Monster Integration - Chapter 664 Fight I

Chapter 664 Fight I

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"Tan tan tan tana nana nan…." (Song: Believer)

As I am walking toward my teammates, I unknowingly started singing the melody. I rarely do that as I rarely have free time.

Soon I reached the fight where my teammates are fighting; I did not reveal myself just watched the fight in shadows, with my power increse these Grimm monster are not much challenge to me, even the two One Star Silver Elites that Kayla is fighting against are not much of the threat, I could kill them within few minutes.

The fights are going well, everybody fighting with their full power and had already started suppressing their opponent. It would have been quite difficult for them to do that when we started yesterday.

Yesterday they were barely able to fight two Grimm monsters at once, three of my teammates got defeated and tortured in their first time, but now they are suppressing the opponent of the same level.

Constant fighting had improved their battle power, and this is just the start, as the chase for the Origin water will continue for at least a month, and if they can survive the month, then their power will rise explosively.

There is no question that they will become a One Star Silver Elite in one month; the question is whether they can most progress beyond that.

I couldnt help but feel scared and excited when I think about the coming month, especially tomorrow when the real mayhem will start. What we are facing today is just the teaser of what we will be facing form tomorrow.

Tomorrow evening when the Origin water mature, the mayhem will spread through the entire Grimm battlefield, all the Grimm monsters will enter in doves, not only Grimm monsters but humans too come in large quant.i.ty.

Both sides will not hold back in sending their numbers, they will not only call the reserve forces that are present on the continent, but they would call forces from other continents too.

The Origin water had many uses; it could not only alters one talent but also could greatly help in practice, crafting of the totem artifact, alchemy, among other things. Its uses could be said to be universal.

For such precious material, it is quite natural that both sides will use all their forces without holding back. This will be like war, but a lot more silent and tragedies will be higher than the conventional war, but those who were able to survive the will became powerful.

So it could be said that the appearance of the Origin water had created the natural whetting process; those who can survive this whetting will be the powerhouses.

Half an hour pa.s.sed and the edge of my teammates over the Grimm monsters had increased, even more, now they have started to injure the Grimm monster, and the Grimm monsters are trying their all survive the battle.

"Chew Chew.."

Suddenly Ashlyn chirped softly in my ear, telling me that the team of Grimm monsters coming from the north, hearing that I had extended my senses toward the north and found a team of seven of Grimm monsters coming from the north.

In that team, there are two Silver Elites and five Grimm monsters that have the power above the White Elite. They have likely attracted to the battle after hearing the sound of fighting.

"You stay here and help them if they are in danger while I go and solve them," I said to Ashlyn.

"Chew chew."

There was little unwillingness on her face as she wanted to go and fight the Grimm monster, but when I asked, she had accepted and flown away from my shoulder toward the place where Kyla is fighting.

I walked toward the north feeling excited in heart, I had wanted to fight since I had received the epiphany, but I did not find any opponent, I would join Kayla fighting the two Grimm elites, but it would have been no fun.

But now the team of seven Grimm monsters with two silver elites had appeared are like a G.o.dsend, they can give me perfect challenge in a test of my newfound power.

Soon I reached the Grimm monster, and seeing me coming toward them with light had increased vigilance in their heart as they stopped in their tracks.

"I had just received an Epiphany that had increased my power, would you guys be kind and became fighting dummies for me test my power?" I asked with the same light smile on my face.

"You are underestimating us too much," shouted Grimm monster, and fire on his head blazed further; it got angry.

"Boys tear him apart, show it the price of underestimating the member of Bluefire Tribe," shouted Grimm monster before all the Grimm monsters came at me.

My heart skipped a beat seeing all the Grimm monsters coming toward me, but I controlled myself. As expected of Bluefire Hyenamen tribe, just slight provocation and they came for my blood.

It is not just me, if other Grimm monster had said something as provocative as me, they would have come for its blood also, this tribe known for their angry nature and attacking after slightest provocation.

That is why they have the highest fatality rate among all the Special Grimm Monster tribe, but they are also one of the strongest Special Grimm monster tribes of the Continent.

My heart grew excited seeing them coming toward me, though there is fear it is not high as the excitement I am feeling.


Die the Grimm monster shouted as they attacked me from all direction, if its were previous me, I would have been pierced several timed by such attack, but current me did not fear it.

Krrrr Pachac Pachac

I dodged the attack of first silver elite and clashed my sword against the second, and used its momentum to cut the heads of two Grimm monsters before dodging the attack of other tow Grimm monsters.

My attack was smooth like never before, there was no wastage of them movements, and I used attack of my enemy to power up my own attack to killed two enemies.

In less than a second, I had reduced their number by two, and that was just the starting as they were in shock, I attacked them.

CLANG! Pachac!

Seeing me attacking, five Grimm monsters reacted very quickly and attacked me back; I defended against two attacked of the silver elite before I created a curve with my sword, and in that attack, another head of the Grimm monster flew in the air.

In just a time of two seconds, I had killed the three monsters, though I was previously capable of doing that, it was when two One Star Silver Elites were not attacking me.

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"

Two Grimm monsters shouted me at unison attacked me together with their two remaining minions. Unlike before, this time, they have come in full strength, the slightest mistake on my part, and my head would fly up in the air just like the monsters did earlier.

Seeing such powerful attacks coming, I smiled as the more powerful the attack is, the greater the momentum I can borrow from it to kill their friends.