Monster Integration - Chapter 665 Fight II

Chapter 665 Fight II

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Pachac Pachac

Two heads flew in the air as I cut off the Grimm monsters neck clean, In five seconds, I have killed the five Grimm monsters, and now only two Grimm monsters had remained, the strongest two Silver elites.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you will pay for this." Both wolfmen said in unison and attacked, this time their attack is a lot powerful than before, that all the hair on my body stood up.

The reason I was able to five of their companions because of their underappreciation of my strength, but this time, they are not repeating that mistake, this time, they are coming at me with all their strength.

Though their attack is extremly powerful, I am not scared. Instead, I am excited as only powerhouses with such power would able to help in my path.


A loud sound rang out as the two swords clashed against me, I had diverted most of the force through the clock sword style, but some of it still went inside toward me and breached the layer of defense I had created using my rule powers.

If I had the Swirling Armor on, this force easily had been dealt, but unfortunately, I did not do the Swirling Armor as I do not think these two monsters worth it.


So, I dring back the blood that came to my throat and attacked the Grimm monster, who is also launching their second attack.

Clang Clang Clang…

The furies attacks had started; both of the monsters began attacking me crazily while I also replied to their attacks in the wild abandon.

In these crazy attacks, I first time got to see the real glory of the Sword Style I was using and felt like the first time I am giving justice to the real Clock Sword Style I have seen in the memories.

I am indeed far away from truly comprehending that, but in my epiphany, I get to see what true Clock Sword Style is and frow now I will not have to blindly comprehend as, in the epiphany, I had seen the path that I had to walk.

As long as I follow the path I had understood in my Epiphany, I will completely understand that this Sword Style.


Finally, I saw able to land an injury on the Grimm monster, though it was a small injury. It was an injury I was dealing with the Grimm monsters. Now I was able to deal with the small injury, but as time pa.s.sed, the injuries will get bigger till finally, I will be able to pierce the sword through its chest.

Slice Clang Clang Slice…

As I expected, as the more time pa.s.sed my edge over my opponent increased and I was able to deal the injuries to on them nearly every second, though the injuries are light nothing to Grimm monster who had immense vitality, it is still important I am injuring then every second.

Now I just have to work on making my sword go little deeper, and I will kill them before they know what happened.

"Brother ist power increasing every second let go overdraft!" said one Grimm monster to another, and next moment, I felt their aura rising.

I am a little surprised seeing them over drafting the Occult energy as the Grimm monster does not do that generally. They consider Humans to low to overdraft energy. I am fighting them; it is considered the mark of shame. That is why most of the Grimm monster Ive fought never overdraft the Occult energy.

But the Blood Wolfman tribe is little different than rest; the members have decisive quality in them, they dont consider anything shame other than the loss to the enemy. So whenever they see things getting hard, they will overdraft the occult energy in their body.

Slice Clang Slice…

Both of the Grimm monsters overdraft their energy at the same time, and the direction of battle instantly changed; instead of me injuring them, they started to injure me; each second, one of their swords would be sliced by the skin.

It is extremly painful; the injury is not painful; the thing their pain is the force and the occult energy that they transmit, it is d.a.m.n painful, its like a bunch of wolfs tearing the wounds upside down.

Seeing the wounds kept piling in my body, I want to summon my swirling Armor so bad, but I did not before the battle started I had decided that I would defeat these Grimm monster without the swirling Armor.

So now to defeat them, even if I have to get seriously injures and spend the speck of the Ominous monster uselessly, I will do it.

It was a good thing I have a speck of the Ominous plant's core with me; otherwise, I would not be able to bear all the injuries that are piling in my body.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d lets seem for how long that whatever healing medicine you have last." said the Grimm monster but that I remained silent and glared at angrily but started laughing loudly inside my mind.

It had been five minutes since they started to overdraft Orccul energy to increse their body, for the first three minutes I was only able to defend against their attacks but after that, I had wholly understood their fighting style and defend completely against their attack if I wanted to, but I did not do that.

These Grimm monsters are quick to act but decisive as well; if I started perfectly defending against their attack, they might decisively run away as they are fighting on the borrowed time and that time, it would be tough for me to catch up two of them if they decided to run away.

So I decided to keep bearing injuries and find every loophole in their fighting style, so when I attack, they would be not able to defend against it even a once.

Two more minutes pa.s.sed, and now I have not only understood their fighting style completely, but I could also tell all their loopholes, so now I just have to swing my sword, and it will directly enter the heart of the monster.


I crouched down and pierced my sword toward the monster; after that, I did not have to anything as my sword went forward without any obstruction. As it moved forward, it had effortlessly avoided two Grimm monster words by centimeter distance and pierced through the heart of the monster before even monster registered what had happened.

Seeing its friend good as dead as, the Grimm monster did not attack seeing they are quick to anger nature; instead, it had tucked its tail and started to run.

I had expected this to happen; though they are quick to anger, they are also decisive in their choices. The monster had seen me killing its friend and knew if it had stayed any longer, it too would die, so it had decisively chosen to run away.

Unfortunately for it, I had already predicted something like this would happen and thought out a plan.


Just as it started to run, I had concentrated all my energy in my legs and took a leap, next second, I appear near it and pierce its chest.