Monster Integration - Chapter 648 Grey I

Chapter 648 Grey I

What I heard just now communication between a team of Grimm monsters, just as ahead they have seen the signs of Origin Water, and now they started digging it excitedly.

"There is a team of Six Grimm monster ahead of us with the Silver elite as a leader fifty meters ahead of us, they have just spotted the Signs of Origin water and digging it," I stated what I had sensed.

"Do we attack now or wait?" I asked Kyla, "We will wait." Kyla replied, "Keep an eye on them and inform me if immediately of important events." she instructed. She did not mention origin water in her instruction, but I could clearly sense she wanted to; she just did not mention it because she did not want to rally the hopes of everyone.

Origin water is a big thing; a single drop is enough to make an uproar, if we can find even a single drop of it, we will be the luckiest team that is sent outside.

I closed my eyes and kept my senses locked on the Grimm monsters who are digging cautiously with the specialized tool; they did not seem to want to make a mistake and jeopardize everything if they found the Origin water.

The doc.u.ment stated that the original water is always cased in the thin crystal and could easily break away with slight miss handling. So one has to be very careful and follow all the steps to recover the Origin water safely.

Chew Chew…

They continue digging and digging; I was so concentrating on them that when Ashlyn chirp telepathically, I felt like she was screaming at me.

I did not have to process what she said at the same time she chirped, the expression of Silver Elite Grimm monster also changed, as its hand started shaking as it digs. A few seconds later, other Grimm monster's expressions also changed as they began to take a deep break as if wanting to smell something heavenly.

Ashlyn wanted to fly away from my shoulder, but I stopped her, as it is not a time for Ashlyn to reveal her abilities.

"They have likely found the Origin water," I said in a soft voice, but excitement is unmistakable in my voice, "Likely?" Kyla asked, there was so much excitement in her voice that has to force herself with great willpower.

Others also looked at me with great expectation; there was so much excitement in their eyes that I feared they would open my head and read my thoughts if I did not inform then quickly.

"It is sure, they are already found the sure signs and are now digging with the shaking hands," I stated, "Inform me as soon as they took out the origin water from the ground." Kyal interacted excitedly, I nodded and continued looking at Grimm monsters with the burning excitement.

Time pa.s.sed by, and five minutes pa.s.sed, and Grimm monsters are still digging every so slowly with their shaking hands when suddenly the leader lifted a hand and stopped everyone from digging.

All the Grimm monsters stopped seeing the silent order from the leader, after stopping the Grimm monster from digging, Grimm monster half-buried its palm under the earth and gently took it out.

Both of its palms came out of the earth, bringing lots of dirt but inside that dirt in small uneven crystal size of thump, I can only see the size of the crystal but could not determine how much-liquid present inside the crystal or what color is the crystal is, as the color of the crystal determines its grade.

The Grimm monsters opened their mouths to make a loud sound, but it had stopped them from doing that. After stopping them, it slowly peels away the dirt on the crystal softly before a human thumb-size crystal appeared in front of every Grimm monster's eyes.

"They have found the Transformative Origin Water, It is thumb size crystal," I informed, hearing that wave of excitement washed over everyone's face and they gripped their weapons tightly, ready to fight any moment.

"Did you able to determine its grade?" Kyla asked, "No.," replied in one word without explaining further. I am quite impressed by Kyla's coolheadedness, instead of sharpening her sword and asking, 'It would right time to attack' she first asked me the Grade of the Origin water.

"Team leader, do we attack now?' Alex asked. As she asked, she even quietly summoned her totem artifact, which she had used only one time in the fight, when we were fighting Silver Elite's team.

"Now is not the time; if we attack now, the Grimm monster will fight us with took and nail."

"We will follow them for a while before attacking them; we are not to let them know we know about them having the Origin water," Kyla said.

I am again impressed by Kyla's cool-headedness if others were in her place, they would have ordered to attack seeing the price is Origin water, but she remained coolheaded despite knowing that and thought of a perfect strategy to attack.

Attacking the Grimm monster now and attacking them later may not seem different, but it is very different from the psychological point of view. As she said, we attack now; they will be very aggressive and fight to tooth and nail to keep the treasure they had just found.

But we attack later, they still fight as aggressively as it will be the battle of life and death, but that time, they will not know that we know about the treasure they had will now and will not have that extra energy they will have now.

This difference may seem minute, but it makes the big difference in the fight when the opponent your are fighting is already stronger than you. So the strategy she made is perfect, it will give a slight advantage in the fair fight, and if we can take the one or two Grimm monsters in a sneak attack, then it would be even better.

"Micheal tells me immediately when they started to leave," Kyla said, I nodded. The Grimm did not leave immediately, the first watch the crystal amongst themself, only when every Grimm monsters had their fill with crystal did the Leader took it way, and they started to leave.

"They are leaving!" I said when the Grimm monsters started to leave, "We will follow them from a distance and attack them twenty minutes later if everything went smoothly." Kyla said.

Everyone nodded and started to follow the Grimm monster at a safe distance, since finding the origin water the Grimm monsters have became quite cautious, they would always look around here and there for any enemies.

We continue to follow them at a safe distance, always keeping the maximum length. As for the Grimm monsters we have come across, Kyla finished all of them.

She took action killing the Grimm monsters, any team of Grimm monsters we have she died them. If any of us acted, we would make noise, but she is so d.a.m.n fast that she did not make any sound killing the monsters.

Time pa.s.sed, and soon twenty minutes pa.s.sed, and now it is time to kill some Grimm monsters and take the Origin water from them.