Monster Integration - Chapter 641 Water Of Transformative Origin II

Chapter 641 Water Of Transformative Origin II

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I landed in front of the Guild and went inside without wasting any time; this is a purple command; there is has to be a mistake following it; otherwise, I might get charged by dereliction of duty.

Entering the Guild, I directly walked toward the elevator and went to the fifteenth floor as I had ordered.

A few seconds later, the elevator reached the fifteenth floor, I got out of it and walked toward the specific hall mentioned in the mail.

When I reached it, I found there are already thirty-something people waiting in the hall. I took the empty seat and waited.

The purple mail said that after entering the Guild, I have to test my combat power. This command not only given by our guilds, but other guilds also have given this confusing command.

They would have already called us to the conference room if they have something to notify us, but instead, they have asked us to do a combat power check.

It is a command, and I have to follow, so I stay seated on my chair and wait for my turn, which came about an hour later.

This time too, I have to test my combat power in the Imaginary Crystal, but the challenges I have faced in it are completly different.

The challenges started from the Low Nine star elites; they continued till the power of the challenger reached above the Nine Star Elite.

I continued fighting, defeating one challenger after another; in this way, I have defeated the seven challengers using all my strength. After seven wins, I have finally come across the opponent that I can not defeat.


I had just taken the steps out of the room when my holowatch buzzed with the another purple main, the command in it is very simple, I just have to go to the hall in 31st floor.

Without wasting any time, I walked toward the elevator, and a few minutes later, I stepped on the 31 floors and walked to the hall where they asked me to go.

My mind is burning with the questions; the purple command is the second-highest command in the Midzone; it is not even used when the army of Grimm monsters attacks the city.

So whatever that Phenomenon in the Sky is very, very important, more important than Battles that happened every few years.

Soon I reached the hall and walked inside; it only finds it is huge, huge to the degree that thousands of people can sit inside it.

The chairs in the hall are divided into a group of five; it is evident they want us to sit on the group, which had made me even more curious.

I once again looked at mail to see the seat number Ive a.s.signed and walked toward it. Soon I found my seat and found there is a beautiful girl already sitting beside my chair.

This girl is gorgeous, with chocolate skin and straight black hair; she looked beuty incarnate with those longs legs of hers, which seemed to have the power to enchant anyone.

What surprised me most about her battle power, she battle power is ma.s.sive if I am not wrong then she is Silver Elite. From what I had gathered since entering this ma.s.sive hall that all the people I have sensed seemed to have battle power above While Elite.

I had even spotted Silver Elites when I was walking toward my seat. Silver Elites are very rare, in the Midzone as those who can reach that level move to the Warzone.

I gave a slight smile to her as I took a seat beside her, which she reciprocates before went back to her Holowatch.

I, too, after sitting opened several feeds and stared to search for information, the huge hall barely filled with the people.

Time pa.s.sed as I continued reading the feed while messaging my friends, who also seemed to have no idea about what is going on and waiting in the hall, just like me.

The three chairs beside also had been filled with one girl and two young men who also have the battle power similar to me.

I was chatting with Rachel, who just cut her call off as the Vice Guildmaster of their Guild has entered the hall to brief them about the developments.

Another half an hour pa.s.sed, and all the seats in the hall are nearly filled, people were talking amongst themselves or busy on their holowatches when suddenly everything is quiet down.

When I looked up, I saw Green haired young man about my age had entered the hall and is now standing on the stage.

"May I have your attention, please." said the young man, his voice is soft, but it rang across the whole hall.

"You all must have many questions about urgent summon; let me clarify them," he said, not giving anyone a chance to ask the question.

"This urgent summon is about the Phenomenon in the Sky. The Phenomenon you see in the Sky is a significant one. It is known as the Phenomenon of Transformative Origin," he said.

Transformative Origin?

I have never heard about it, the Knowledge of the Natural Material also did not have any mention of it, but that is natural, the knowledge cant have Knowledge of everything as every day new things would appear and this Transformative Origin could be unique to our world and thus did not have mentioned in the Knowledge.

But one thing is sure that it is very important because the word 'Origin' is used. This word can't be used lightly, in the Knowledge I have many things have 'Origin' in their names and all these things are extremly important ones.

"This Phenomenon appears when Mana and Dark energy of the Grimm monsters fused and gestate for hundreds of years beneath the earth. In this Gestation, they produce a Miraculous Water, which is known as Water of Transformative Origin." He explained.

I am shocked hearing that as there is something in the Knowledge that is similar to this and that thing is very precious, that thing could do many things and if this Water of Transformative origin had a fraction of properties as that material, then it will going to make lots of things very easy for me.

"The Water of Transformative Origin Miraculous and have many uses, but most of the important use of it is the ability to alter one's talent. In the Knight stage, you did not know the importance of talent, but it will become evident to you when you all level up from the Knight stage." He said.

His eyes became complicated when he mentioned the talent but filled with zeal whenever he said the Water of Transformative Origin.

Hearing what he said about Altering one's talent, I am becoming pretty sure that this Water of Transformative Origin possesses similar properties as somethings that mentioned in the Knowledge of Natural materials.

I have to get this Water of Transformative Origin, not only for me but for my family also. Its help will be immense, raising my strength, not only it will help in increasing my strength, but it will also be very helpful in crafting my totem Artifact.