Monster Integration - Chapter 621 Crazy I

Chapter 621 Crazy I

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I control the shudder, I am feeling and carefully sensed their power again, which is Mid Nine Star Elite, but this time, I felt there is slight increse. However, I can't be sure as the difference is minute.

"Come show us your Artifacts?" Rachel asked in excitement; the atmosphere their artifact had created is compelling, and now everyone is curious about the power and look of the twins Toten Artifact.

"Yes, show us your artifacts," Leo repeated. "Ok!" twins said in unison as next moment, one scared and white glow appared in front of then, giving off a slight feeling of hot and Cold.

Gasp Gasp…

They stayed in their glowing form for a few seconds before they have revealed their true self, and just as we saw it, we couldnt help but gasp as they are stunning.

"They are beautiful!" whispered twins mother as she saw the totem Artifacts of her daughters.

They are wonderful and very different from each other, both of them had crafted the swords, but their swords are opposite to each other. Sophia crafted a falchion while Raina has Rapier.

One makes a forceful attack while others do light, but lethality both projects are the same.

Sofia's falchion is fully scarlet is color, and there are enchanting fire marks imprinted all over it; they so stunning that one just wants to keep looking at them., just seeing the marks on the sword, one would start to feel the pressure that sword emits unconsciously.

On the other hand, Raina's Rapier looked very delicate; it looked like her sword is made of complete Ice.

The sword of Raina is magnificent; it had the guard which looked like it made of thin transparent Ice, and it also small ribbon attack to it, which is floating as if there is the wind, but the thing that most defines her Rapier is painting on its blade.

It is mural of tiny reindeer dancing in the snow, and if one kept looking, one would feel the mural came alive, and reindeers are dancing.

Seeing the mural, I had decided that the Totem Artifact I will craft, will also have the painting on its blade.

"Seeing your weapons, I just want to create my Totem Artifact here and now," said Rachel as she looked the totem Artifacts of twins jealously.

"So, Micheal why dont we fight, I want to test the power of my totem Artifacts." Sophia suddenly said, in her eyes, I could see flames of battle, and I know seeing her nature, she will not accept no.

"Ok!" I said as fighting intent started to burn in my eyes, after the battle, I had made quite an improvement, and I also want to test against her.

"I am fighting against both of you?" I asked when I saw both of them coming to the center of the practice room. "Well, we always fight together and against such strong opponents like you; we have to fight together."

"If I alone fight with you, then it would take a long for you to beat the poor girl like me to a pulp, so I asked Raina to come as well," said Sophia with very realistic expression and the moment I felt shudder running through my body as I felt two very intense gazes on me for a second.

I knew these two gazes of twins parents, likely warning me never to do something bad to their daughters.

"Fine, now that you two are fighting against me, I will use my full power," I said as the silver fire started to envelop my body, forming a complete Swirling Armor.

This time I did not hold back anything; not only I had compressed my Armor to the limit, but I also used the Occult method to limit as fighting against the twins going to be very difficult.

Even before crafting the Totem Artifact, the twins had the power to hold me back. However, I would able to suppress them but not truly defeat them due to their impeccable teamwork, and now with their power increased, they will suppressing me and even able to defeat me if I am not careful.

As I had summoned my ability Armor, they also summoned their, but their's look basic compare to mine.

"Ready?" I asked, to whing they nodded.



Just as they nodded, I activated the mini blast and went toward them at the blurring speed. Before even a second pa.s.sed, I arrived before them and attacked with the power of the mini blast.

They seemed quite surprised but quickly used their sword as the defense without missing the beat.


Both of their swords clashed against mine, and I felt immense shock traveling inside me, but the swirls of my swirling Armor blocked at of it except for leaving a tiny bit, which was enough to shake my body a little.

BANG! Clang!

Seeing my attack got defended, I quickly took my sword. I attacked again at full power without holding anything back, which was still blocked by the swords of the two girls.

The teamwork of there girls is beyond amazing as if they had the innate connection to each other, which helped them synchronize their moves. I first thought it was just their impeccable teamwork, which they have refined since childhood, but as I kept fighting with them, I started to think maybe there is more to that.

I had never asked them about it as it was their personal secrete, but I am very sure that is the reason for their impeccable teamwork, so it is either that, or they are some practicing some secrete technique which helped them form a connection with each other.

Clang Clang Clang…

I kept launching attack after attack, not giving them a moment of respite as I am aware of their power that is rising steadily as they are fighting.

The totem Artifact not only increse their power, but it also helped them understand their abilities even better, which is why, while fighting, I started to feel their control over their abilities getting better and better.

With such control, they are ready to make improvement in their Ability Armor; it would take time as they have to apply their inspiration on it,

Clang Clang Clang…

Some more time pa.s.sed, and now I am losing my edge in combat very fast, and girl's aren't having any problem defending against my moves, if not for me using every bit of my soul energy to spin swirls more quickly for greater power and using clock sword style at its highest, I would have been suppressed by girls by now but that time isn't far too.

With speed they are improving, it wouldn't take long for them to start suppression me in the battle.

"Michel why are you running, fight with us fairly!" Sofia said as she defended against another of my long-range attacks.

It had been ten minutes since I was utter suppressed by the girls if not for me having me mini blast which gave me fantastic speed, I would have beaten black and blue by this time.

Currently, I am running using a mini blast and attacking them with the long-range attack, which is stopping them from coming at me with their full power.

"I give up!" I said finally as there is no use; all I am doing is running away and attacking, which are having no effect on them.