Monster Integration - Chapter 620 Totem Artifact III

Chapter 620 Totem Artifact III

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"What you said is true but who would be satisfied with the lesser power of their artifact when they could make it, even more, stronger after taking some efforts." said twins father.

This is the first time he spoke and what he spoke the point. If I could increse the power of my Artifact after collecting some material, then I would try my all collecting then, for that, I would pay any price and check out any source.

The more power one, the more he will l.u.s.t for power, this is the truth of the world that is applied to all beings, whether they are intelligent or unintelligent.

Time pa.s.sed by as twins continues to make the process in the crafting of their totem Artifacts.

It had been three hours since the twins started the process of crafting their Totem Totem Artifact, and all the material has turned liquid, and now they are slowly merging.

The process is slow but constant, every second something and something happening, so we did not get bored, just watching the process quietly while sitting on the comfortable chairs that mother of twins mother brought out from their storage.

Three more hour pa.s.sed, and now nearly all the materials had merged. As long as all the materials fused, half the process would be complete, and it would not take another half to be completed.

I could see the melted materials coming closer and closer to each other before slowly merging into each other, this process may simple, but it is very hard. If one could see clearly, they would see small dense ruins floating around the liquid.

This is a complicated and comprehensive process; one has to be very careful when doing it, a simple mistake could result in the loss of whole material and seeing the rarely of material, especially natural treasure, n.o.body body want to make a mistake and waste the treasures.

As such, another hour had pa.s.sed, and finally, the liquid completly merged. When that happened, the Blob of liquid started to float in the air, and at the same time, the totem seed, which is above their head, also began to move toward the Blob.

Buzz! Buzz!

Loud buzz rang out from the with the difference of minute as the two things merged, and a few seconds later, both of them started to release opposite energies. The Blob in front of Raina began to release the Ice energies while the Blob in front of the Sophia began to release the fire energies.

First, they were quite faint, but soon, they became stronger and stronger till it started to affect us, and a few minutes later it became, even more, stronger than Sophia's mother had to put a transparent energy s.h.i.+eld to protect us.

That was the first time I saw the power of those above knight stage and even touched it to get a feel of it. When I touched it, it felt semi-solid and repelled I had a little.

I was a little surprised seeing it in the semi-solid state as this means those above Knight stage can solidify their mana at some level. This is such a fantastic ability and which can help one do many things.

If not for the rapid change happening around Sophia and Raina, I would have done a few more rounds of touched up with the energy forcefield.

After the emittance to energy, the colorless blobs started to change their colors; one started to turn scarlet while others began to turn white. The color is not the only change happening to the Blob; it finally started to change the shape as well.

I could see the two blobs forming the shape of the sword, but one could see a clear difference in their swords.

The sword Sofia imagining is falchion; on the other hand, the sword that Raina imagining it a delicate type of rapier. Though they are twins and looked the same, their nature and choices are very different.

Half an hour later, the Blob took the complete shape of swords, except that they are still in the semi-liquid form. This means nearly 90% of the process has completed, and now just last one step had remained.

Just as I thinking that the semi-solid swords came toward the girls before seeping back into their body, this is the last and most important step; if they can do this correctly, then they will have an Emperor cla.s.s totem artifact.

This last step will take one to two hours, and from what I have read, this is the easiest step as one has to form the connection with the Artifact; if that happened, then the sword will become a permanent part of them.

Time pa.s.sed by, and I watched them with the bated breath, but I saw nothing, the twins were sitting on the furnace till about an hour later, the twin's bodies started to glow in scarlet and white light.

The Fire and Ice energies which have nearly disappeared, came back in full force, if not for Riana's mother quickly protecting us with the s.h.i.+eld, the clothes we were wearing would have been burned into the crisp.

That was just the starting as the energies started to get stronger and stronger until they created the domain of their own and began to clash against each other.

It was a good thing the twins had chose the opposite corners if they can be closed, and then there would have been an unimaginable to consequences.

The energies kept getting stronger and stronger until I could start to feel fatal threats from the energies. I know if I enter anyone their domain, then I would be grievously injured at the least and dead at most.

Some time pa.s.sed, and the energies became strong enough to freeze the life out me and burn me to the ash, I had expected a reaction but not the reaction this intense.

"The Emperor Cla.s.s Totem Artifacts are something else," muttered Raina's father.

The energies kept getting stronger and stronger for ten more minuits before they suddenly stopped and started to get weaker and weaker by the second before completly disappearing within a minute.

A minute later, twins had opened the eyes and walked out of their furnace they were sitting on; when they came closer, I was able to sense their battle power, and I was shocked.

Their Battle Power is Nine Star Elite and Mid Nine Star Elite at that and this just the started as they had just created the Totem Armfact and have not used to its power, I do not doubt in few days when they got adequately get used to their Totem Artifact, their power would be above the Nine Star Elite.

Even lowest grade Artifact raises one strenth quite much, and this is an Emperor Cla.s.s Totem Artifact. Raising one's stretch by small level is nothing surprising, and what I had just said it my estimate as their strength could go even further.

"Is everything went well?" their father asked, "It went very well, the Artifact we have crafted is beyond amazing, I can't wait to their test their power," said Sophie excitedly and next moment her gaze fell on me, and I felt gooseb.u.mps rising all over my body.