Monster Integration - Chapter 672 Mystic Ability : Scourge Of The Golden Sand

Chapter 672 Mystic Ability : Scourge Of The Golden Sand

People from both sides attacked each other, and soon the fight started between them. The only one that hadn't attacked is the leader of the Terra Lions and me; we did not attack each other, just kept looking at each other.

To be honest, I don't have any interest in continuing this staring contest, the three minutes have already been my limit, but for some unknown reason, I am getting a nagging feeling from this monster, making me believe that this monster is very dangerous and I should not believe what I am seeing.

Due to this unknown feeling, I hadn't launched an attack on it yet but no matter how much I looked at it or concentrated my killing energy on it to know what that gave me such an unfamiliar feeling but I was not able to find anything about it except that unknown feeling persistently from it.

"You Will Die!"

It said suddenly in the similar slow voice it had issued command earlier and came at me with the heavy bright yellow looking ax which it had taken out of its storage. I am a little surprised it uses the ax as earlier; it had used the metallic claw as the weapon.

This Grimm monster is too weird; I have to be very careful against it, I've reminded myself.

Bang Bang!

Seeing it launching the attack, I did not stay rooted in my spot and attacked it to be activated to mini blast. With the help of the mini blast, I've reached near it and attacked.


Clang, its huge Axe clashed against mine and sparked few, but that is all, except for sparks nothing had happened as both stayed rooted on my spot.

There was no surprise in the eyes of each other, and we have known there is no limit of our power; it was just a test attack to gauge the opponent's ability, that is all.

Clang Clang Clang…

Our weapons stayed together for a whole second before as they moved back and furiously moved toward the opponent again. The intense clash of weapons started, but no one was looking at the weapons; we are looking at each other's eyes, trying to gauge the limit of each other.

We attacked each other intensely, but the power that we used that of the Initial level of One Silver Elite at first before it increased into that of Mid Level of One Star Elite, and now it is slowly inching toward the High level of One Star Elite.

Each of us increases power at the slow but consistent pace, gauging each other powers, movements, and emotions of each other. As for why I am not using my full power to fight from the start, that wnould be idiotic against this opponent.

I did not want to reveal my full strength too early as I know its battle power; even if I attacked it with the full strength, it would be able to dodge it with some injury.

It had the power of the Peak One Star Nine Elites, similar to me, so surviving will not be a problem for it if I attacked it before studying its battle power and loopholes in its battle style.

There is another important reason I am not attacking it with my full power, and that is an unknown feeling, I don't want to attack it prematurely and give it an estimation of power, which will give it a chance to use whatever thing it had from which I am getting that unknown dangerous feeling.

Ten minutes pa.s.sed since our battle started, and finally, we began to fight with the power of the Peak One Star Elite; I can feel it is very close to reaching its limits, or I might say the limit of the strength I am sensing from it.

The only thing I have to do is keep fighting it till it starts to use all its strength and then press it enough that it could use that thing, which is giving me a nagging feeling.

But the problem with this plan is, my strength is nearly equal to its, and to press it into the dire condition, I will have to fight for quite a while.

"You are stronger than I expected; I did not expect to come across Peak One Star Elite before the evening." Leader of Terra Lions said. "Me too, coming across it was quite a surprise," I said with a smile as I am not talking to the mortal enemy of my race instead of the good friend.

"You know, I have Origin Water. If you can kill me and you will get the Origin water I had stored in the storage." It said.

I got alarmed when I heard that, I can clearly guess what it is trying to do by saying that. It is tempting me with the temptation of Origin Crystal, if any other man in my place, he would have thought the Grimm monster was lying but internally still have some hope of the monster telling the truth, and due to that, he would attack the Grimm monster with it all without holding back.

Which is what it wanted, it wants me to use all my power so it could know my limit and once it knows my limit, it can use that unknown trump card of its, if it used that trump card before it knows my limit, then I might use the remaining strength, I was holding back and survive the attack.

Fighting is not only involved in strength, where one would just swing his weapon and cut the enemies with it.

In the fight having strength is important, but the aid of Psychology and Strategies also important. If one has absolute power, then there is not much need for psychology and strategy if the opponent is h.e.l.l-bent on killing you.

But if there is a small difference in strength, Psychology and Strategy become equally important.

"You are lying. I am not an idiot to fall for such petty tricks." I said. I behaved like any normal man would do after he heard the news of Origin water, and a minute later, I started to increase the power of my attacks at a much faster pace than before.

A sharp glint appeared in its eyes when I started to use more and more strength on my attacks, first, it began to fight me on the equal ground, but as the time pa.s.sed, I slowly started to dominate it, till it can only defend against my attack.

'What a good actor,' I praised, it had let me dominate it, but not once it let my sword touch its body, it would always dodge or counter the attack in some way.

Time pa.s.sed, and I continued to dominate it, and with time, my power over it increased so much that it is barely able to defend against it.

We both continued our act for some time when suddenly I noticed a spike in its killing intent, sensing that I immediately lit up a mini blast under the soles of my feet to jump through the air, but I am still too late despite being cautious during the whole battle.

"Mystic Ability Scourge Of The Golden Sand."

His voice clearly rang through my ears as he said and next moment, I found s.h.i.+ny Golden Sand coming out its mouth and falling on my body, it all happened when I was shooting through the air.

'Mystic Method!' I exclaimed in my mind loudly before blood-curdling pain hit me and I started bleeding from every part of my body while shooting up in the air.