Monster Integration - Chapter 646 Invisible Poison III

Chapter 646 Invisible Poison III

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A look of horror appeared on its face seeing its chest pierced and wanted to move it limps, but it is powerless to do so as, for some reason, it had had been completely immobilized.

I have not killed the both of Grimm monster as both of them represents the s.h.i.+t load of elemental mana crystals which I dont want to lose.

I added some more killing energy before adding the beads of Sunfire into its heart; currently, I dont have the to harvest the mana crystals, so I added the lots of beads of Sunfire into its hearts if its heart beat faster than what I had determined the beads of Sunfire will explode killing it on the spot.

It is a precaution against it; I dont want it to gain mobility and come after me again after finished with, I move toward the 1st monster which had just fallen into the ground.

I also did the same with it as I did with the second monster, one can not predict anything about the Grimm monsters, with their terrifying vitality anything is possible.

After getting up, I crushed all the speck of Ominous core and saw my body healing at the Rapid pace.

As my injuries healed, I looked closed my eyes and sensed the condition of the battlefield and found it very Grimm, except for Kyla; everyone is has fallen, though they are not dead; their condition is not any better than it.

"This invisible poison is really frightening," I muttered as I sensed the condition of my friend; this poison is really dangerous. It was because of my senses I was able to sense it and take a precaution against it, but others do not have keen senses like me.

I dont know how Kyla dealt with the poison, but from what I can follow, she is not affected by it, but she is no condition to help others as she is slightly disadvantageous against the Grimm monster.

'Looks like I am the only one who can help my teammates,' I thought as started to stealthily walk toward Ronny as he is closest to me, at about forty meters distance.

I silently walked toward him, and soon, I reach close enough that I could see him, and when I look at his condition, I couldnt help but shudder.

The Grimm monsters had bound him and now torturing him, and all he can do is scream in pain. The Grimm monsters seemed to enjoy his screams more and more, which is why they are trying every torture method they know on it.

This is my first time seeing the cruelness of the Grimm monsters, I have read about it much time, but it is my first time seeing it.

This is the War between two races; there is no boundary, and morality exist in between if we have been on their place we would do the same, we do it every day as we harvest the mana crystals from them while they are alive.

I cloaked myself in the Killing energy and move close as I could, it took me a few minutes, but I finally reached the three meters behind the Grimm monsters. There is no question about saving Ronny, and seeing these two Grimm monsters being very close made my job even easier.

I took out another totem artifact from my storage gripped it tight before taking a leaped at the Grimm monsters with all my strength. I would have like to use my swirling armor for this sneak attack, but it too noticeable and bright; Grimm monsters would have noticed them way before I had gotten close to them.

But I am worried, though I may get less power than usual for my attack, I still have the killing energy which would help me soundlessly approached them.

Puchi Puchi!

The sound of my jump startled them, and they got into attention and about to act, but it was already becoming late as by the time they have heard the sound, I had already approached them, and my sword had pierced through their hearts from behind.

Even with the killing energy cloaking me, this attack would not have been successful, the reason I can beautifully execute such successful sneak attacks because these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds were too engrossed in the torture that they have lost the complete caution.

Shlik Shlik!

I took out my swords from the chests of the Grimm monster and move toward Ronny and checked his condition, which seemed bad as the poison has corroded quite a much of his body.

"Don't resist!" I said to Ronny and started to transmit Sunfire into his body, or I might say Ashlyn is transmitting the Sunfire into his body. My control over my rule power is great, but it not great enough that I am capable of burning invisible poison, which is good at hiding.

In a minuit, Ashlyn successfully able to burn away all the invisible poison present in Ronny.

"Eat this!" I said stuffed few specks of Ominous monster core in Ronny's mouth; his injuries are too heavy that one speck will not be quickly able to heal all of his injuries.

As his injuries were healing, I started working on the binding, which is very touching to release; I had to spend quite an effort before I could release Ronny from the bindings.

"Thank You!" Ronny said after getting up and looked at the two Grimm monsters in hatred.

"Ive immobilized them, you can torture then all you want, but we have to save Alex and Stephen, Ronny nodded and summoned his totem artifact, and we walked toward the direction of Alex.

When we reached close enough to see the condition of Alex, I found she is in the same state as Ronny, getting tortured by the Grimm monsters, but unlike Ronny, only one Grimm monster torturing her while other is just watching in relish.

I will not be able to attack these Grimm monsters together as I did with Ronny, well that time I was alone, this time I had Ronny with me.

"You distract the Grimm monster while I launch a sneak attack, after finis.h.i.+ng one, we will finish other together," I said to Ronny, then we discussed the plan in little detail before moving toward the direction.

Soon I reached the closest I could go with Grimm monsters while Ronny directly appeared in front of them and seeing him both of the Grimm monsters attacked him together.


As they started fighting, I am waiting for my chance, which I got a minute later and attacked. The sneak attack was successful; I was able to finish the one Grimm monster while others killed by Ronny and me together.

Ronny was ferocious fighting the Grimm monster, not caring about a bit of the injury he is receiving on the way. The torture had left quite a scar on his mind, which will take time to heal.

I burned away all the poison on Alex's body and gave her specks of Ominous plant core to eat before I opened her bindings.

We did not as much time as we walked toward the Stephan is who was in the same condition as Ronny; this time, there was no sneak attack but the direct attack. With three of us together, we finished the Grimm monster in less than three minutes.


I had just opened the Stephens bidings when I sensed something, and smile couldnt help but appear on my face. Kyla had finally able to kill the Silver Elite Grimm monster she was fighting.