Monster Integration - Chapter 617 Home II

Chapter 617 Home II

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What she Jill had sent me is knowledge Crystal, seeing it I couldnt believe what she had sent this as the value of it had far surpa.s.sed the Emperor Grade blueprint that I was offered to the siblings.

I looked at the knowledge crystal for a while before taking out the note that was attached to the. When I read the note, I understood why she has sent me the note and felt very touched by it.

She had said, when she entered the Ruin, she had directly transported to the broken vestige where she had found seven Knowledge crystals, but to her utter disappointment, they were all the same.

One could use only one Knowlege crystal of one type and would not able to a.s.similate the knowledge crystal of the same type.

She had found seven knowledge crystals, she and family would have used four and the remaining one she had sent to me. If she wanted, she would have sold it and would have received a whopping amount of money, and getting Emperor blueprints and materials for it would have been possible.

She still gave it to me; I felt very touched about her gesture, the only disappointing thing she did not mention the type of knowledge this is, well I will know it when I a.s.similate it.

"Micheal, what it is?" mother said, and her voice so close, and I got startled that I accidentally touched the knowledge crystal. I was about to curse loudly but stopped myself as I know it very badly if I swore for a second time, especially my sister in my lap.

I stopped myself and laid against the Sofa and waited for the usual process of knowledge a.s.similation to start but few seconds pa.s.sed, and nothing happened, I was surprised seeing that and again touched the Knowledge crystal, but the result was the same.

I smiled mirthlessly, seeing that; this could mean only one thing. I already a.s.similated the knowledge that contains withing this knowledge crystal. Till now, I have a.s.similated four Knowledge crystals, and that means this knowledge crystal contains similar knowledge as the four knowledge crystal, or I might say three knowledge crystals.

It should not contain the Knowledge of the Totem Artifacts; otherwise, Jill would not have been that excited when I told her I would be giving her the Blueprint of the Emporer Cla.s.s Totem Artifact.

This could only mean she this knowledge crystal contains the knowledge of Universal Language, Natural Material, or Fauna.


Suddenly I heard the loud shout, only to see my mother shouted at me and my father also appeared near me without me knowing. "I am sorry, I had just got too excited seeing this thing," I said ruefully as I motioned toward the Knowledge crystal.

"What is this crystal?" Mother asked again, "This crystal is a miracle, each of these crystal have a certain type of knowledge, and it will a.s.similate in you when you touched it."

"The knowledge will become your memory which you can access at any time," I said, and hearing than both their faces changed, an expression of utter shock could be seein on their faces. I gave a box to my mother so that they could take a look at the crystal carefully.

"For real, this tiny thing could do something like that." said my mother and touched the crystal before I could caution her 'that even simple touch could start the a.s.similation.'


"Micheaaal!" My mother said slowly as my mother as she started to shake a little, and that box also fell from her hand, seeing that I gently place my sister beside me and stood up.

"Micheal, what happened to you, mother?" My father asked worriedly as a held mother as she completly lost control over her body, and she had become dazed.

"She is fine, mother had touched the Knowledge Crytal, thus starting the a.s.similation process," I explained as father gently laid mother on the Sofa. "How long this process will last?" My father asked, "she shoul be able to wake up in five to six hours." I said.

"Mommy!" we were just talking when we heard the soft voice, my little sister who was munching candies now looking at mother with a sad expression, her cheeks nearly puffed and her eyes became little watery if did not say something.

"Nothing will happen to mommy, dear; she is just sleeping." Father consoled he picked her some and started to explain why mommy is sleeping. A few minutes later, she calmed down and again started munching on the candies.

Time pa.s.sed by soon, three hours pa.s.sed, and the evening came. While my father watching over my mother, I freshened up and made some calls.

Ellen seemed very happy when I congratulated on her engagement and even asked her if she could let me talk to soon to be fiance, but she rejected, she said I would only meet her when she came back to the capital.

She also said that she would be bringing her mysterious teacher, and I should take chance ash her everything I could, as she said 'her teacher seemed to know everything.'

This teacher business seemed odd to me, and she only told me about this teacher two weeks ago.

This teacher had come from the headquarters of her organization, which in the central continent, and how he became her; it was a fascinating story.

Ellen said that a few days after she came to the Outpost, she came across a very dangerous Grimm monster and fought it very fiercely, and while fighting some strange marks started to appear on her body, which boosted her power, and she was able to kill that Grimm monster.

After the battle, those strange marks disappeared and never appeared no matter what she tried; she had nearly lost hope when two weeks later, they appared again and started to give her extreme pain.

Under this pain, she had no choice but to report to her Guild and her organization, and three days later, this mysterious teacher of her arrived; not only she brought medicines that can relieve pain, but she also learned to summon those strange marks.

Its all felt so surreal to me if not for her summoning out those marks live. I would have believed she was joking with me. She said those marks gave as her boost in strength.

I asked her what those marks are and if I could also summon them out, but she shook her saying only a few people in the world have them, as for what they called, she did not know as her teacher did not tell her.

I again congratulated her before cutting her call. Then I called a jill again and thanked her for Knowledge Crystal and asked her what type of knowledge crystal which is she sent me, but she refused to tell me; instead, she said, I should a.s.similate it and know it firsthand.

It looks like I will have to wait till my mother wake, she should be able to wake up in two-three hours.

To pa.s.s the time I started to cook, as it was time to cook and my father's cooking is bad and by the time I had finished cooking an elaborate meal more than two hours had pa.s.sed and my mother started to show the signs of waking up.