Monster Integration - Chapter 650 Grey III

Chapter 650 Grey III

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"Let's go a little far!" I said. It is the fight of the Silver Elite, and I dont want to be any closer to it than I want to, especially when we killed all the Minions of the Silver Elite.

It may notice that and might decide to go on a rampage; then even Kyla would be hardpressed to save us. Everyone nodded, and we get walked away far enough that we barely able to hear the sound the battle, there we waited for the battle to be finished.

Though others could only faintly heard the sound of a fight, I could sense, and it made me shook my head in disappointment. The defense of the Grimm monsters is too strong, despite having a clear advantage, it will take Kyla quite a time to kill the monster.


Time pa.s.sed by and an hour had pa.s.sed, I was just watching the fight when an unexpected development occurred, the monster who is utterly beaten and would have killed by Kyla in few minutes started to run away.

"Follow me," I said just as I saw the monster running away, Kyla started to follow the monster and kept attacking it. If the monster had run away half an hour ago, it would have a 50% chance of running away, but now it had utter lost the opportunity of running away.

It is in a wretched condition and lost nearly all of its power, the injuries which used to heal rapidly are now remained static on their place, only when one looked at it carefully, only then they will notice that the wounds are healing at the very slow speed.

No matter whether it would have stayed or running away, it's outcome had already decided. It would have able to live a little longer if it has been able to continue to fight instead of running, but now it is running, it's ending is near.

I was right, a few seconds later, Kyla's speed suddenly increased, and her sword pierced through the chest of the Grimm monster before it noticed what happened.

Kyla is a cautious fighter; she always held back something whenever she is fighting, she will always hold back something and use that last bit only when she is sure that her opponent used everything it has.

"Let's go, Kyla had finished her fight," I said, and we speedily move toward the Kayla, with each having expression of excitement on their faces.

When we reached the scene of the fight, I found Kayla just took out of the storage of the Grimm monster and were checking it for the Origin water.

"There is nothing here," she said, hearing that expression on everybody's face changed drastically, and expression of doubt started to form in some of the teammate's eyes.

"Origin water is not in that store, there is secret storage under its belt, it had stored it there," I said before my teammates started to make their gases.

That Grimm monster was quite crafty, it had stored the Origin water in the different storage without informing its minions, If the killing intent I had sensed from it is not wrong then that Grimm monster would have killed its minions and would have taken the Origin water for itself.

The Origin Water is too precious, when Kayla said she did not found the origin water in the Grimm monster storage, the teammates started to have the doubts about her, if I had been in their place and did not know the truth, I would have suspected her also.

It is the nature of human beings, and especially when the value of Origin water is so great, it is common for one to produce doubts.

Hearing me, Kayla crouched down and searched the Bracelet of the Grimm monster, and after a few seconds, she found the Storage equipment of the Grimm monster in a hidden place in the belt and started to search through it.

Second pa.s.sed excruciatingly as Kayla searched through the storage of the Grimm monster when suddenly a bright smile lighting up on her face and next moment, a grey crystal appeared in her hand.


Everyone gasp seeing that walked closer to take a good look at it, I did not move away from my spot as from my place I could see the crystal clearly. It is a brown crystal of adult thumb size, and inside it is dark grey liquid.

This liquid should be worth about ten to fifteen drops, which is more than I had expected, I had through it would seven drops at most.

"Its Grey Grade!" Kayla said after some time, some desspointement could be heard from her voice when she said that. I couldnt help but smile ruefully when I heard the desspointement in her voice.

The Grey Grade is the lowest Grade of Origin Transformative Water and also the mostly found one, there are other three grade above it, Black Pink and violet, but they are simply too rare.

The doc.u.ment had said that finding higher Grade is about a hundred times greater than lower, the higher the Grade is more difficult it would be for one to find it and the four grade that the doc.u.ment mentioned are not the only grades.

There are higher grades as well, but that Grade of Origin water is not found in Midzone, the higher grade origin water found in the place where both mana and ark energy of the Grimm monsters are thickest and in our continent the place that has the thickest dark energy and Mana is Warzones.

The best Grade of Origin water is found in the Warzone, and I really wished I had the strength to go there and compete for the High-Grade Origin water.

Though I am disappointed in the Grade of Origin water, I quickly got over it. We can find the origin water is more than enough, in the stage where they haven't started maturing it.

I hope we found more than a few drops Origin water; if I had found a few thousand drops of highest Grade Origin Water, then there is a possibility that it will be able to upgrade the level of Totem Artifact that I will create.

Upgrading normal totem artifact through the Origin substance is very easy; just ten drops of Grey Grade will be more than enough, but higher-grade Totem Artifact would need a higher number of the Origin substance.

And the origin substance that is needed to upgrade Emperor Grade Totem Artifact is immense, and I am daydreaming when I thought about getting enough Origin water to upgrade the Emperor Grade Totem Artifact.

"Micheal to do yo want to touch it, it feels refres.h.i.+ng." I was suddenly interrupted by Alex's voice; when I looked up, I found Alex in front of me, and her hand is Grey crystal.

"Sure," I said and took the Grey crystal from her hand, just as I touched it, I felt cooling sensation under my fingertips, and when I took a whiff from it and immediately felt my body lighten up, I felt like all the pores in the body have opened up and started sucking off the mana in the surrounding.