Monster Integration - Chapter 640 Water Of Transformative Origin I

Chapter 640 Water Of Transformative Origin I

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"1050 Lightning Crystals." Rachel said after seeing the numbers on her Runic Disk. She got quite many lightning crystals, just ten less than what I got from the Werewolf.

After a few minutes, we walked toward the monster I had killed, it had already become the dried husk. I took the Runic disk out of it and look at the number of crystals it had harvested.


One thousand three hundred and seventy crystals, which are quite a huge number, three hundred more than the previous maximum. Rachel had got quite angry for the moment, but that anger did not last long as she is still quite escatic about the elemental crystals she had harvested.

"Shall we return?" I asked after seeing the time in my holowatch, "Yes, it's time." she replied, with that, we started to walk out of the forest, but just five minutes on our way back, we have come across the big team of the Grimm monsters.

There were eleven Grimm monsters in the team, all of them were Peak Nine Star Elites, and it took us ten minutes of finished them off and another ten minutes to harvest them.

Rachel's mood had become quite bad when we were harvesting the Grimm Monsters as all the monsters she tried to elementalised failed. What I had thought had become a reality, the elementalisation of Grimm monsters was a fluke, she still needs to practice little more before she could learn to harvest the Elemental crystals off the Grimm monsters.

On the way, we have come across the few more teams of Grimm monsters, and we kill each and every one of them and harvested mana crystals off them and like before Rachel was not able to elementalise those monsters also which made her mood even bad that she sharted to use her frustration on the Grimm Monsters.

In her frustration, she had revealed her true strength, and I was surprised to find that it was little below. If she had fought the tall horned dogman earlier, she would also have able to finish it off.

An hour later, we finally got out of the Breeze Forest and took the air and fly toward the Milfred.

We were quite on the way, both for our own reason. She was quite because she was going over the mistakes she had made during the Elementalisation process, and I am quiet because I am thinking about tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my Birthdays and tomorrow also the days the I was planning on taking Rachel on the date. We haven't made our relations.h.i.+p official yet, and to do that, I have to take her to date.

Rachel had explicitly said that I could only call her my girlfriend when I took her on the date.

So, I will take her on a date tomorrow, and for that, I have planned everything, I have not only noted down on the best spot on the city, I have also made a reservation in the best restaurant of the Milfred by paying a fortune.

I just got excited thinking about tomorrow, it is going to be the best and I couldn't wait for it to come.

"Micheal, Look!" Rachel said suddenly in a loud voice, breaking the beautiful fantasy I was imagining.

Hearing Rachel's voice, I looked at the direction which Rachel is looking at, which is above and found an incredible scene going on above.

"Arora?" I said out loud in confusion before shaking my head, Arora only appear on the north and the colors I see above are completly different that of Arora I have read about. The colors I see in the circular fas.h.i.+on, not in the wave fas.h.i.+on in what Arora is.

In the sky, there is a fusion of Grey, Black, Pink, and Violet. These colors had formed the very beautiful circular designs on the sky, they are all over it, there is no part in the sky where I could not see them.

"When did they appear?" I asked Rachel," Just a few seconds before I called you." she answered while looking at the beautiful spiral multicolor phenomenon in the sky.

'It appeared a few moments ago, and completly filled the sky.' I thought these spirals did seem simple, there must be something about them, but no matter how much I think, I did not seem to know and read about it.

"Do you know anything about this phenomenon?" I asked Rachel, she shook her head saying to me.

"Let's go back to the Milfred, only there we will know about it," I said, she nodded, and we started to fly toward the Milfred by out quickest speed.

On the way, we saw thousands of people stopping and staring at this phenomenon, and some like us after seeing this abnormal phenomenon are moving back toward the city.

"This phenomenon is not normal." Rachel said after some time, I couldnt help but nod if it had been normal we would have heard about it. The Guild must know about it, as soon as I get the signal, I will search about it in Guild's feed, that will surely have some answer.

We kept moving toward the Milfred at our quickest speed, and soon we are able to see the silhouette of the Milfred and a few seconds later signal come to our holowatches.

Ting Ting

I was about to open the Guild'd feed when I saw several notifications popping up, and one of them from the Guild marked purple, if it had been any other colored, I would have ignored it checked the Guilds feed first before reading what it said but after seeing it is a Purple mail, I opened it without hesitation and started to read it.

Just as I expected, the message is about the phenomenon that is appeared in the sky. The Guild had immediately called me back and given instruction on what I have to do.

"Did you also get the Purple mail from your Guild?" Rachel asked, " Yes." I replied, and we both increased our speed again. In five minutes, we have reached the Milfred and directly walked toward our respective guilds as instructed.

While moving toward the Guild, I continuously checked my feed and feed off the Guild and was very surprised when I found that that this abnormal phenomenon is not only happening in the Midzone but also happening all over the Grimm Battlefield.

Be it Outpost, Midzone, or Warzone, this phenomenon had covered the entire Grimm battlefield. From what I am reading, this phenomenon seemed to cover only the Grimm battlefield while there is no sign of it in the rest of the continent.

I first did not believe it, but all th treads I am reading seem to say the same, so I think that is the truth.

There is another interesting thing I read from the feeds that Guild had only send the purple summoned to those who have the power of the Nine Star Elite or above while rest of the people have received the Brown notice saying they should come to the city as soon as possible and be ready for guilds summons which again seemed a little weird.