Monster Integration - Chapter 644 Invisible Poison I

Chapter 644 Invisible Poison I

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Everbody stilled hearing that and serious look appeared on their faces, as the time for the real Mission has arrived. We are sent here to kill as many as powerhouses of the Grimm Race.

Like us, they possess a fearsome might and could casually kill thousands of lower-level powerhouses, we have to lessen the number of these powerhouses, so when the Origin Water appear, our side could get the maximum amount of it.

"Can we handle them?" Kyla asked, in the few hours they have come to know that I can estimate the power everyone Ive come across.

"Yes, we can handle them, but everyone will have to use all their power from the start," I said. "The Silver Elite is very strong, a little stronger than you, so you will have to handle it alone while we will handle two Grimm monsters each," I added.

"We are going to fight the Grimm Monsters, does anyone have any objection," Kyla asked everyone shook their head saying no. This is what our Mission is, and so is our duty to our race.

"Let's go then," Kyla said in a serious voice. We walked toward the Grimm monsters, and this time, we did not conceal our tranks while walking, and due to then, the Grimm monsters were already waiting for us when we reach there.

"We were just searching for some delicious humans, and they delivered themselves to us." Said the leader of Grimm Monsters, it licked its nearly nonexistent lips with its forked tongue.

Water Serpentman Tribe, I dont know the exact name to the tribe as there are too many snake tribes that use water elements and blue scale that Grimm monsters in front of me have.

"We are also searching for you, as you know, the practice needs lots of resources and what better ways to gem than harvesting them from guys." Kyla used the same playful tone in her taunt as the Grimm monster did, but her voice felt much better to ears than barely understandable words of the Grimm Monsters.

Hearing Kyla's taunt look of extreme anger appeared on Grimm monster's faces if one asked which word Grimm Monsters hated the most, then that would be 'Harvest'; they simply hate that word and would turn livid whenever they heard it.

"Beat this b.a.s.t.a.r.d till they are unconscious, but dont kill them; I want to hear their scream when I marinate with three color poison and eat them alive." said leader pf Grimm monsters as it ordered to attack.

Just as I heard that the fire armor started to appear on my body, my teammates were little startled by that, but they had no time to ask the questions as the Grimm monsters coming at them.

"You seem to like to fire little too much little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, let's see if still like it when we cooked you in it." said one of the two Grimm monsters that came at me.

Both of them have the power above while the elite and if I were to equate them, then their power would be comparable to the last Grimm monster I had barely able to win after fighting for two hours.

As they came closer to me, they licked their thin sword with their forked tongue before they launched attack me.

It was a good thing I had compressed my armor to the limit from the beginning and also used Occult energy; otherwise, I would not have been able to defend against their attacks.

Clang! Slice!

My sword clashed against the one sword, and I was about to defend against the second sword with the help of my s.h.i.+eld when the b.a.s.t.a.r.d of Grimm monsters had increased the power of attack at the last moment, and its sword circ.u.mvents my s.h.i.+eld, given a deep cut on my hip.

It fortunate that cut is only deep, if I had not reacted in time, I would have been cut into two.

I did not expect to get injured in the first attack of Grimm monsters; I have to be very careful, as every attack of these monsters has the power to kill me, a slight mistake, and I would be a go from the world forever.

"Hehe, you are a quite lucky little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, but soon you will realize you are not." said the snakes man with the weird smile. A frown appeared on my face seeing its weird smile.

I did not take its weird smile seriously, nor do I have time as their second attack is coming, whatever weird present in their attack my Rule powers are strong enough to deal with it.

Clang Clang Slice Slice….

These monsters are f.u.c.king strong, as after the first attack, I have received another injury and then another and another, soon my body had become b.l.o.o.d.y due to it, and the most frustrating thing is, I can't simply heal these injuries.

I have first had to burn away water corrosive properties these attacks are laced with and then cage the Occult energies with my rule power before the speck of ominous plants core could heal them.

I have to do all that while fighting, and for some reason, I am having a nagging feeling that there must be something else in the wounds. I was not able to find it first, but due to nagging feeling, I kept trying and trying until I finally got a glimpse of it.

When I found it, I couldnt help but get surprised by it as that thing is way too sneaky, I was about burned it way but stopped as I had different ideas about. I did not burn it, but I have also not left it alone; I create tiny points of Sunfire and place it into that thing.

These dots of Sunfire are special; they are cased with my killing energy when it placed between that thing. So no matter how big that thing grows, as long as I want, I could burn it all away with the single intention.

Clang Clang Clang Slice…

These Grimm monsters are using their full power from the beginning, wanting to finish me off as soon as possible, but it is not that easy. First fifteen minutes, I had danced on the edge of life and death.

Every attack was like a death decree that I would have to survive with all my power while dealing with injuries I am receiving, but after 20 minutes I got a little breather, though I am still dancing on the edge of life and death, the intensity of it lessened a little which is good.

I just have to keep fighting, as long as I fight sufficient time, I am confident in dealing with them, all I need is time.

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you are quite slippery; every time I thought I have you, you slept away somehow. Well, no matter, enjoy a few minutes of life after that what you will experience the h.e.l.l." said the Grimm monster.

A visible frow appeared on my face to show it, but inside it, I am laughing madly as I am also waiting for that thing to act.

Time pa.s.sed, and another half an hour had pa.s.sed, not instead of getting injured every second; I am getting injured at every minuits, the blood injuries all but disappeared, leaving the only one which is also healing at the visible rate.


I was just fighting when suddenly intense pain shot through every part of my body, and I felt my body became heavier that withing a second, I have lost all the advantages I had in the combat.

Slice! Slice!

"Hehe hehe, little b.a.s.t.a.r.d you finally experienced it." said the Grimm Monster as both swords of both Grimm monsters cut across my chest, inflicting gruesome injuries on me.