Monster Integration - Chapter 619 Totem Artifacts II

Chapter 619 Totem Artifacts II

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"You have arrived on time; we were just about to start in few minutes," Sophia said as she opened the Big gate.

"You have quite a beautiful house," I said, as I looked at the beautiful sprawling mansion, this mansion looked like it had come out of some architectural magazine and there is barely such beautiful mansion in the area.

"Well, thank you," she said, she said she let me inside her house. The mansion is grand inside as it is outside, servants could be seen here, and there are doing their job.

"We have made all the preparation, and I was about to call if you handnt had arrived," she said as walked and minuit later we arrived in the Grand Hall.

'What a great practice hall!' I said in my mind, this practice hall is huge, and I could see various types of weapons and other things that are hanging around the hall, this hall is big enough to practice any weapon. Even archers like Rachel would find such a training hall amazing to practice.

There are already five people waiting, three of them I know they are Raina, Leo, and Rachel, as for two the other people, they are likely to be Sophia and Rachel's parents, seeing them, I could see from where the beautiful looks of twins came from.

Both of their parents look handsome and beautiful, so, naturally, their children will also be beautiful.

When I walk closer to them, a shudder ran through my body, and my eyes contracted. I cant sense their power nor their level, but the threat I am feeling from them extremly high that I can't measure.

Going into the outpost, I know all the higher-ups from the different organizations are above the Knight stage, they are from the Central continent or practiced in the central continent for some time.

These people have two jobs here, one is to find fresh talent for their Organisation in the central continent, and the other is acts as reserve force against the Grimm monsters.

"Ma'am, sir!" I said politely, "You must be Micheal; we have heard so much about you from the girls." said Sofia's mother.

"Mom, Dad, now that Micheal had come, we will start," Sofia said. "Okay, Be calm and follow the procedure, and everything will go well!" said their father.

Sofia and Raina walked the opposite the end of the hall before they take out the furnace and sat center of it.

The furnace is nothing but a platform made of unique material. One has to carve the runic Blueprint on it and placed all the material as described in the Totem Artifacts information before summoning out the seed.

After the one has to activate the formation and mold the ArtifactArtifact according to one's imagination, this is the specialty of Emperor Cla.s.s Artifact; here, one does not need a mold formation, one only has to imagine, and the ArtifactArtifact will become just like they imagined.

Though there is an option of mold in the formation, n.o.body in the right mind would choose the when one can have the Artifact out of their imagination.

Sofia and Raina sat on their furnaces and started to place the materials in their specific places; there are many types of materials there, all of them, without a doubt, are rare and precious, but most precious of all is the Natural treasure.

Sophia used the natural treasure of Fire alignment. While Raina uses the natural treasure of the Ice Alignment, they choose to create their Totem Artifacts with the same attributed abilities they have.

After they have placed every material on its place, they summoned out the Totem seed, which started to float above their head. The totem seed of them looked just like the Totem Seed I have inside my heart s.p.a.ce.

Buzz! Buzz!

As the Totem seed came out, both of the furnaces buzzed simultaneously, and runes started to glow and move as if they have the life of their own. Few second after the formation got activated, the runes began to float through the body of the Sofia and Raina before they connected to the Totem Seed that is floating above their head.

As the Totem Seed connected with the formation, the runes started to get brighter, and the materials that are spread across the furnace began to come closer and closer before they started to merge in the groups.

Though the process may seem fast, it is happening at a languid pace. The method of Totem Crafting is long, especially that of Emperor Cla.s.s; it could take between six to twelve hours.

The materials kept slowly merging while Sophia and Raina had their eyes closed with the look of concentration. It may seem like formation is acting on its own, but no, it is controlled by them.

"It would have been better if the girls hadn't crafted Emperor Grade Totem Artifact." Twins' mother said with a sigh, though she seemed happy that her daughter is crafting Emperor Cla.s.s Totem Artifact, there some sadness could also be detected in her voice.

"Why do you say that, ma'am?" Leo asked before I could, "The Emperor Cla.s.s Totem artifacts are different from the rest of the Artifact." said.

"You must all know that at every stage, one produces a Totem seed, and through that Toten seed, they can create different totem artifact, but when you create Emperor Grade Totem Artifact, you have to use all the Totem on the single totem Artifact."

"Not only Emperor Grade Totem Artifact eliminates the possibility of creating another artifact but also with seed, it needs more and more precious materials," she said with a sigh.

I know all this, and before pa.s.sing the emperor grade method, I have them about the, but they were okay with that as the power provided by the Emperor Cla.s.s Artifact is incomparable.

"You might not know this, but the materials needed for higher stages of Emperor cla.s.s artifact are very precious and all these precious materials strictly controlled by high-level Organisation."

"Unless you are are a member of that organization and have enough potential, they will not provide you those precious materials," she said while looking at her daughters who had reached the initials state of crafting.

"Why do they control this precious material strictly?" Leo asked, hearing that I wanted to smack my head, as Rachel did as there is a straightforward answer.

"Why because these materials are scarce and they dont have it to provide for their member and that is also the reason why the Emperor Cla.s.s blueprints are so strictly controlled, the fewer people have those blueprint, the few will search for them," she said.

What twins mother said is true, but there is another reason as well; that is that Emperor Cla.s.s blueprints are too powerful, and they only want their members to have such powerful artifacts."

"Even if we dont add the next stage materials and just kept adding seeds, the artifact would still be more powerful than the Artifacts of other cla.s.s," I said.

This was the reason why I chose to craft the Emperor Cla.s.s Artifact despite the rare and precious of materials it needs in further stages, even if I dont add any material, my Artifact is still going to be more powerful than the Artifacts of other cla.s.s.