Monster Integration - Chapter 661 Blood Wolfman Tribe

Chapter 661 Blood Wolfman Tribe

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I have now become Silver Elite that I wanted to and now had the qualification to go the Warzone, though I doubt my request will be fulfilled during this period, I am still very happy to become a complete Silver Elite, and now I just have to find a good Grimm monster to fight.

It seemed like my luck is quite bad as no Silver Elite team had come across us, we usually would find a Silver Elite team in every one to two hours, now looks I have will have to wait for some time.

"I am feeling hungry, let's take a little rest," Alex said, "It is time to take rest, let's find some good place to set up an abode," Kayla said, we all affirmed and sharted to find a good place.

It was late in the evening, and everybody started to feel hungry, though we have eaten some snacks while patrolling, they couldnt be compared to the real dinner.

Fifteen minutes later, we found a well-hidden place like morning Kayla set up abode at the minimum size, and we all took a turn in the bath before Ronny, and I made the dinner.

We cooked dinner and ate with our monster, it had been five minutes, and we have been talking among ourselves when I sensed something,g, and my expression changed abruptly.

"Prepare for battle, Blood Wolf Tribe coming toward us," I said abruptly nearing that, everybody's expression turned serious and all got off from the table we were sitting on.

"How many are there?" Kyla asked we get out of the above, "Nine Silver Elites, three One Star Silver Elite and six Grimm monsters who have the power above white Elite." I said, hearing that the serious mood immediately turned solemn.

"They are from Blood Wolf tribe, you say?" Kayla asked in conformation, I nodded. "All right, we will fight here; you guys handle six Grimm monsters as fast as you can and move away from the battlefield while Micheal and I will fight the Three Silver Elites.

"Pray that we will able to kill these three monsters; otherwise, you running away from the battlefield won't able to save you," said Kayla in Solemn tone.

The Blood Wolfmen are like the Horned Dogman; it is extremly difficult to run away from them once they caught your smell; they will not rest easy till they caught up to you.

They, too, like horned Dogman tribe, are cruel compulsive torturers; the more you resist them, the more fun will they have catching you and killing you.

If I had been alone, I would have been able to run away after cloaking myself with the Killing energy, but it will be very difficult for them. Well its not like I feared these Blood Wolfmen.

It would have put me quite a strain if they had arrived a few hours ago when I did not receive the power-up, but now I won't have a problem killing them with the help of Kayla.

The Blood worlfmen are fast after they caught of our sensed they moved toward us at a swift speed, by the time I had sensed them coming toward us, there was barely a hundred-some meters distance between us which took them barely a minute to cross us.

By the end of the minute, we saw the dark silhouette of the Wolfman appared in front of us. These wolfmen did not look much different from normal werewolves, except for they are in little bulky and tall with blood-red eyes.

"Looks like you have already sent us coming and prepared for battle." said the Leader of the Blood Wolfmen as it saw us unsurprised their appearance with completely battle-ready.

"Yes, we smelled your dirty stink miles before you came for us," Kyla replied, she did not mince her words and directly stabbed the Grimm monsters with her sharp words.

The expression of the Grimm monster changed after hearing that, and those behind wanted to leap at us directly with murderous intentions, and they would have if not for their Leader stopping them.

"Boys, calmed down, you will ruin the prey in your anger." said the Leader relaxedly as it stopped the Grimm monsters before it looking at us.

"You know what type of prey I like the most?" the Leader of b.l.o.o.d.y Wolfman asked, but before anyone could reply it started answered itself, "I like the ones who fight back the most, these opponents gave me the most pleasure," it said and s.h.i.+vered uncontrollably.

Seeing it s.h.i.+vering with pleasure gave me the gooseb.u.mps and create the urge inside me to kill this monster as soon as possible.

"Defeating them and breaking their will is the ultimate pleasure there is." It said and s.h.i.+vered again. I am not only one feeling the gooseb.u.mps, Kayla, and others feel the same.

This monster is very smart, it is psychologically pressuring us seeing we are difficult opponents, and it seemed to be working. Kayla and I are fine as we are confident of our abilities, but our teammates behind us started to feel pressure, and that is not the good thing.

"You know what gives me the most pleasure?" I asked in a loud voice, and before it could disturb me, I answered my own question. "Mana crystal, I like mana crystals, elemental crystals, to be exact."

"I feel very good very when I pumped a large amount of energy in the center of your race magic veins. The pleasure I get hearing you guys screams are so amazing that I could barely stand."

"I liked those screams especially that came after Elementalization when I was harvesting Elemental Crystal, that time the Grimm monster is utterly broken that it did not even scream when runic disc harvest its energy to produce the elemental crystals," I said.

Everything stood silent for second before extreme anger appeared on the faces of Grimm monsters, including the three silver elites.

"Attack these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds; I want each of them alive, I want to torture them with the most painful method I know, especially that b.a.s.t.a.r.d, remeber to keep it alive especially." I roared the Leader of the Grimm monster and even gave a special direction for me to its colleague.

The Grimm monster came toward us, and at the same time, the Swirling Armor started to appear on my body.

After my advancement, I had practiced the Swirling Armor a few times and saw that with an increse of soul power, I was able to lessen the time to a summoning by half a second, now I need only 1.5 seconds to summon the Swirling Armor completely.

The only regret I have that I was not able to cross the chasm of its compactness; its compactness still remained at the 0.6 inches. If I were able to decrease just 0.1 inches, then I would have received the explosive increse in strength.

That time, I would have had the power to even defeat the Peak One Star Silver Elite, but regretfully, I could not make it even more compact.

The Grimm monster came at us, the Leader that spoke and another Silver Star Elite went toward Kayla while last Silver Star elite came toward me, it looks like they consider Kayla a bigger threat than me.

I thought after what I had said, at least two Silver Elites would attack me but looked like Ive overestimates myself too much, well now I have to kill this Silver Elite soon as possible and make them pay the price of underestimating me.