Monster Integration - Chapter 634 Breeze Forest I

Chapter 634 Breeze Forest I

"It took you quite a while to finish it off!" Rachel teased as she came behind me. The injuries she had gained have been completely healed, and there was no sign of the dried blood on her body.

If not for seeing her tore cloth, one would think she had just entered the Forest had yet to have any fight. Rachel is not the clean freak, but she did not like blood on her body, she would clean it off as soon as she got the chance.

"I was just playing with it," I said, what I said is right if I had full strength against this Grimm monster then a minute would have been more than enough to kill this monster.

After saying that, I crouch down and place my hand on the Grimm monsters whose life is barely hanging by a thread.

"What are you doing?" Rachel asked, seeing me touching the Grimm monsters instead downright killing it.

"Studying its body and veins," I said witch close eyes as I extend my senses in its body if it had been in its peak condition it would have been able to resist my infiltration, but it's like is barely hanging by a thread, it had no time to care about my sense infiltrating its body.

If It had any ideas why I am doing that, it would have resisted with all of its power.

"Why?" Rachel asked this time I did not answer her; instead, I took out the Gag and put on the Grimm monster mouth and started to bind its arms and legs, so it would stay on its spot for what will happen to it.

It resited when I am biding it, sensing something bad will happen, but its resistance was futile. After biding up perfectly with the strongest biding artifact I have, I got up and started to charge the ability of my red sword.


In a few seconds, the Point Inferno fully charge and seeing that I brought down by piercing, the exact center of Grimm Monsters' chest, which is also the center of its magic veins.


Just as I pierced it, the center of its chest turned red, and soon, that red started spreading through its magic veins as if it is lava. The Grimm monster roared in pain and tried to break away with biding, but it was all useless.

Their bindings are strong enough to bound a silver elite, and this Grimm monster is justa little stronger than the white elite; it far from having the power to break away from binding.

"You are trying to Harvest Elemental Crystals," Rachel stated, finally understanding what I am trying to do.

I have been successful only time harvesting mana crystal, and since that time trying my all to harvest the elemental mana crystal, though I was not have been successful after that, I have lots of experience, and my control over the energy is far, far better.

It had been more than three months since I tried it last, In the ruin, I could not harvest it as it is not the complete world, to harvest the mana crystal, one needs the help of the world to covert Grimm monster's dark energy to mana we use.

After coming out of Ruin, I had numerous chances when I was training the rookies, but I did not do that as I did not want to Ruin the impression of myself in front of them.

I still remember how starry-eyed I was when I saw my former team leader harvested the Elemental mana crystals.

And I could not do that in the battle also as one need Grimm monster alive when one started the harvesting process.

There is an easy way to harvest the harvest elemental mana crystal, and one just needs to special Grimm race monster and special runic disk that harvest the elemental mana crystals.

Without that special Runic Disk, one can not harvest the Elemental Mana crystal from special Grimm race monsters, but anyone could not get the special runic disk; one has to have the power of Silver Elite before guild could sell to one.

I am not a Silver Elite, and this Grimm monster is not special, though special Grimm monsters are not rare in the Mizone, so if I want the mana crystal, then I have to elementalise the Dark energy of the Grimm monsters with my effort before I could harvest Elemental Mana Crystal.

As I watch the bright red lines extending all over the Grimm monster's body, my heard started to beat faster and faster. I have never been successful despite my hundreds of tries and reason for all that is control over my energies.

But this time, I am very sure of the success, not my control over my energy improved by far; my killing rule also advanced, which help me gauge the exact amount of energy I would need to elementalise this monster.

And seeing the progress, I am feeling more and more sure that I will be successful this time.

In the past, when I try to elementalise, there would always smoke or signs burning marks over the body of the Grimm monsters, but this time, there were no such signs on the Grimm monster's body.

Everything is going smooth, the mana veins of it looked like I am not converting the dark energy in them but feeling the veins with bright red blood.

Soon all the veins of the Grimm monster elementalised, and seeing that a smile couldnt help but form on my face, but the process had not complete yes, there is another thing remain.

In the first step, the mana veins of the Grimm monster get elementalise, and in the second step, these elementalise veins would spread the mana into every cell of its body and convert all the elemental energy into the dark elemental energy.

This 2nd process sounded hard, but it was the easiest one; as long as mana veins completly elementalise, there would no problem in elementalising the rest of the body.

Just as I thought, the elemental veins started to spread the elementalised dark energy in every corner of the Grimm monsters, turning it the elementalise dark energy.

The faint redness started to spread all over the Grimm monster body while all the Grimm monsters could do whimper in extreme pain.

The second process is the reason why the Grimm monster needed to be alive during the elementalisation; one could elementalise the veins in the dead body, but spreading that energy into every part of the body in a systematic balance way is beyond one's control.

Even the Golden Elites would have excellent control over their energy could not do this, this process is very complex, and only an alive body could do it.

Soon the whole body of the Grimm monster became red, and it also breathed its last breath just after the whole process completed.

"Yes, yes, yes!" I said with joy, to do this, I have experimented on hundreds of bodies and wasted lots of mana crystals, but I did not regret it as I have finally succeeded.

So, a few seconds after the process completed, I took out the runic disk and placed on the chest of the Grimm monster and waited for Fire crystals to appear.