Monster Integration - Chapter 642 Water Of Transformative Origin III

Chapter 642 Water Of Transformative Origin III

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"Raising Talent is not the only thing it can do; it can also be used the Crafting of Totem Artifact and could lift the Grade of the Artifact and increse its potential with just a few drops, and it can even be used on the Totem Artifact that is already created."

"It can also be used in the alchemy to produce precious potions and could directly be consumed to increase strength, but that is the most wasteful method to use it."

He stated many more uses of it that completly charged up every person that is listening if he permitted them, then people would not waste a single moment to bolt out of the door to search for it.

"Though it is extremly miraculous, finding it equally hard as well, it is found beneath the earth and leaves very few evidence its presence, one had to be very aware of signs and also needs to have sufficient to find it," he said, sobering up those who are ready to charge out of the door.

"The reason you have called here because you are the best in the Guild, the Guild, have a mission for you, and that is to kill as many as Grimm Monster you can," he said.

Instead of getting charged up from his words, everyone became confused as this what we do daily; we hunt as many as Grimm monsters we can.

Seeing our complex expression, he decided to explain further, "After the appearance of the phenomenon, it will take 48 hours to maturate and only after forty-eight hours, it will show the signs."

"In these forty-eight hours, you will have to get rid of the maximum Grimm monsters you can, so the signs started to appear, we will seize the maximum Transformative Origin Water," he explained. A look of understanding finally flashed across everyone's faces hearing that.

So, the guilds want to reduce the compet.i.tion before the final price appeared.

It did not need much to think that we will be going outside again, and these forty-eight hours are going very brutal, more brutal than the Battle I have fought in the Battle, as we are not the only ones who will do that. The Grimm monsters would also be doing the same, and they will have an advantage as they have more experts than us.

"Your mission will last forty-eight hours, in that time you have to kill as many as Grimm monster you can."

"You will be divided into the group of five as you have already guessed with the Silver Elite as the lead," he said just as he said that everyone started to look at everybody.

Silver elite is a big thing, and everyone wants to know who is Silver Elite amongst, I did not look around case I know who is going to be our leader.

"Normally, it takes 48 hours for Transformative Origin water mature, but some mature early, and you all might find if you are lucky."

"I will be sending you all the doc.u.ments about signs you should look for to find transformative Origin water while killing Grimm monsters."

He did not give us the time to read the doc.u.ments as he started to explain the Mission in detail and also started to answer the questions that we have.

An hour pa.s.sed by as such, and at the end of it, he sent the mail about Mission, in which there are details of team members and the name of team leader and the area which got a.s.signed to us for the hunt.

"This Mission is dangerous, but only you can partic.i.p.ate in it, the guild members and members of Milfred will be depending on you, I wish you all very best," he said before leaving.

I was supposed to start the Guild mission official three days later, but now I am starting then three days early, and Mission I have received is also a perilous one with higher chances of dying.

I wish I could decline this Mission at least for the day, but I can't. It is a compulsory mission, but if I refuse it, I will have to face the immense consequences.

If it were two days after, there would have been no hesitation in my heart as such dangerous missions are what I liked most, they are ones that made my heart excited and Improve in such environment faster but its just that I had planned so much for tomorrow that I felt little regretful that everything is going for naught.

I was busy with my thoughts when the voice of the team leader brought me myself. "Let's introduce ourselves; I am Kyala Morgan, your team leader." said

"Michel Zaar, Alex Stone, Ronny Pierre, Stephen West!"

We introduced ourselves one by one, Alex is a tall, pretty girl. She is almost as tall as me and looked very heroic with her blond bob. Ronny is cute looking guy with oriental traits; like Kyla, he is also not native of our continent, and then there is Stephen is just a regular guy with average features just like me.

"We are already aware of our battle power; we should discuss the strategy of dealing with Grimm monsters that we will be facing," Kyla said, and she opened the map of Crimson Lake, which is an area we are a.s.signed.

With two hours in hand, we started to discuss the strategy of dealing with Grimm monsters. Making strategy is necessary before every Mission, Rachel and I had made the strategy yesterday after we decided to hunt in the Breeze forest.

We discuss the strategy to the Minute detail; every revealed some of their secrets in including me as in such a dangerous mission, the more we know about each other, the better.

The one that helped make strategy quickly as possible is Kayla's familiarity with Crimson lake; she had hunted in that area quite extensively and very famialiar with it.

"Let's go; we can read the doc.u.ment on the way," Kyala said excitedly, everyone nodded and walked out excitedly.

There is fear, but there is also excitement in everyone's eyes, though we are going on the important Mission and our primary focus should be hunting Grimm monsters, everyone knows that is the utter lie.

Finding the Transformation Origin Water is the primary focus on everyone's heart. It is so d.a.m.n precious and important to everyone that most people would focus on finding rather than killing Grimm monsters.

Though the chances there will be a tiny amount of Transformation Origin Water will mature before the 48 hour, there is still a chance as there is less compet.i.tion from the fellow humans as before 48 hours are over, those below Nine Star Elite won't be permitted to go outside.

We have also been advised not to spread the information early if we do that we will face the consequences, and one of them is we will not be permitted to search for water of Transformative Origin.

This had been done to stop the unnecessary death that will occur in a rush, though it will save the other humans; it will add more pressure on us because, on the Grimm Monster side, they will not stopping from going outside. So, we will not only be killing High-level Grimm monsters but low-level ones also.

As Kyla said, this Mission will be h.e.l.l.