Monster Integration - Chapter 649 Grey II

Chapter 649 Grey II

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The Grimm monsters had lost most of the extra vigilance they had after they got the Origin water, now they are like any other team except for slight happiness on their faces, which couldn't be hidden.

It is a perfect time to launch an attack as if we wait longer then some unknown factor may emerge and ruin our chances of gaining the Origin water.

"I will attack first and kept the Silver Elite Occupied, Micheal then attack sneak attack if you guys were able to launch sneak attack, good otherwise dont force yourself and directly enter the battle," Kayla said.

This strategy is perfect if there had not been a Silver Elite, there would have no need for Kyala to attack first and my sneak attack would have the results better than I will have now, but Silver Elite changes anything, if I try to launch the sneak attack in the presence of the Silver Elite then I am only seething my death.

With the senses of Silver Elite, it could sense me just as I launch the attack and would only need to perform a casual attack to finish me off.

"Ok!" we said to the plan, Kyla did not wait any longer and went toward the group of Silver Elite. At the same time, we all kept following the Grimm monster group at our normal speed.

After two minutes, I saw the battle between Kyala and Silver Elite Grimm Monster started while the five Grimm monsters took sides and began searching for humans as, with every silver elite, there is a team of people behind and they are searching for us.

"You guys attack first, I will launch a sneak attack when you are fighting," I said and started informing them of my plan. Five Grimm monsters have the power above the white elite.

I want them to fight five of them, and when they are fighting, I would come from behind and launch the sneak attack.

They all nodded and went toward the Grimm monsters, and a few minutes later, the battle started. Three humans against five Grimm monsters, this battle may seem overwhelmingly in favor of the Grimm monsters, but it not.

Though it is in favor of Grimm monsters but not overwhelmingly, they have the advantage of numbers; if they have been fighting one on one, then they would not be at such a disadvantage.

After watching the fight for a few minutes, I walked toward the fight covering myself with the thick killing energy and soon reached near the fight; there is the only distance to ten meters between me and Grimm monsters I want to kill.

There five Grimm monster monsters fighting, with Rolly and Alex fighting against two Grimm monsters each while Stephan is fighting against the one.

I am currently planning on killing the Grimm monster that is fighting the Alex, killing two together would be very hard and I am not aiming for that, I am aiming to kill the one Grimm monster first before killing others with Alex.

The Grimm monster we are against this time is a little tough; these Grimm monsters are from the malachite Hogman tribe, this is a tribe of Special Hogman that have Malachine fangs and layer of Malachite covering its body.

It gave them superior defense; I will have to attack very hard if I want to kill them at a single attack.

I watched for a while before I started moving closer and closer till there was a distance of three meters between us; if the Grimm monsters were stationary, they would have sensed me at such close distance despite killing energy covering my body.

I waited with bated breath and looking at the perfect chance to launch an attack. It came after the long wait of four minutes, just as I saw the opportunity I wasted no time in acting on it.


Putting all of my energy in my legs, I leap. My leap is like a leopard; it is very past as it barely took the minute for me reached near it.

The monsters sensed me coming from behind, but they could not do anything; not only they have sensed me too late, but Alex's attacks have also occupied them that they would not be able to move their weapons for the defense before its is too late.


As my sword touched the back of it, it felt obstruction of its malachite scale; they were stronger than I had imagined. Their defense is very powerful, but in the attack, I have also used all my power, the malachite scales only able to stop my sword for the short moment before it pierced through it and entered its skin.

After pa.s.sing its malachite scales defense, my sword had become a hot knife that is pa.s.sing through the b.u.t.ter, it pa.s.sed through its skin just like that before it pierced its the heart where I added a s.h.i.+t load of killing energy and beads of Sunfire as the precaution.


I took my sword out of the Grimm monster back and look at other Grimm monster who is fighting furiously with Alex that she is barely able to defend against it.

I did not waste any time and summoned my Swirling Armor, two seconds later, I joined the fight with Alex. With the power of two of the combine, the Grimm monster finished within five minutes.

It would have taken less if not for it having such f.u.c.king high defense, the defensive power of these monsters are too strong, even with the swirling Armor, I had spent quite an effort before I was able to pierce its heart.


"This b.a.s.t.a.r.d was quite strong," Alex said as she accepted the speck of Ominous core from me, I couldn't help but agree with her. If I had been alone fighting with this monster, then it would have taken me at least an hour to kill it.

"You go help the Ronny, I will kill the Grimm monster that Stephan is fighting," I said, Alex, she nodded and walked toward Ronny who is fighting some hundred meters away.

Alex went to Ronny and started fighting with Grimm monsters, Ronny's condition was quite bad as he was fighting the two Grimm monsters but just as the Alex joined, pressure on lessened quite a bit as now he only had to fight only one Grimm monster.

I would have gone with Alex to help Ronny, but that would be taken too much of time. I first want to kill the Grimm monster that Stephan is fighting and then go with Stephan to help Ronny and Alex; this will take less time and risk.

Just like before, I got as close as the Grimm monster that Stephan was fighting before launching a successful sneak attack on it. Right after both of use went toward Ronny and killed the Grimm monster that he was fighting.

With three of us together, the monster was killed within two minutes, and when we went to Alex again, it did not take us even a minute to kill the Grimm monster she was fighting.

Now the only Grimm Monster that is remained to be killed is Sliver Elite that Kyla is fighting, and against it, we are no use; she will have to kill that Grimm Monster on her own.