Monster Integration - Chapter 647 Torture

Chapter 647 Torture

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"Kyla had killed her opponent as well."

I said as I opened the last biding on Stephan, a smile appeared on everyone's serious faces. That Grimm monsters were the biggest threat from that team, if she had been unsuccessful, then no one would have been able to save us from that monster.

Silver Elite is too powerful, even if four of having fought together, we still would have stood no chance against it, it wouldn't have taken it ten seconds to finish all of us.

"I was worried for nothing; you guys seemed to have finished them already." Kyla's voice rang out as she came out of the Woods. Alex, Ronny, and Stephans's face stiffened when they heard Kyla's praise.

"We are not that lucky, the invisible poison was too strong, if not for Micheal saving us, we would be still getting tortured till you arrived," Ronny said with a rueful smile, a look of surprise appeared on Kyla's face when she heard that.

"You all have ten minutes to rest and harvest, after that, we will leave," said Kyla after few second, everyone nodded and walked toward the monsters they have fought.

I also started to walk toward the monsters I had beaten; I had just was just halfway through it when I began to hear the painful scream of Grimm monster, the cry was so painful that I began to feel shudder all over my body just hearing it.

That was just starting, as minutes later, three more torturous screams had joined the previous, and they were as shudder-inducing as previous.

'These guys are taking all out of what they have suffered' I thought, hearing the screams of Grimm monsters it is evident that they are getting tortured and the pain they have been receiving is more painful than what they have induced.

I did not listen much to these screams and walked toward the two Grimm monsters who are lying immobile as I left them, but this time instead of struggle, there is deep fear present in their eyes. It is very clear that they are listening to the torturous screams of their friends and hearing that, they also started to shudder, fearing I would say to torture them.

"Don't worry, I will not going to torture you," I said, hearing that their frantic eyes became little calm, "I am just going to harvest the elemental crystal off you," I added after a second.

The eyes that became little relieved turn more frantic than before, and they started to resist with their all; their resistance was so great that they were able to move their limbs.

Unfortunately, there is no relive for them, even if I was not here and they were able to get rid of the Killing energy present in their body, they still would have died by the Sunfire beads Ive left in their bodies.

I crouched down and started to bind and gag their bodies, so they could not put up any resistance during the process before I pressed a hand on their bodies and started to examine every part of it.

Harvesting elemental crystal from the Special Grimm monster is harder than the normal Grimm monster as special Grimm monsters have their flavor of elemental energy.

So unless I have a special runic disk that is capable of harvesting elemental mana crystal, I to do the old way, and that is, I have to override whatever elemental dark energy they have with my Sunfire.

I have many times failed and being successful in the harvesting elemental crystal from the elemental Grimm monsters; It is to be said that I have never been a hundred percent successful, and I plan to rectify that.

After getting a sense of their bodies, I charged my sword and pierced the chest of both of the Grimm monsters, respectively, and the result was neither happy nor sad as I was successful in elementalising one monster while failed in other.

Shaking my head, I placed the Runic discs on both of the Grimm monsters and waited for it to harvest the mana crystals from the Grimm monsters.

"Your control over abilities is very good, you are able forcefully to mentalize the Special Grimm monster with your elemental energy," Kyla said from behind.

"It is not that great otherwise; I would have been able to Elementalise second Grimm monster also," I said as I looked at my failed attempt. There will be no elemental crystals that would be harvested from it, just the normal crystals.

"Looking at your progress, it wouldn't be long before you will able to elementalism every special Grimm monster without failing." Kyla said, "I hope so." I replied with a small smile.

Kyla did not need to put much Ha.s.sel like me, being a silver elite she could get special Runic Disc from the Guild which could harvest the elemental crystals from the Special Grimm monster as harvesting elemental crystals from the normal Grimm monsters, being a silver elite she would have enough control over her powers to elementalise it and harvest the crystals from it.

Ting Ting!

A few minutes later, melodious ting rang out one after another; I took the mana crystals from the disks and placed them back in the storage after taking a look at their numbers.

Time pa.s.sed by, and soon, ten minutes pa.s.sed, and the team once again a.s.sembled. The faces of three of them look a lot more relieved from before, but I could feel the change in their emotional stage.

Though they have been tortured for a short period of time, it had still left a mark on them; it will take some time and therapy to heal the mental scars that Grimm monsters made on their minds.

"Lead the way, Micheal, we have to cover quite some distance to reach the Crimson lake," said Kyla.

If it had been any normal day, it would have taken a maximum two and a half to three hours to reach the Crimson lake from the Milfred, but more than three hours had pa.s.sed, and we are nowhere close to reaching the Crimson lake.

At my estimation, at a minimum, we reach the crimson lake by midnight or at a maximum at dawn, and looking at Grimm monsters we are fighting every few minutes, reaching Midnight would be a long shot; dawn would be a correct answer.

It had been an hour since we fight the group with the silver elite, and much to our relief, we have not found another group with the silver elite. This is not Warzone; the numbers of silver elites are very few in numbers.

It was our bad luck that we have come across the team, which is led by the silver elite, this early.

Though we have not come across the Silver elite teams, we have come across more than enough team of Grimm monsters, we have killed all of them without leaving anyone alive.

Just ten minutes ago, we came across a huge team that had twenty-seven Grimm monsters with seven peak nine-star elite; to finish them off, we did not even take five minutes.


We were walking through the forest silently when I stopped and concentrated, and when I opened my eyes again, there was a smile on my face filled with hope.