Monster Integration - Chapter 659 Crimson Lake II

Chapter 659 Crimson Lake II

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The whole day pa.s.sed by as we patrol the area around the Crimson lake, In the whole day, we have killed more than a thousand Grimm monster, and in these thousand Grimm monsters, seven were the Silver Elites.

The silver elites team was tough to fight, but we fought it and killed it, but we have not found anything in their storages, or I might say we did not find any Origin water in their rooms.

Despite knowing how difficult it is to find the Origin Water, I still got frustrated and disappointed, and I am not the only one that is feeling such emotions, my teammates and Ashlyn feeling the same.

In the whole day we have dug a total of 23 holes but all in them we have found nothin, note a single drop of origin could be found in those, unlike us Ashlyn did not dig the holes, she would just land on the suspected places for a minute before flying away.

I led my team where Ashlyn had to stoop up and dug the hole, but like her, we found nothing, but unlike her, we wasted time digging hole and hour disappointment is greater.

"It is written that in the forbidden zone there is a greater chance of finding Origin water," Alex said, looking at the other side of the Crimson lake. "Do you want to go there?" Stephen asked her cooly.

"No.," she said while shaking her head as she cast off her eyes off the other side of the lake.

The other side of the lake is the boundary of the Forbidden, and only an Idiot would go there in search of the Origin water; both humans and the Grimm monster would not make the mistake of entering the Forbidden zone to search for the Origin water unless they have the Death wish.

There is a 99% chance of dying in a forbidden zone; it is a place that is equal to death not only for Knight Stage but those above it.

First, I did not know much about the forbidden zone, but I got to know some details from twins and Rachel.

The forbidden zone is a place where the protective layer of the world is weakened, and though it cosmic energies enter the world, these energies are fearsome, and anything touched by them became devoid of like.

Cosmic is fearsome energy which the world runs on; the mana is also derived from the cosmic energy. Though mana and cosmic energy couldnt be compared, the mana is harmless extremly Waterdown version of the Cosmic energy.

The world layers act as a filter of the cosmic energy, it sucks the cosmic energy and filters it through its various layers before the energy became safe enough for all the organisms in the world, and as I had said, that filtered version is Mana that we have used.

I dont know if its true or not but it is said that high-level Mana trans.m.u.ting crystals use some amount cosmic energy, It is just rumor I heard from the twins, and they heard from their brother, but they said the reason their mana trans.m.u.ting crystal is so powerful too because there is cosmic energy present in it.

I think there is some truth in it as many times I observed that my mana somehow felt suppressed when it is around the twins.

"The Forbidden Zones are very dangerous, don't ever think about going there," I warned sternly. Though most people stay away from the forbidden zone, some daring idiotic b.a.s.t.a.r.ds still go there in the l.u.s.t of resources, I don't want my teammates to be one of them.

"There is a place that matched sign!" I repeated sentence that I had sense tens of time when I spotted the signs of Origin Water, and no, this is not the sign that Ashlyn had stood; it is genuinely my find.

"Yes, the lushness does see unusual on that spot," Kayla said without change of expression, first ten or so time we dig the hole there was always excitement in our eyes but after repeated failure, it nearly has gone and would only return if we find some Origin Water.

We started to dig the hole with a tiny amount of hope in our eyes, but as we dig for a minute and did not find anything, all the hope we had dashed right into the gutter.

"I hate this," Ronny muttered as he kicked the dirt aside, "Finding Origin water is very hard, especially before maturing period," Kayla said calmly, seeing the frustration of her teammates.

"We are already lucky enough to found one, if we want to have any luck then we will have to start from tomorrow, that is when all the origin water came out," Kyla added.

Now barely 24 hours had been over since we saw the Sign of Transformative Origin Water in the Sky, only tomorrow when origin water mature they will be able to find it with relative luck.

"If you guys want to vent your frustration, there is a strong team of five Grimm monster, about hundred meters north you can go fight them," I said with a smile, they became excited and left toward the direction of the Grimm monsters.

If Kayla or I had gone there, we would have finished the Grimm monsters in a minute, but we did not go there to fight. It is vital for them to fight, notably the challenging opponent, only fighting those would they able to challenge their limit and grow.

While we let them go, we still followed them at a safe distance, so if they came across any trouble would help them.

This fight was really challenging for them; not only the Grimm monsters were stronger than them, but they also had a greater number that then, but they still able to defeat them with some injuries and time.

"You guys did well," Kyaa said as they finish harvesting the crystal cores from the monsters, was also about to sense something when sensed something from Ashlyn.

While I was keeping an eye on my teammates, I was also keeping an eye on Ashlyn, who again stands on the ground, I thought it would be business as usual, she would just stand for a minute and flew away but to my surprise increased her size and started digging softly.

She kept digging, and I kept watching her with an excited heart; if she were really able to find Origin water, it would be amazing; even if she drinks it, which she would, I confident that I would receive some side benefits, which would be enough for me.

She kept digging and digging until she finally took out the Grey crystal from the ground and it is big, it is at least four times bigger than what we have got from the Grimm monsters.

And when I close my eyes and link my vision with Ashlyn, I found not only the grey crystal is big, but Origin liquid inside it also Greater.

Crunch Crunch…

Ashlyn looked at crystal for a second before she is popping it up in her mouth, and I could hear the sound of crystal-crus.h.i.+ng from her mouth.