Monster Integration - Chapter 600 Infected I

Chapter 600 Infected I

Cras.h.!.+ Bang

I finally crashed on the ground, but before I could even look at my surroundings, I found a huge thing that had crashed into me that broke nearly all the bones of my body.

I wanted to look who crashed when I saw a blurry figure a few meters ahead of me, which standing up from the ground. Though the figure is blurry due to the cloud of dust, I can still see the silhouette of it, and when I thought it could be a horror dawned on my face.

'It is that Foxman!' I thought in horror and used all my strength to get up and run away, while I was getting up, I saw a thing which had crashed into me. It turned out to be Cheetaman that had been chasing me for an hour.

Seeing the Grimm monster fear appared on my eyes and me about call-out Ashlyn for help when I noticed a peculiar expression on its face, there is the look of extreme pain on his face while its whole body is shaking uncontrollably.

What happened to it? I asked myself before; I started to crawl out of the hold, Yes, I had ended up in the hole that made when that Foxman crashed through, one can imagine how powerful the impact is to create such a big crater.


I had just taken a few steps when I heard the loud boom and knew that Foxman had flown up through that Crater, the force of its jump so high that I nearly fly fell on the ground again.

Seeing it disappear, I heaved a sigh of and inhaled back when I smalled the most beautiful perfume ever, and that exact moment, a horror drowned me, and I knew, I had inhaled what I shouldn't.


The next moment, I became completly immobile, and feeling of extreme pain shot through my body, and I powerlessly fell on the ground.

I now understood why the monster had such painful expression but unable to let a single sound, I somehow smell the smoke that lingered around Foxman, and it is now infected me, to be affected, my soul.

It is something like soul corruption but more powerful; I could see green energy is infecting my soul speedily, and the more it infects, the higher the pain I would feel.

Just as I saw soul infection, I used my soul energy to activate bracelet I had in my hand while I was doing, I found out that I am utilizing lot less soul energy that I soul, there is 30% decrease and that when I remeber the soul infection is also at the 30%.

Seeing that horror again downed inside me, one didnt need to be smart to understand what is happening. I wasn't able to use the soul energy of the soul parts that had been infected.

This time I did delay and activated the bracelet, and soon, the familiar suppressive energy enveloped my body, and I started circulating the Secrete method, but by that time, the infection had already spread in half of my soul.


I am feeling and immense pain, but that is not what I am focusing, I am focusing on the Green infection that is spreading in my soul, me circulating the secrete method had only slowed down the infection speed to a little bit.

Seeing that, I incrested the power of bracelet to the limit of what I can bear, the suppressive energy now enveloped me like jelly even I am having a problem bearing it.


I screamed soundlessly when I started to circulate the Secrete method with thick as water suppressive energy; I had never circulated this thick suppressive energy before, even when Raina's soul was corrupted, the suppressive energy wasn't this dense.

This thick suppressive energy dangerous, especially when one circulated as it could crack the soul, I could feel this suppressive energy I am circulation has reached the very end of my soul limit, and it increased even little, then will start harming my soul.

With my circulation of thick suppressive energy, the infection stopped spreading, but it had still covered 60% of my soul. I had thought that would this amount of suppressive energy circulating in my soul, not only will the infection will stop but quickly begin to cleanse away, but to my utter surprise, there is no quick about this cleansing process.

This green infection had not only spread quickly, but it had also spread quite deep inside my soul, and even with me circulating, this thick amount of suppressive energy, the cleansing speed is very slow; it is barely discernible to the eyes.

Whatever that Greem smoke is, it is horrifying, just extremly faint wisp of it was so dangerous that it could kill the white elite, then I wonder how dangerous would be its real power.

Only Golden Elite will be likely able to face its real power; I think even they will have to be careful of it.

This smoke was released by the leader of the Grimm Monster, whose power is equal to the Guild Leader of S Cla.s.s Guild, that the Grimm monster ought to be very powerful.

Only Grimm Monster powerful as it could have such strange power; this green smoke is very infectious; it is not an Occult Method; it is eit; it some soul ability or either Mystical method.

I think it is a Mystical Method, as I've never seen anyone using a soul type ability before, but I never saw anyone use the mystical method also, but I still feel this strange infection energy is Mysticle ability as it's effects are too mystical.

The infection is getting cleansed, and through the speed of cleansing is very slow, it is still getting cleansed, and that is not the only thing that is getting cleansed. Suppressive energy is circulating through my whole soul, which means not only it cleansing the infection part of the soul but also a good portion of the soul.

I started to feel its effect from the moment, I had begun circulating it and would have enjoyed it if not for me being overwhelmed in pain, I still feel that overwhelming pain, but it is a little manageable now that I got used to it.

If I am not wrong then, after I cleansed my soul completly of the poison, it would take me at most a week maximum while minimum a second after I finished cleaning all the infection; I hope that happened, but nothing cant be said about the secrete method.

This method only has one circulation, which made it impossible for one to guess when one going to make a breakthrough in it.


I was circulating when I got a pleasant surprise; I had created a seal of supreme combat exercise. I had created one few days and did not think I would able to create one this early as I had made zero progress in the 38th seal.

I had just kept circulating it unconsciously, and before I know it, the seal is of supreme combat exercise is created.

Step Step Step…

I was reeling in joy when I heard the hard steps, it had been half an hour since I got infected by green smoke, be it Grimm monster or a human did not dare to get close to us till now but seeing how strangely we are lying but now someone had finally come.