Monster Integration - Chapter 675 Strength Upgrade

Chapter 675 Strength Upgrade

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A pleasant 'ting!' rang out of the Runic Disk and Grimm monster that was on turned to the husk. I did not immediately remove the Runic Disk on it; instead, I started to take out the stuff of the Grimm monster, especially storage.

The storage of the Grimm monster has Origin Water that I have fought so hard for, I would have nearly died in this battle if not me having the Lifesaving medicine, I would have been reduced to the past of blood and gone by the Grimm monsters Mystic Method.

I stored the storage bracelet in my storage before taking out its other stuff and finally Runic Disk off the Huff. It is a shame I could not harvest the elemental crystal off it; otherwise, with the strength of Peak Silver Elite, it would have given me a lot of Elemental Crystal.

"Now that I am finished let's move toward them," I muttered and soon moved toward my teammates and sensed Ashlyn had finished killing another of a team of Grimm monsters.

By our fight, a lot of Grimm monsters had got attracted, and Ashlyn had finished them all before they could approach the already delicate fight.

Chew Chew…

Sensing me finis.h.i.+ng my battle, Ashlyn did not wait and came toward me before entering inside me.

I shook my head seeing that; I wanted her to wait for a little before entering me, but she did not listen to me this time and directly entered inside me, and from next second, gentle energy spread through my body, revitalizing my body and soul and making it stronger.

It even helped me crush whatever golden sand particle that had left in a few seconds, which surprised me quite a bit. I had thought the healing energy casing would need ten some minutes before they could completely whittle away the Golden sand but the revitalizing energy that Ashlyn had sent.

If I were aware of it before, then I wouldn't have had to use such precious medicine to deal with Golden Sand. I enjoyed the feeling of revitalizing energy for a minute before I started moving to my friends.

Kayla is doing fine, though her body is a little b.l.o.o.d.y; the way is she is fighting enough to tell that she is fighting equally against the Grimm monsters, and there is nothing they could do to have the edge over her as they are already fighting her with their full strength.

As for them also having Mystic Ability, I doubt they have that; otherwise, I would have got the feeling and spotted the hidden confidence in their eyes.

The ones who most surprised me, my other three teammates, are fighting against the Silver Elite, and they are fighting surprisingly well, I might say there are even tiny signs of them suppressing the Silver Elite.

The reason for all that is their teamwork; It is quite good I might say for those who are fighting together for the first time if they improved little more they might be even able to fight against Mid Silver Elite.

Seeing them fighting together, I couldn't help but remember twins. They had the best teamwork between them I have seen between anyone; if these guys had their level of teamwork, then they would have been able to kill this Silver Elite in the first minutes of the fight.

I watched their fight for a few minutes, and after making sure they were doing fine, I walked away to collect the mana crystals from the Grimm monsters that Ashlyn had killed.

It had been just ten minutes, and I was placing the Runic Discs on the Grimm monsters that Ashlyn had killed, so I could collect all the Mana crystals together without wasting any time when I sensed team of team monsters coming toward me.

The team is quite strong, not only it had three Silver Elites, but it also had four members who have power above Whole Elite, I moved toward them and finished them in less than five minutes.

For my team, this line up of the Grimm monster is a Nightmare, but for me, they are nothing; I could have still been able to kill them within five minutes even if they had two silver Elites more.

Time pa.s.sed by as I continued to guard the vicinity of the place where my teammates are fighting while doing that not only I was harvesting the Mana crystals from the Grimm monsters that Ashlyn had killed, I am also harvesting the Mana Crystals from the Grimm Monster that I am killing and getting stronger on the way through the revitalizing energy.

This time I had noticed that the revitalizing energy ashlyn gave me had increased in quant.i.ty, earlier it at a rate of droplets, but now it had become a minor stream.

Due to that, I am getting stronger at a faster pace; this means Ashlyn is digesting the Origin Water at a faster pace, and this process would not take nearly an hour as before.

It seems like what I have thought is right, Ashlyn has digested the whole Origin Water in just forty-five minutes, and my strength again has increased by a notch. If that Terra Lion became alive, then I will not use Swirling Armor against it.

Currently, I have become powerful enough to fight it equally without using the power of the Swirling Armor.

It had been one, and a half-hour since the fight had started, and it hadn't finished yet, both fights had reached their peak, but it would still take quite a time for them to be completed.

Earlier when I looked at the fight, I had thought it would be my three teammates who are fighting against the silver elite would finish the fight early, seeing how they were completely dominating the Grimm monster, but now it looked like I had made the prediction too soon.

Kayla, who had been fighting equally against the three Grimm monsters, now has absolute superiority over them; it would take a few minutes to kill the first monster, then after the remaining two would become a piece of cake.

It wouldn't take Kayla a few minutes, she had finished the first monster within the first minute, and after that, she took the two other Grimm monsters and got killed in the next five minutes, it would have taken shorter if not for that last monster deciding to run.

"With you killing these three Grimm monsters, you will have no problem in killing Mid One Star Silver Elite," I said as I came out of the woods. These Grimm monsters may be Initial One Star Silver Elite, but their defensive power and natural strength make them best in the Initial grade.

So, her killing them has now become equal to killing lone Mid One Star Silver Elite.

"Here," I said and threw the Grimm monster storage at Kayla after she finished harvesting the Grimm monsters she had killed.

Kayla caught the Grimm monster storage, and a few seconds later, Grey crystal appeared in her hand. "It is quite big!" She whispered, seeing the Size of Grey crystals.

I couldn't help but nod at her words, off all the Crystals we had found this one biggest, looking at the origin water inside it, there must be at least thirty drops inside the grey crystals.