Monster Integration - Chapter 673 Mystic Ability: Scourge Of The Golden Sand II

Chapter 673 Mystic Ability: Scourge Of The Golden Sand II

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I started bleeding from everywhere, and the most d.a.m.nable things are that there is no f.u.c.king wound on my body, and I am not feeling a shred of pain.

This Mystic Method is way too terrifying, I have heard the mystic being terrifying before, but this is my first time experiencing it.

This is my first time experiencing the Mystic Skill, or I may say being a direct recipient of it, not the indirect one like I had in the battle of Outpost, where I was. .h.i.t by remnants of Mystic Method of Golden Elite.

Compared to it, that one has given me pain, and I barely saved myself from Mystic ability.

This mystic method it had attacked me is way too freaky, it had come too fast, I just saw a cloud of Golden sand coming toward me before it enveloped me and seeped inside me and the next moment, I found myself bleeding from every part of my body.

And the strangest thing about this terrifying ability is that it had completely disregarded my defense. My Swirling Armor, which until now was effective against all the attacks now, had become useless.

The layer of fire ability, Rule power, occult energy, nothing was able to stop it as it is directly seeped inside me without feeling any obstruction.

When I looked inside me, I saw very tiny granules of golden sand tearing my body apart, and the strongest and most terrifying thing is, I am not feeling any pain, not even a little as the granules of the Golden sand tearing every part of my body apart.

I tried everything to prevent that, I attacked the golden sand with soul power, Rule power, and Occult energy but nothing seemed to be working against it, and that is scaring the h.e.l.l out of me.

It has been three seconds since I have been attacked, and I am still shooting through, and in these three seconds, I have been seriously injured.

If I could not find any way within a few seconds, then I will die as my body did not have more than thirty seconds to like it.

"Hehe, do you like my Mystic Ability?" Grimm monster said it came up flying, its face looked very ashen. It seems like the mystic skill he had used had put a high burden on it that even with high vitality of Grimm monsters, it is recovering at a plodding pace.

"This ability I had forged with the precious sand that is found in the forbidden zone, it had a trace of Cosmic power." It said, Its pale face looked quite proud when he said it, it feels like he had done an outstanding job in successfully practicing this method.

I listen to its words halfheartedly as I have bigger things to do than listening to its bragging. The Golden sand is shredding my body apart, if I did not do anything soon then, I wouldn't be alive to even listen to its bragging, but I did shudder when it mentioned the sand he forged its trance of the cosmic energy.

The cosmic energy is very dangerous; if not for it being dangerous, then how would it have created so many forbidden zones around the world that even a high-level powerhouse shudder to take a step inside it.

If it had been normal times, I would have listened to it's bragging, but currently, I have no time to do that as I am dying. Seeing the condition of my body, finally, I crushed the speck of ominous core.

I would have crushed it earlier if not for me wanting to try my other abilities on it, but now I have no choice. I crushed the speck of the Ominous core and saw its Healing energy spreading into my body.

"I had nearly died while forging this ability, you know, so you should feel honored to die under it." It said as it looked at me from a distance. This monster is very cautious; it has kept the safe distance between us.

It is in a weakened state, and if I had decided to launch a deadly attack on it, it would work hard for it to dodge.

Usually, after drinking the speck of ominous core my injuries, my injuries would completely heal in a matter of seconds, but now that the speck of the ominous core barely shows any result which made my body shudder uncontrollably.

I crush all the specks I had hidden under my teeth and also take out some from the storage and crush them into my mouth, but to my horror, the result they got is slightly better than the eating single speck.

"As I have said, the sand I had forged my Method had the trace of the Cosmic Energy; the potions you have are useless against it." said the Grimm monster gloatingly.

Chew Chew…

Ashlyn, who is flying in her tiny form, very angry hearing it's gloating voice and wanted to tear it apart, but I had stopped her; though I am in the precarious situation, I still have some things I want to try on.

If the core of Ominous Plant did not work then how about its seed, the seed contains healing energy that is a hundred times stronger than the Ominous core, and that is why with me just adding just slight dust of Ominous plants in the position were able to regrow her eye of that girl.

'Let's see how strong you are.', I said in my mind and took out the potion and crystalline seed of the Ominous plant.


I crushed the crystalline seed of the Ominous Plant into the potion and drank the potion in the single gulp, while I was doing that, I also kept an eye on the monster in case it stopped me drinking the potion.

But it did not, it just looked me with a bright smile on its face, as if it knows nothing will heal my injuries, I wonder if it would have stopped me if it knowns I am drinking the potion made from the seed of Ominous plant.

"You are wasting your time; no potion could save your life. You should just accept the glorious death with the open arms." It said. Is this f.u.c.ker a member of some cult, only those people use words such as 'Glorius.'

I was cursing it internally while tracking the flood of healing energy spreading in my body. It is spreading every inch of my body and trying to heal the injuries brought by the golden sand, but it is hard to even for it as it's working efficiency has been reduced to the most low-grade potion.

Seeing that I went into despair and about to use my last option, which I wasn't sure would work when I spotted the flood of healing energy doing something unbelievable.

The flood of healing energy had separated into two parts; one was healing while moving toward the golden and cased the sand grains into the thick bubble of crystalline healing energy.

This behavior surprised me very much as against the sand granules acting it as they are its mortal enemies, well I can't be bothered to think about the reason right as I have not gotten out of the danger.

The sand grains struggle, and in their struggle, they start to burn away the healing energy that had captured them, but it is not the healing energy that is burning it; it is also whittling away bit by bit.

The sand grains may be powerful, but they do not have unlimited energy, and as long as one whittle away all their energies, they will disappear.