Monster Integration - Chapter 663 Epiphany II

Chapter 663 Epiphany II

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Thud Thud...

I have not noticed that I had killed the Grimm Monster, I had not woke up even when I heard the sound Grimm monsters head and body falling on the ground, making a loud sound.

I kept swinging my sword with the lost expression, the twenty-four moves of the Clock Sword Style performed through my sword as the images of a man with the sword kept flas.h.i.+ng in front of eyes.

If I was awake and saw the moves I am performing, I would be shocked as the moves of the Clock Sword Style I am performing right now are a lot more refined than what I had capable of before.

There is a vast difference between them; it is like a child swinging the large sword and Adult swinging a large sword.

Minutes pa.s.sed, but I did not open my eyes; it is like someone had cast spell one me, that made me think only Clock Sword Style and perform only Clock Sword Style. There is nothing in my mind beside it as I am concentrating 100% of my heart and mind performing its moves.

I am in the incomparable state; this state is helping me concentrate my everything in one thing.

I am so concentrated on Clock Sword Style that I unknowingly broke my connection with my Swirling Armor and stop refining mana though my refining engine, which I never stop as long as I am awake.


More time pa.s.sed, and finally, clarity returned to my eyes, but before I could make sense of what had happened, I fell on the ground tiredly. I felt so tired that the sword I was holding tightly released from my hand.

This tiredness is not of the body but of soul, and I could not understand why I am feeling so tired, the last thing I remember is me fighting the Blood Wolfman, but now I can see it dead in two pieces lying not from me.

First few minutes, I was too tired to think about what had happened, but after some rest, I started to feel better, and memories started to come to me like a flood.


I muttered in extreme happiness when I understood what I had gone through; I had Epiphany that many people don't encounter in their whole life.

Epiphany is a miraculous thing. It helps one concentrate complete mind and body one thing, and through it, one can gain inspiration at amazingly high speed.

The only drawback of it is that it consumes a lot of soul power, it needs huge soul energy to make the heart and the body concentrate on the single thing.

I am escatic to see I had Epiphany as it had increased my power very much, though there is no change in power of my body and soul, my comprehension of Clock Swords Style had advanced tremendously.

It is more valuable than the increse in the power of Soul and Body; the only regret is that it had zapped too much of my soul power than even after resting for five minutes, I was only able to twitch my fingers.

In such a dangerous environment, such a condition is very dangerous, but I am not worried; I can tell Ashlyn is very near me, if any Grimm monsters entered the vicinity, they would die under her claws.

Time pa.s.sed by, and fifteen minutes pa.s.sed as such, and I finally got some of my soul energy back then now I could barely stand up.

I muster all my energy and stand up before taking our bunch of herbs and a beaker.

"Ashlyn gives me fire," I said after added water and herbs into the beaker. Currently, I am feeling so weak that I do not have to summon enough soul power to use my ability if I did that I am sure I will have the spitting headache.

"Chew, chew!" She flew to me with a bright chirp and placed small fireball under the beaker, which started to boil the water and herbs in it. This small fireball is one of application of wonderful ability she has.

After eating the monster which had eaten a lot of Miracle fruits, Ashlyn had gained many incredible abilities, and one of the ability is the manipulation of the state of her ability. It is a fantastic ability that countless applications.

That small fireball under the beaker is one of the applications of it, Ashlyn created the fireball and place under the beaker. That fireball had the properties of coal as it will be kept burning for hours, after adding mana at once she will not have to provide it again.

Normal abilities regularly needed supply of mana; even when I create the fire figures, I have to constantly main them though the threads of mana, a fireball that Ashlyn had created is standalone; it could burn for hours without her intervention.

The water started to boil the herbs withing the beaker, and soon, the herbs began to break and mix with the water slowly, and the solution started to turn dark green from the fain green.

Another ten minutes pa.s.sed, and all the herbs had perfectly mixed with the water, the potion had been made, and now I just have to wait for a little for it cool down before I could drink.

I could drink it despite being hot, with the fire resistance, I wouldn't feel much anything, but I did not drink it as the effects of the potion will less if I drank it hot.

This potion is soul enhancing potion, I had drunk it three times so it would not increse my soul power anymore, but I am not drinking it for that, I am drinking it for recharging my soul, which this potion perfectly capable of doing.

Instead of cooking the potion, I could have eaten the Vigor berry, but I did not, as they are very precious and could only be used during the emergy, compare to it, the potion is not that rare. Though the herbs require to make are pretty rare, they are not as rare as the Vigor berries.


Ten minutes later, the potion had perfectly cooled down, and I drank the complete potion in the single gulp. A few seconds later, after drinking the potion, I felt familiar heat spreading through my body.

The head is very uncomfortable, but I resisted it as I felt my soul is getting charged at the visible rate, within five minutes I have recovered half of my soul energy and now could extend my senses to toward my teammates.

As Ashlyn had replied, they are doing quite good, even if I did not help them, the rest could be able to kill the Grimm monsters after some time. Including Kayla, though it will take quite a time, I am sure that she will be able to kill the two Silver Elites on her own.

Time pa.s.sed, and ten minutes later, all the heat I am feeling due to the potion is gone, and my soul power had returned to the full capacity.

Getting up, I did not go directly toward the place where my friends are fighting; instead, I took out two Runic discs and placed then on the head and bust of the Blood Wolfman to harvest the mana crystals off them.

Ting Ting!

Four minutes later, I had heard the melodious tings as the Runic disks finished harvesting all the mana crystals. I took out the mana crystals and placed them in my storage before taking the stuff of the Grimm monster from its dried must.

After I finished looting the dead Grimm monster, I walked toward my friends in the carefree matter while going over the things I had learned in my Epiphany.