Monster Integration - Chapter 643 Signs

Chapter 643 Signs

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n.o.body talked as we flew outside the city, everybody is busy reading the material we have from the Guild. The doc.u.ment had mention of signs one should look to search for the Transformative Origin Water.

The signs spotting Origin water I might say are not that great, the first and most noticeable signs in growth, these places where Transformative Origin Water would appear have the l.u.s.t growth of vegetation.

This sign is very useful in the place like wasteland and forest, but it difficult in forests where we are going as everywhere is greenery, and one needed an astute eye to spot the extra l.u.s.t greenery in greenery.

There are other signs as well, like faint sweet smell and Crystelisation of Rocks, but spotting these signs is difficult. As the scent emits by high-grade Transformation Origin Water and the scent is very faint that one needs to have strong senses before one could notice it.

So, one not only needs to be lucky enough to stand above the Transformative Origin Water but also need to have keen senses to smell that faint smell.

As for spotting crystallized rocks, that is even more difficult as most of Transformative Origin Water found beneath the ground, so the crystalized Rocks also present beneath the ground, one could rarely spot the crystallized rocks above the ground.

There are other signs as well, but they are also difficult; that is why it took weeks to find all the Transformative Origin Water, and some are hidden beneath the ground for a month even years to be found later.

Thud Thud Thud…

One by one, we landed on the ground; this is a range of safe areas after that the hunting grounds will begin, as for the Crimson lake that we had been a.s.signed, there is still some time before we could reach there.

"Has everyone finished reading the doc.u.ment?" Kyla asked everyone, nodded in affirmation. "Good, now let's enter and find some Origin Water," Kyla said and motioned me to take the lead.

Earlier, I have mentioned that I have sensory abilities, so it is right for me to take the lead. I nodded and walked into the forest with everyone behind me.

Usually, I don't tell people that I have the sensory abilities as it is one of my best kept secrete, and only a handful of trustful people know about it, but this mission is too dangerous that I decided to tell others about it after weighing pros and cons.

Ten minutes pa.s.sed by, I did not hear the sound of bug or chirp of birds, though the hunting grounds usually gloomy due to the presence of the Dark energy, it felt extra gloomy today for some reason.

Suddenly, I stopped and expanded my already expanded senses before speaking, 'There are eight Grimm monsters in 3 0 Clock, about sixty metes from us, they have the average strength of the five-star elite." I said in a soft voice.

All of them looked very surprised, not expecting my sensory abilities to be this powerful; that is why there are doubts that could be seen in some people's eyes.

"Alex, Stephen go deal with it," Kyla said, both of them acknowledged without hesitation and walked toward the direction of Grimm monsters. A minute later, we can hear faint metallic sounds and screams, which stopped abruptly in a few seconds.

A minute later, Alex and Stephen returned; without any change in their expression, the only evidence of battle they have drops o Grimm monsters blood.

"Have you finished everything?" Kyla asked, "Yes." Alex and Stephen said in unison while looking at me with an expression of awe. The killing Rule is one best sensory Rule; there are very few people who can stay hidden from it.

We did not waste any time and silently walked deeper into the forest, but two minutes hadn't pa.s.sed when we come across another Grimm monster team; this time, Kyla sent Stephen alone, who, like last time, finished the battle in two minutes before returning.

Last time one person would have been enough to finish the group of Grimm monster, but team members were skeptical about my sensory ability, but after experiencing its accuracy, they started to believe it.

As time pa.s.sed we come across more and more teams, every few minutes someone goes finished the team of Grimm monsters, I just half an hour we have had finished off more than a hundred Grimm monsters.

And as we started to get deeper into the forest, we began to come across more and more and more teams of the Grimm monsters. Their numbers are so high that all the time, we have to send three people in different directions to finish them off.

Now I clearly understood why they sent only those who have the power above. While Elite for this mission because there are so many Grimm monsters, they are d.a.m.n too many. Only we are capable of finis.h.i.+ng these monsters within seconds before moving on.

We are like a very sharp knife, cutting everything that came in our way, with the silver elite as a leader, there will be very few Grimm monsters that could do anything to us.

We will have to bear this pressure for 24 hours after twenty-four hours are over the Guilds will send the Nine Star Elite, after they came, the pressure on should lessen lot less.

Another two hours pa.s.sed and we have killed a few hundreds of monster, we are not only killing the monsters but also searching for the Origin Water, but our lady luck did not seem to s.h.i.+ne on us as we have not spotted any signs that are mentioned in the doc.u.ment yet.


I suddenly said as I pointed at the certain place, but all of them did not seem to notice it, I wanted to smack my head, this starless night and everything is very dark despite them wearing a very advanced night vision their vision is not as good as me who have the aid of killing Rule.

Be it light or dark; it did not affect me; I can see it fine no matter the time.

Seeing they have not noticed what I had pointed toward, I walked toward it, and when we were halfway there, everyone noticed what I am pointing and hasten their steps.

"It is recently dug."

Kayla said as she saw the hole, this is the first proof we saw of someone searching the Origin Water, though everyone is searching for the Origin Water; no one had dug the hole yet. There is no use of digging the hole if you are not sure about the signs.

Sniff Sniff…

I crouched down and took a sniff, and except for the earthy smell, I did not find any scent, "Whoever dug the whole found nothing." I said. If there had been origin water, it would have left some slight proof, and we would have able to find it.

I still look around the hole as no one would dig the whole unless the saw signs and I found that greener around the hole does seem extra l.u.s.t, no wonder they dug the hole here.

I had just taken a step when I stopped suddenly, and expression on my face became serious.

"There is a team of Nine Grimm Monster at 7 O'Clock and about eighty meters away, all of them have the power of above the While elite with their leader being a Silver Elite," I stated, hearing that everybody became serious as since the first time entering the forest we have found the prey that we have been sent to kill especially.