Monster Integration - Chapter 601 Infected II

Chapter 601 Infected II

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'Ashlyn be ready!' I said to Ashlyn hearing the steps, I dont want to use Ashlyn but whoever coming toward me has a bad intention, then I will have to ask Ashlyn.

Step Step Step…

'Its Grimm Monster!' I said in my mind, it had entered my range, and I was able to sense the distinct flavor of Killing intent, which only Grimm monster could emit, and it is powerful Grimm Monster; I was able to detect powerful Nine Star Elite level battle power from it.

'Looks like I have to use Ashlyn!' I thought but did not ask Ashlyn to attack, as I will only ask her for help when it will give an indication to attack me.

Uhhh Thud!

It came closer to me, and I was able to see its face; it is a Ratman holding two short-bladed. I sensed its killing intent spiking and knew it is going to attack soon and about to ask Ashlyn to come at when I heard a weird noise, and I saw Grimm monster falling me.

Why? I asked to no one when I saw a three meters tall Grimm monster falling on me, though the fall was small when some part of Grimm monster fell on your, it hurts a lot and feels even weird when you can directly see its face in front of you.

It was a good thing that its blades didnt touch me; otherwise, I would get some injury, which I am no condition to heal.

This Ratman has the expression of intense pain on his face and its body constantly shaking, it is acting just like me. The only difference is, I have a chance to live, but it does not.

As time pa.s.sed, more and more came close to the crater, but except for, n.o.body dared to enter the range of crater, and the one Grimm monster that dared to enter had infected the same as the Ratman that is on my legs.

Since no human or monster dared to take a step inside in the crater, they may look on outside, but they did not dare to come inside, which is very good thing for me as n.o.body would disturb my recovery.

There is quite a bit that dangerous gree smoke lingering in the Air, after getting infecting first, I get got fain whip of two times, and these two times, that green infection wanted to climb back, but my suppressive energy handled it very well.

I think it had been more than an hour since I got infected and luckily, I have finished cleansing 90% of that infection, and now about 10% had remain, which I think would be finish cleansing in ten to fifteen minuits and after I would be out of the danger.

I continued cleansing and also circulated the Body Cleansing Exercise in hope for creating another seal, but that does not happen, I am making progress in the Supreme Combat Exercise, but it is not as fast as I would like.

If I were to dealy with cleansing by half an hour, then I may have a chance to create another seal, but I will be an idiot if I stay a minuit more in my state here.


I reached the very last stage, and less than 1% of that green energy had remained, I had thought I would finish this last bit of it under the minuit but soon realized that it is extraordinarily strong and I have to use more suppressive energy that before I could scratch it.

It is a good thing that my soul had cleansed quite much, and I could now bear to circulate more suppressive energy. The only problem would be the pain that came with it.


I let out another noiseless scream and started to circulate more suppressive energy; It felt like I had I have circulating lava inside my soul. I want to stop circulating, but I couldnt as It would take hours if I circulated with the original energy.

Time pa.s.sed by as I let out the noiseless screams as I kept circulating, the only thing that made me keep going is that green energy whittling away bit by bit.

Crack Crack Crack…

Finally, the last bit of green smoke cleared, but before I could enjoy what happened, I started to hear familiar cracks from my soul, which made me extremly ecstatic.


The cracks continued for a few seconds before I heard the bang, and I again found myself in the Conscious s.p.a.ce.

Being familiar with ist working, I wasted no time in summoning my Swirling Armor in front of me started to do a little tweaking and some new ideas I had over time.

Swirling Armor could say to be my best move in both offense and defense, and I want to make it even better, even if these changes are small and tiny, I will still give them pretense over the Other thing.

A silver burning Armor had appeared in front of me, and I started applying my new ideas right away, and a few seconds later, it collapsed, but I did not feel anything seeing that as I know this will happen.

Time pa.s.sed as I kept making changes in it, and by the time I had finished, I felt my swirling Armor had become better than before, though the changes I made in were minute; they helped it reinforce further.

After I finished with the Swirling Armor, I pulled out the memory I saw in the potion Particle, I wanted to see it to see what lacking feeling I am when I used the Simplified moves.

After pulling out the memory, I divided it into the frame by frame; I want to check each frame and see what I am lacking.

I continue to look at each frame, and again, the feeling of astonishment emerged from my heard seeing how man every gigantic beast with the single slash of its sword.

"I have been so wrong!" I said after a long time, the moves that I thought simplified moves are not simplified moves at all; instead, they are part of the Sword Style.

This sword style contains 24 simple sword moves, these sword moves are very simple, but they are perfect, every maneuver of sword style is effective to strike the core of the enemy, but that is not the most fantastic thing about this sword Style.

The most fantastic thing about this Sword Style it is versatile, every move of it could be instantly changed into other, as long as one practice it to the highest level, he will never about to worry about fighting new sword style again as with the help of those 24 moves, one can create their style with is suitable for them, but before doing that, I will have to be proficient at the 24 moves first which itself will take years.

These moves my simple, but they are extremely hard, for one to gain mastery over them, I will need to practice them for years.

After confirming my theory was right, I wasted no time in practicing these 24 moves and such time pa.s.sed by.

Crack Crack…

Sometime later, I started to hear a crack and knew my time in the conscious s.p.a.ce is over, like last time this time also I've gained quite much in the Conscious s.p.a.ce but unlike last time I wouldn't have to wait a bit to test them out as outside the biggest battlefield waiting for me.