing energy will be able to hold on to the Golden particles and if they are not, then I will have to be ready with another seed of the Ominous Plant.

Since I have little breathing s.p.a.ce, I looked at a smiling Terra Lion, who was looking at me with an expression of Glee. I looked at it with a feeling of panic and accessed the situation.

It has put me in such condition, then how am I going to let it live, I am going to kill this b.a.s.t.a.r.d, as for it attacking me with Mystic Ability, I think it will likely to happen.

Its condition already looked very bad, I don't think it is in the condition to perform another such attack, and even if it did, this time I will be ready. Though I was ready last time, last time I did not know what kind of attack it will launch, but this time, I know of it and will act accordingly if it dares to launch another attack as such.


I did not waste any time and launched the mini blast as I sped toward him, it looked little surprise seeing me attacking it but not much as it had already expected something like that to happen.

It is likely thinking that I am performing I am attacking it with the last of my strength, wanting to take me down with it.

This is why seeing me coming toward me, it instantly started to run, but this b.a.s.t.a.r.d had underestimated the power of the mini blast, earlier when I was fighting against it, I had not used the full power of the mini blast, but this time I am using it.

Now I am using all my power in my attack, not holding back even a bit; instead, I am using all my soul power to spin the swirls on my swirling armor faster and faster, so it could give me more energy.


Next second, I reached near it and attacked it, and it also stopped running and swung it the giant ax to counter it.


Puh Puh Puh…

Just as my sword crashed on the sword of the Grimm monster, it flew back and started to vomit blood non-stop. It is a good thing we are in the sky, if it had been on the ground, it would have crushed several trees that came in its way.

Bang Bang!

I did not give it any time to relax, just after launching my first attack, I activated the mini blast and attacked it again.


Puh Puh…

This time seeing my attack, it was barely able to counter it with its ax, and just like last time, just as our weapons crashed, it flew back into the air while puking a lot more blood.


I continued attacking it, and it was barely able to counter it; at some point, it had become so hard for it to respond that it started to Overdraft Occult energy and started to run away.

But that did not stop it for me attacking it over and over it and it surviving by the Minute chance. The Mystic Ability had taken too much toll on it, even if Overdrafting the Occult energy, I was still not able to gain power it had at its peak.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, don't force me!" It shouted while running away, "If you let me go, we both can go to our happy ways, but if you continue attacking, then don't blame me for using the Mystic Ability again with the cost of my life."

"You may have been able to survive the first strike; I don't believe you will survive the second. I could still feel the golden sand inside you, and if another attack landed on you, its power would be multiplied, and no one would be able to save you." I shouted.

Its eyes are bloodshot, and the body is pale and wet with sweat, and I have no doubt that it will risk its life attacking the second attack of its mystic ability, but I am not as vulnerable as it thinks I am.

In these ten minutes of chase, the healing energy has whittled away nearly all power of sand granules that have become energy dots that could be puffed away at any time.

So even if another attack falls on my body, I will crush another Seed of the Ominous Plant, as after killing it I will be able to get my hands on the Origin Water which is far more valuable than the Seed of Ominous Plant.

"You are bluffing!" I said and activated another mini blast and moved toward it with swift speed.

Seeing me coming toward it, its expression became fiendish and determined; It is ready to die to attack me as it did not have any option of retreat.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d Die!"

I felt an immense spike of killing intent from it and just as I got closer it, it shouted loudly, and when I got closer to it, it spewed out the beautiful golden sand again

Bang! Crack Crack!

That exact moment, I activated the mini blast that I had prepared when I came at it and moved sideways. This move had created so much force in my body that it had cracked the bones of my leg and hip and gave me torturous pain, but it was worth it.

Due to moving such an unnatural angle at such swift speed, I was able to avoid the Golden Sand by the distance of inches.

When I stabilized myself and looked at the Grimm monsters, I was quite shocked; I found it wobbling in the air as it could barely support itself, but it is not that made me shocked.

What made me shocked was its appearance, it had become pale as paper, and bright yellow mane had now become grey, and its yellow scale also faded in color, and the biggest change it had is its face, it had wrinkles on it, It had aged decades in a few seconds.

"Terrifying!" I muttered under my breath as I looked at the side effects of the Mystic method of the monster.

The monster kept looking at me with intense hatred for a few seconds before it started to fall towards the ground. Seeing that I did not go there to catch its body, the monster is still alive, albeit barely.

I watched it falling toward the ground; I could see the minutes struggle it was made to stop its fall. Its struggles were futile as it was not able to prevent itself from cras.h.i.+ng on the ground.


Finally, it crashed on its ground with a loud bang, spraying bits and bone everywhere.


"It is dead," I muttered as I landed on the ground and walked toward it to take the trophy of a hard battle I had just won.