Monster Integration - Chapter 631 Milfred II

Chapter 631 Milfred II

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Ellen had gone too soft on me, she had just used a fraction of her power fight me while the One Silver Star Elite that I fought had finished me with a single attack, and I wasn't even capable of seeing.

'The power of One Silver Star Elite is really amazing.' I thought excitedly, though I was sad at first by my defeat, after a few minutes I got excited as the first time, I got the Idea about the Target I have to chase.

When I was fighting ellen, I would not estimate her power as she had been a Silver Elite for a few months, and her power is much greater than the simple One Silver Star Elite.

But this time, I had fought the One Star Silver Elite, know what power it posses and what I had to get such power, and that is making me very excited.

I once again went to the fourth floor, complete the registration and to the new Guild Badge which is purple, placing badge back to my chest, I went to the second floor.

There is one last thing I have to do, and that is pay for the apartment, Ive rented an apartment but not paid for it. So, I am using guild to pay for it just as Rachel did from her a few minutes ago.

I finished paying crystal in a few minuits after I get out of my apartment and

Half an hour later, I reached in front of the place where I would stay, it is a hundred-floor building, which is building a rectangular design. In the outpost, the building was not allowed to go higher than the fifty floors, but Midzone seemed to have no such limit as I have seemed hundreds of buildings which are taller than it.

We have leased the whole floor in the building, which has the penthouse apartment and also three training halls, all on the single floor.

The best feature of the of our new apartment is the Training Room, in the main training room there is even android which has the power of One Star Silver Elite so that I will have One Star Silver Elite beck of my call, I can fight it whenever I want, and the day, I defeat it will be the day I will be qualified to go to the Warzone, where real powerhouses.


I landed in front of the building walked and inside it before taking the private elevator, which directly leads to the apartment.

"Welcome!" I heard as the elevator door opened and right after I entered the apartment, my lips met with Rachel, and we got lost into the kiss, it's after a while we let go with rapid breath.

"When did you arrive?" I asked I did everything fast without wasting a single moment, but I was still left behind by Rachel.

"Just a minute before you!" she said, "So, you haven't explored the apartment yet?" I asked, " No, let's explore together." she said as she took my hand and who I am to refuse.

One by one, we started to explore our huge apartment. We first check the rooms; they are beautiful and well-furnished. I chose the one who had the minimalistic designs while Rachel chose one which is decorated with bright colors.

There is a big hall where more than ten people could sit and the kitchen with all sorts of equipment, some of this equipment I have never heard about. It was a good thing I have Rachel beside me who seemed to have a basic idea about the Kitchen equipment.

When I heard what they could do, my eyes started to s.h.i.+ne as with them, the things I cook with the help are numerous, I can't wait till to try them all. If not, for I have greater excitement for the Practice hall's, I would start cooking right now.

"Wow!" I said as I entered one of the smaller practice rooms, the practice room is simple, and it did not have decoration, but one click on the command panel, I could completely change that.

This training room's offered all sorts of facilities like a ma.s.sage table, automatic projectile to train the senses and scenery, I could change the scenery of training to the room to liking to terrain in the world, and it will become it. It will not only look like that terrain but will also have the climate of that terrain, so I could get a feel of outside while still being inside.

But that is not the best feature of this training room; the best feature is Gravity. This training room itself is a gravity chamber that can provide the 10x gravity of ordinary.

This f.u.c.king amazing, in the Outpost maximum Gravity chamber they could offer is 6x but here 10x and this is in the training room of my apartment if I went the professional training facilities, I am confident I can find many that offered gravity higher than this.

For me, 10x Gravity is more than enough, as with every fold of Gravity, pressure on the body would increse, and 10x gravity is enough to ground my bones to dust.

At my current level, I could only handle 6x Gravity, and that is for a short time before I collapsed on the ground.

After checking the first training hall, we moved toward the second one, which is precisely similar to others. Rachel is going to take on the left while I am going to us right; we will use them when we have done some personal training.

"Its big, bigger than the pictures." Rachel said as we went to the big practice hall. It's quite big, about 60% size of the one that twins parents have, for two people, it is perfect, though if it had been the size of twin's practice hall, it would have been even better.

This practice hall looked just the bigger version of the two smaller practice hall, but it is different, as it had little different facilities like that One Star Silver Elite android and those two sticks hanging by the wall.

The other two practice halls were devoid of any decoration, but this practice hall has two sticks; if I am not wrong, then these two sticks are practice weapons called Morphing sticks.

Like their name suggest, they can change into anything, as long as one used the template that stored in or create a weapons template according to one's suitability.

Not only they can morph according to one's needs, but they can also change their weight. Which is very suitable for me, I want to gain the mastery in the Clock Sword Style, practicing it in the Gravity with a heavy weapon would turn to be very helpful in gaining knowledge in it.

"This Apartment worth every penny!" I said after some time, "Yes, it does." Rachel repeated.

"Now that we have gone over the apartment, you have to help me with the thing you have promised," I said and took out the storage from my storage.

I wanted to ask twins help, but Rachel said she would help me when we meet in Midzone, and now that we are midzone, I cant finally get access to the treasure trove and see if I can hit the Jackpot.