Monster Integration - Chapter 651 Killing Rule Advancement I

Chapter 651 Killing Rule Advancement I

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I know what I am feeling is not real, but if I consume a few drops of it, that effect will become a reality, and I will also achieve level up, but as the Vice Guildmaster had said, consuming directly is a waste of such precious resource.

There is a specific method to use it, the guild has stated few methods that are mentioned in the Knowledge, and the natural material knowledge has some methods which are even better than the ones mentioned in the doc.u.ments provided by the guild.


I said after a few seconds as I handed the grey crystal back to Kyla, there is another reason I handed it back early, and that is Ashlyn. Ashlyn wanted me to give her than brown crystal, from the intensity of her tone I had feared that if I did not give it to her, she would forcefully take it from my hand.

So it is better that I would give it back to Kayla as soon as possible otherwise, if Ashlyn ate it, then I will become the number one enemy of my teammates.

"Let's go, we still have to travel for a few hours before we reach the Crimson lake," Kayla said as she put away the grey crystal back into her storage.

I once again took the lead, and we started our journey toward the crimson lake, and such time pa.s.sed.

'Happy Birthday To Myself,' I said in my mind as I 12 ticks in on my holowatch, I had made so many plans for my birthday, but due to the Origin Water, they all have gone to the drain.

I couldnt help but feel happy and disappointed at the thought of spending my birthday in the forest with no friend, Girlfriend, or family insight.

I am feeling disappointed because all my plans got disrupted due to Origin water and happy because I will be spending my birthday searching for the precious treasure.

If I was able to find it, then it will be my birthday present, I thought mirthlessly.

"Team of seven Grimm monsters at six O'Clock, they have the average strength of Nine Star Elite." I started without many expressions and hearing that Alex quickly move away from the group to the group and speed toward the Grimm monsters without Kyla instructing her.

We have done these things tens of times that now Kyla did not have to instruct; they move on their own to finish Grimm monsters off.

Kyla did not give order unless there is a powerhouse that has the strength above the While elite, she mostly focused on scanning the surrounding in hope for finding the signs of the Origin water.

She had completly concentrated on that task, and that is also the most important task, I too keep my eyes and nose open in search of the signs of Origin water. Till now, we have opened the five holes, but our luck is not that good as we did not find a drop of the Origin Water.

After getting first Grey crystal from the hands of Grimm monsters, I had thought I would be able to find the origin crystal with my high senses but looked like I had overestimated the worth of my senses too much.

There is not only me who is searching for the Origin Crystal, but Ashlyn is also searching for it. She had advanced her efforts, even more, when I did not give her than brown origin crystal.

Since then, she got a little angry at me and would take short rides around to search for the signs of Origin liquid but too had been unsuccessful finding the Origin water as I despite having powerful senses than me.

Finding Origin water is very hard if it had been easy. The guild would be allowed all people to search for the moment phenomenon had appeared, despite the immense price they had to pay.

Soon Alex had returned, and we continued our journey toward the Crimson lake, and such few more hour pa.s.sed, and now we are half an hour distance away from the Crimson lake.

In these few hours, we have not only killed hundreds of normal Grimm monsters but also fought and killed one Silver elite team of five members, that fight was our shortest fight as we have finished it within an hour.


Suddenly there was a drastic change in my expression, and I stopped on my track, my expression became really grave as what I am seeing is really horrendous, I have never seen such scene in my life before, seeing such scene my blood started to boil and killing intent rose inside me like never before.

"Did you sense the Silver Elite team?" Kayla asked, I only stopped for two reasons, one when I sensed the silver elite team and other is when I spot the signs of origin water, as for stopping for normal Grimm monsters, there is no need.

If it is a team of normal Grimm monster, others finished it within minuits and if it is a team of those who who have power above while elite then Kayla herself take action to save the time.

"Yes, there are fourteen Grimm monsters, three silver elites and eleven Grimm monsters who have the power over the White elite," I said, hearing that all of my teammates sucked a sharp breath, Kayla too had a change of expressions.

This is fearsome force if we fought against it, there is a quite high chance we will die, but unfortunately, we will have to fight if we did,t some people will surely die very painfully.

"There is a team from Silver b.u.t.terfly is fighting against them, or I might say, only leader team leader of the silver b.u.t.terfly is fighting while four-team members are captured by the Grimm monsters and these Grimm monster eating then while they are still alive," I said the complete sentence through the gritted teeth.

Hearing that everyone's expression has become as grave as for me, and the killing intent rose from them is so high that I could literally taste it.

"How is the condition of the leader?" Kayla asked through the gritted teeth, "She is already defeated, the Grimm monsters are just toying with her now." I replied.

"Which way?" Kayla asked, and I simply pointed at the direction, and next moment, Kyla disappeared from my view.

"The Grimm monster is present in three groups, two groups are closer to each other so we can't attack, so we can't attack them. That leaves us, one group, that group had four Grimm monsters, and they are holding two humans as a hostage."

I deliberately did not mention they are eating the two girls alive if I had mentioned then these three who had already suffered quite much in the hands of Grimm monsters would directly attack without listening to the whole plan.

I barely able to control myself from storming toward the Grimm monster; the numbers of Grimm monsters are overwhelming; if we go without a plan, then our condition would not be better than the girls, and we might even put their life into the jeopardy.

"So, my plan is…."