Monster Integration - Chapter 632 Strengthninig I

Chapter 632 Strengthninig I

"So, much Grimm monster's storages, you weren't kidding when you said you killed the tens of thousands of Grimm monsters." Rachel said as she looked at the storage bad I had given her.

There are more than ten thousand storages there and would take days if we want to go to other them.

"It would take at least a full week if we want to go through all of them." She said, "Well, we have a week, dont we." I said, for the first week, we were free. Each of those who entered the midzone would have given an adjustment time of one week before they are sent for the missions.

"Yes, we do have, and we might able to finish early if we were fast enough," she said, I nodded. It would have been a completely different thing if we did not have such a big practice hall, but we have such a big practice hall, we can directly press all releases, so if we are fast enough, then all of this would be a few days early.

"Do you want me to open them one by one, or do you have any preference?" Rachel asked. I have divided all the storage in reference to the power level of their owners, so I will first go to open the storages of powerful Grimm monsters before opening weaker ones before all that, but before doing all that, I have special storage that I have to open first.

"Yes, I want you to open this one first," I said and handed her the storage band from my storage, seeing me giving her this storage especially, she arched her brow in question.

"This monster had entered Grand Palace that we had entered and also pa.s.sed the third test," I said, a look of understanding flashed on her face before a full blow smile dawned on her face.

"Let's hope that he got something that didnt get used on the spot," she said, and next moment, I heard the loud thuds and stuff fill haly; there is barely any s.p.a.ce that had left open.

'Chew Chew Chew…'

Just as the stuff appeared, Ashlyn started to chirp excitedly, it was a good thing she is telling me telepathically and not chirping out loud as usually does when she finds something precious.

Ashlyn still chirping excitedly in my mind, wanting me to follow direction she wanted, I pacified her and worked through stuff as I usually do, I dont want anyone to know the treasure hunting ability hers, not even Rachel.

As I worked through the stuff, putting them in their respective storage of categorization, I found there is all kind of rare and precious thing there—ores, metal, herbs everything.

This monster had quite a bounty, no only it had found stuff of its own, but it had also hunted quite a numbers of humans, I could see body parts and bodies of humans littered around the hall.

"Ho!" I let out a sound as I found the thing which Ashlyn had been excited, "Did you find it? What is it?" Rachel asked excitedly as she came close to me and looked at the thing I am holding in my hand.

I am holing a thumb-size gla.s.s ball in my hand, which had transparent runes carved all over it; the gla.s.s ball is not empty inside; it drops of crimson could be seen floating.

This drop of crimson is about thumbnail size and had blue runes floating all in line, these blue runes felt like chains that are keeping that crimson drop in its place.

"What is it?" Rachel asked I was about to shook my head saying no when a thought came in my mind, "This is likely blood of some high-level powerhouse, but I am not completly sure, this may be something else that looked like a drop of blood." I said this is the only plausible answer seeing the color and texture of the crimson drop.

"I was hoping there would be something interesting, but it turned out to be some blood." Rachel said in desspointement, though this drop of blood that useless to her is very important to Ashlyn and me and also to the Grimm monsters.

I have heard that the Grimm monster used some mysterious methods to place the Blood of High level being in their body and slowly absorbed it.

Well now it is mine and seeing Ashlyn wanted to eat it poorly means she can eat it without harming herself, I just hoped that when she ate it, she could share some benefits with me just like she is doing with that drop of blood which she already has in her source.

I put the Gla.s.s...o...b..into my storage much to Ashlynn's dismay, who wanted me to give that drop now.

After pacifying Ashlyn, I continue collecting monster stuff, and a few minutes later, we finished collecting all the things and started on the next storage.

I have first decided to first collect the stuff from the storages of Nine Star Elites, an not only they have the highest stuff, but they also have more precious things than other Grimm race monsters.

If one excludes the Silver and Golden elites that were fighting above then, then Nine Star Elites would be the most powerful monster, and they are the most powerful monsters of not only the outpost but also the Midzone.

In the Midozone, there are very few hunting grounds where one finds the Silver Elites as those who could become silver elite left for the main battlefields of the continent; the Warzones, very few people, decided to hang back after reaching the Silver Elite from both sides.

One after another, we opened storages, and in there, we found many rare and precious things, but nothing could compare to the Gla.s.s...o...b..that I had found earlier. Well, It was my luck to come across the Grimm monster that went to ruin and got the reward that hadn't been consumed outright.

Time pa.s.sed, and soon, the evening came, and we finally stopped, we have opened lots of storages, but we have able to open the storages of Nine Star Elites, there are several of then remaining.

After that, I freshened up and started to cook, and to my surprise, Rachel come to help me, but she had made me abundantly clear that she would not help in future, she is doing today became she teaching me how to use machines that I had never heard of it before.

And that is probably the reason why it took me three and a half hour to finish cooking, but the result is amazing as Ive cooked the best food yet.

"Micheal this so good!:" Rachel said with the mouthful, it is, their state of the art cooking instruments are good. With their little help, I was able to make a meal even more delicious.

We ate, and after we immediately went to train as medicine, the energy was bubbling in our body.

Nearly one and half hour later, we finished and went to the respective room for the night. After showering up, instead of sleeping directly took out out the small gla.s.s...o...b..and started to observe the ruin on it, so I could take out the blood drop that inside the Gla.s.s...o...b..safely.