Monster Integration - Chapter 633 Strengthning II

Chapter 633 Strengthning II

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Got it!

I thought I have been studying that gla.s.s for a past hour, finding a way to open it safely; only after referring to several ruin books will I able to find the 'Open' Ruin.

I once again checked it, as this Blood is not a simple thing if it exploded, then not only would take me, it would also take Rachelaand rest of the building, I dont want to die and neither want to kill before me. Hence, it's better if I am completly sure before pressing any rune.


Finally, I pressed the rune after spending half an hour making sure that I am right, and just as I pressed the b.u.t.ton, all the runes on the Gla.s.s...o...b..started to light up one after another, and the gla.s.s...o...b..blossomed.

Yes, blossomed.

It blossomed as a rare flower does in the moonlight; it is a breathtaking and enchanting scene. The Gla.s.s...o...b..blossomed and revealed the Crimson Blood in its center.

I had thought that the chain-like runes would also break out from the crimson orb, and I would be able to sense the aura blood like the Blood in Ashlyn's source, but nothing that sorts happened.


I got lost in observing Blood when I heard an excited chirp, and before I could do anything to stop Ashlyn, she ate the whole blood drop before going inside me.

"Ashlyn!" I said loudly, before opening the blood orb, I have asked to give some time to observe the Blood before she eats it, but it seemed like she wanted to eat this blood drop too much that she couldnt wait.

I would have liked to observe that chain like ruins, but it seemed like my luck was too bad I wasn't able to do that.


I was glooming over that fact when I felt weird energy spreading through my body; it is completly different from the energy that others drop. That other drop increases my ability, but it seemed to be strengthening my Body and Soul.

Its effect on the Soul seemed quite less compared to its effect on the Body; I concur and quickly close my eyes to go to the source.

In the source, I saw the scene completly different than I had imagined. In the source, I saw big crimson blood drop above the blazing figure of Ashlyn's source, just like the other Blood drop, which is being suppressed.

With the other blood drop, Ashlyn used to draw out lots of energy buy with this one, she is barely drawing out the wisps every few seconds, and these wisps of energies are quite faint.

This Blood drops level is very high; otherwise, Ashlyn would straight up sucked it instead of drawing wisp after wisp at a time.

Though these wisps are small and faint, each is very powerful as even after sharing a tiny fraction of wisp with me; I could feel obvious increse in my strength.

Unlike the first blood drop, this blood drop did not increse the power of the ability but instead increase the Body and Soul, and from what Ive observed, its use ¾ of power for Body and ⅓ for the Soul.

It would have been very good if It could increse the Body and Soul by half/half as it would have been perfect for body and soul synchronization, in that I would have been able to use more occult energy.

Well, I can't cry for more as I am already getting this much; with every wisp, there is tiny increse in my power; the more Ashlyn could suck out the energy wisp from the blood drop, the better.

Time pa.s.sed by as the process continued the same, I dont know how much time pa.s.sed as I did not let out my consciousness from the source. I am entirely concentrated my mind on watching the process.

Though I dont dont know how much time pa.s.sed, but I am aware of the progress I have made. Currently, my Body had the gone though the strengthening of one Amethyst seal while Soul in half Amethyst seal, and this was just a starting as I feel there is still some time before this process could end.

I was right, the process continued for quite a while before its finally ended, and the benefits I got were tremendous. The bodily strength I got is equal to the strength of three amethyst seals while my Soul got the boost of one and a half Amethyst seal.

This progress is immense, if I were to use Body Cleansing Exercise, then it might take me months, but here I got within a few hours.

With this strength, I once again took the Giant step toward Silver Elite. This boost would have been enough to advance two-star in the White Elite, but to reach the strength of the silver Elite, it is not enough.

I will need to several of such boost before I could finally charge into the Silver Elite, became silver Elite is very hard, just the resources that needed to charge into it are immense, I wonder how much resources one needs advance in silver Elite and then charging into the Golden Elite.

Just thinking about the resources my head started to buzz, it a good thing I have Ashlyn, who sometimes performs Miracles like this, which helped me increse my strength quickly.

I am ecstatic with my progress; the only thing that made me disappointed that I was not able to comprehend anything from the Blood. Not only this Blood did not have any Rule power in it, but it also has any aura if me not me gaining strength through it for the past hour, I would have believed this is just a significant drop of Blood.

Finally the condition of my Body, I opened my eyes and look at the time in my holowatch, only to see little more than an hour had pa.s.sed, I was a bit surprised by that as I had thought at least four hours would have been pa.s.sed.

After checking everything right, I fell into sleep, and when I woke up, it was already early morning.

Getting out of bed, I freshened up before I walked into the kitchen and started to cook breakfast for Rachel and me. Soon Rachel woke up, and we ate breakfast together before training.

In training, I found out I am having a small problem body cleansing exercise, not only that, but I also have a problem in the circulating secrete method.

When I noticed this happening, I immediately understood the reason is just like when I got the energy of blood drop infused within my ability; I have to spend considerable time adjust to that power.

Something like that also happened to my Soul and Body, with a sudden infusion of strength, they have become rigid.

It is not much of a problem, as long as perform Body Cleaning Technique and Secrete method to the limit, the rigidness should be gone.

That is what happened, I had performed the Body Cleansing Technique and secrete method to my limit, and all the rigidness I was feeling was gone.