Monster Integration - Chapter 660 One Star Silver Elite

Chapter 660 One Star Silver Elite

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"Micheal, why are s.p.a.ced out for." I head in a loud voice, only to see Kayla and my teammates looking at me, "Oh, its nothing, I had sensed some suspicious Grimm monster, but when I focused on it, I found it is just Nine Star Elite." I said smoothly.

Others did not suspect anything as many times I would concentrate on something very often, so they got used to my behavior, and there is a team of Grimm monsters that I had sensed, so

"Go, south, there is a team of Nine Star Elites that had just entered our area," I directed while still focusing the Ashlyn, who is still crus.h.i.+ng the crystal with relish and hearing the unconcious sounds she is making while eating started to make my mouth water.

In a minute, Ashlyn finished eating Origin crystals, and her figure started to turn small till she came back to the original size of that. Right after switching to her original size, she flapped her wings to fly.

From the way she is flying, she seemed to be coming toward me; I was right a few minutes later she came back and instead of landing on my shoulder she usually does, she directly went inside me.

"Aren't you worried about that little birdy of yours, a powerful Grimm monster could eat her up in the single bite you know," Kayla said, clearly worried about the monsters.

Most of the people keep their monster inside them, as the power of the one grew, the monsters can't keep up with them, so most people never use their monsters in battle, they more like became a pet.

But Ashlyn is not like that if I told her Ashlyn could use Rule power and easily defeat her, I can't imagine what type of an expression does Kayla will have.

"Don't worry she is fast," I said with a smile, a slight frown appeared on her face before she smoothes over, Kayla clearly wanted to ask what I mean, but she chose not to.

Soon Stephen came back from killing the monsters and joined us, and we continued our patrol around the crimson lake as there is still quite a time before we stopped to rest and dinner.

I was just continuing the patrol with my teammates when I felt a very faint refres.h.i.+ng feeling over me; this feeling is not only affecting my body but also my soul.

The feeling is very faint, almost trickle, but whenever that trickle falls on me, my body and soul will refresh. It like that trickle is like a drop of water while I am parched ground, sucking every drop that falls on me.

Though to the parched ground, drops of water may not make much difference, but they are making a big difference in me. Each drop from this trickle increasing my strength by a tiny amount, and the more trickle fell on me, the stronger I would become.

I am patrolling with my teammates, but they have no idea, my strength is increasing every moment, though the rate of increase in a minute, it is increasing at a steady pace.

I hope that this trickle of power continues to till it will formally make me Silver Elite. At that time, I will not be only capable of defending against Silver Elite but became capable of killing them.

I couldnt wait for that to happen, I thought excitedly as I relish in the small trickle. Time pa.s.sed by, and soon, an hour had pa.s.sed, and I am barely stepping away from formally having the strength of One Star Silver Elite; as long as this trickle continued for half an hour more, it will be enough for me.

"Let's check there!" I said suddenly as I saw the sign of lushness again, though I am enjoying the slowly increse in strength, I am also continuing my job, and that is hunting and looking for the Origin water.

And the lushness of trees in the single spot clear signs of it, "Let's dig." I said, and we continue digging as we usually do. The hope is present in everyone's eyes as they dig, despite getting disappointed tens of time, we never lost hope.

Sniff Sniff!

"This smell, there is definitely origin water here," I said as I got the faint whiff of the Origin water from the ground, hearing that everybody got so shocked that they stopped digging.

"Really?" Asked Kyla as she could not believe what I have just said, well I can blame her for asking me in conformation, we have got disappointed so many times that when we found it, it seem unbelievable to us.

They stayed shocked for a few seconds before we started digging again, but this time, our speed is obviously slow, and our movements are gentle.

"This really smells of Origin water," said Kyla after a minute of digging, they have finally started to smell the fragrance of the Origin water, other too begun to smell the scent, and their expression became escatic.


With the exciting heart, we kept digging and digging till we finally saw the edge of the Grey crystal, seeing that we carefully removed the soil around it till we can take out the crystal off the ground.

"It is Origin Crystal." said Alex as I take out the Grey crystal off the sand, "Yes, and this one seemed slightly bigger than we have got from the monsters," said Ronny as he looked at the Grey crystal.

What he said is right, this crystal is bigger than the one we have got from the Grimm monsters but obviously smaller than the one Ashlyn had found. Though I am pleased about finding the origin water, I would be happier if this crystal had been a Brown Grade.

Even if we have found the brown crystal with the thumbnail size, which had only a single drop, it would still be more precious than what we have found now.

Each grade of Origin water is a hundred times more precious than previously, and due to that, it is a hundred times more difficult to find, with each grade difficult of finding it will increase by hundred times.

That is why most people find the Grey Grade Origin Water; there is barely anyone who was able to find the Black Grade, as for finding Origin water grade above that, that is simply very rare.

I did not want much, just enough to help me upgrade the grade of my Totem Artifact that I will craft, and for that, I will need a huge amount of it.

We look at the grey crystal for a while before I stored in my storage, and we continued with our patrol, but unlike previous times, this we have a smile on our face.

Time pa.s.sed, and sometime later, a bright smile appared on my face as my battle power finally reached that of super-elite; I can now not only fight them but could kill them also.

But that is not all, the refres.h.i.+ng energy continued to spread through me, and it only stooped after twenty minutes, giving me more strength with this strength, I can now fight against Kyla in the equal terms.