Monster Integration - Chapter 618 Totem Artifacts I

Chapter 618 Totem Artifacts I

"How are you feeling?" My father asked when the clarity returned to her eyes. "I am fine, just there so much knowledge inside my head." mom said as she sat up.

"Which knowledge was it?" I asked. I am feeling inquisitive, "Natural Materials." mother replied. So, it was the knowledge of the natural treasures, well it's good that she did not get the knowledge of the universal language, that would have little useless in her condition.

"I am sorry, I have wasted such precious thing." mom said suddenly, "There is no waste mother. I have already a.s.similated with the knowledge of natural material, so it was no use to me."

"I was going to gave that to you guys," I added.

That knowledge crystal was useless to me, so I was going to give it one of my parents, so it did not much matter whether it was a.s.similated by my mother or father.

After I finish speaking, my father started to ask serious of questions, he directly went to research mode and started to ask all sorts of questions, the more he knew about the knowledge crystal, the more curious he would become, and I even saw the tiny part of jealousy in his eyes.

I have seen my father jealous before; he would always be calm and collected, never much showing other emotions. It looks like I will have to find some knowledge crystal for him.

"Dinner is ready, let's eat!" I said, everyone nodded. My father also woke up my sleeping sister. Usually, they did not let her sleep in the evening, but since my mother was a.s.sembling, she was on the verge of crying, father made her sleep.

Fifteen minuits later, all of us on the table, including my little sister and three birds. The meal I made is from the medicinal monster, but I had lowered their potency enough that even my parents could eat.

"What is it? Its so delicious?" mother said just after taking one bite, smilingly I explained every dish I made and what I had added in them.

The dinner pa.s.sed in a laugh, and after the dishes, I retired for the night. I wanted to the gifts at night but decided to do it tomorrow as I am feeling a little tired with the three days of travel.

I went to my new room and practiced for two hours before taking a shower and laying on the bed to sleep.

When I woke up, It was dawn. I get out of bed and started to make breakfast for myself, half an hour later, I finish making it and eat with Ashlyn before I started practicing as the medicinal heat started rising in my body.

After leveling up to the Lieutenant stage, the needs of Miracle fruit energy have become astronomical. Every day, I had to put myself at risk eating high-level medicinal monsters meat so that I could feed it.

Still, despite all the regular feeding, the Miracle fruit energy growing at languid speed, it is so slow that I wanted to beat my head against something, but I have no choice to bear with it.

It is the only way that could help me level up without making me feel any side effect, though it is very tiring and time-consuming, it has its benefits. This way, not only will I be able to merge more medicinal energy into my body, which made the vitality of my body soar, but it is also motiving me in performing Body Cleansing Technique.

I am already close to reaching the 3rd major cleansing of Body Cleansing Technique when I went through it; my strength will rise yet again.

I Practice for one and a half hour before I showered again and started to cook breakfast for my parents.

I was just busy cooking when I heard the soft steps behind me when I looked back. I saw my little sister coming toward Ashlyn, her tiny hands. After breakfast, Ashlyn left, I thought she went out to take a fly but looked like she went to my sister's room.

"Brother candies," she said cutely as she came closer to me. I was about a reply when I heard a voice behind me. "You haven't brushed your teeth yet but demanding candies from your brother." said mother strict voice.

"Brush your teeth first and eat breakfast, only then you are allowed to anything else." said mother as she took her to brush, I was about to say something seeing tears nearly appeared in my sister's eyes but stopped myself on time, as I do not want to scold my mother.

"I have brought some gifts for you guys!" I said after breakfast, and before they could say anything, I started to take out things that had nearly filled the hall.

"Since when did you become spendthrift?" my mother said angrily, "Relax mother, money is the only thing I am not worried about now," I said. "Nora, though the gifts are too much, Micheal is right, those who go to the Grimm battlefield, money is the last thing they need to be worried about." My father said, which surprised me little.

I was a little surprised hearing that, before going to the Grimm Battlefield, I had only mentioned that I am going to a very dangerous place, I never said the world Grimm battlefield.

The only way he could know about the Grimm Battlefied as his new organization, as when I told him about going to the dangerous place, he hadn't connected the dot's back then.

"Well, you have brought lots of stuff, we will need some time to sort them out," I said as she looked at all the stuff.

"Toys!" My sisters shouted after seeing lots of toys around her; there are stuffed toys, dolls, and other things that I had brought.

"Yes, brother had brought lots of toys for you," I said and started to help her with opening packages with her, with every new toy came out a smile, a smile on her face would become bigger and bigger.

These are not the important things I have for them, if not for them wasting too much time in the introduction I would have given to them now, my father and I have to leave early.

He had to get his office while I have to go to the twin's house for the Totem Ceremony; they will be crafting the Emperor Grade Artifacts. I want to witness every moment of it, so I would not make any mistakes when they craft their Totem Artifact.

"I'll come back by evening," I said to mother after some time before I walked out of the house and took the air. The twins live the most elite area of the capital, and this is also the only part of the capital where I cant fly.


Ten minuits later, I landed in front of the huge gated community, I could see sprawling mansions inside with people and coming and going toward their Business. I scanned the pa.s.s that twins had sent me and walked inside. I saw a mansion which is at least ten times bigger than my house.

I walked for a while before I stopped in front of the Gate of Beautiful mansion, the home of the twins is beautiful, enough to make jealous for a second.