Monster Integration - Chapter 599 Earth Shaking II

Chapter 599 Earth Shaking II

Are the Golden Elites fighting? I thought as I continued ran away, such intense sound and this heavy earthshaking could only mean that that the Golden Elites must have started fighting in the other battlefield.

There are three other battlefields besides ours, being fought in front of the three other gates of the Outpost.

This loud sound and shaking of earth had left me in shock; their power must be to very high to create such aftershocks that are being felt from the kilometers, such power is beyond my imagination, especially when the Knight Stage projects it.

The fight that is happening there does not affect me, but the fight which will start here will sure project those who are fighting below, the Golden elites of other battlefield had started fighting, it wouldn't be long before the golden Elite of another battlefield also started to fight, including ours.

I hope they started to fight as soon as possible, and one of their attacks could be crashed against the Cheetaman that is chasing me. I had some small hope that after one and half hour of chasing, it will leave it be, but no, it is still chasing me like a mad.

To get away from it, I even went toward the fights that have been fought between Nine Star Elite of humans and monsters race, but unfortunately, I did not. Its not like they dont want to help, its just that they are busy fighting against three to four monster each.

They are barely holding onto their life and did not have time to fix my broken life string, which could be sapped at any moment in the present hour. I barely have an hour if I did not find it away, and then I will surely not survive.

There is a way which could help me from this Grimm monster and could even kill it, but if I use that, then I dont know if I am able to live after that, and also if I lived, then my life would not be much better.

That way is Ashlyn, she has the power of Nine Star Elite and would be able to kill it, but there is a very high chance that people who are fighting above or those who had not attacked yet will notice the peculiarity in her.

She had swallowed a monster that had eaten G.o.d knows how many miracle fruits and now Ashlyn have inherited some or all that monster abilities, and if any Silver or Golden elites were to notice that, then the uproar will occur, both humans and Grimm monster will forget the fight and come after her.

After seeing the unusual l.u.s.t of Grimm monsters for the Miracle fruit, I asked twins there is something even more special about them, seeing there is nothing special about Miracle fruits other than performing the miraculous feat.

The answer I have received from them is single; they l.u.s.t for Miracle fruit because they want to provide it to their higher-ups. It is the same for humans, in the central continent, whatever miracle fruit appeared, powerful organizations would s.n.a.t.c.h it.

These powerful organizations would pay any price for these miracle fruits as for why they need it, its obvious to make their member even stronger; it is the same for Grimm monsters.

That is why they will do anything to whenever anything related to Miracle fruit and Ashlyn, who herself became a Miracle after swallowing that monster would possess an immense research value.

So, unless it is extremly important, I dont want to expose Ashlynn's ability as it would get me into the deeper mud that I am already is.

"It Is Time To Fight!" said the Gruff voice, and next moment, we saw about two hundred Grimm monsters suddenly appared in the Sky in the lead of Two Grimm monsters.

There two Grimm monsters seemed very special; one is Baearmans who seemed like it had made of Steel while others were Foxman who had faint green smoke covering its body.

When I looked at the at gree smoke, and a shudder ran through the deepness of my soul. I have never felt such a sensation before, though it is my first time feeling I understood it very well. That smoke is very dangerous, and I should stay as far as away from it.

"Yes, It Is Time To Fight!" said a familiar voice, and next moment, a big groud of humans suddenly appared in front of the Grimm monster with the lead of Guild leader of Scyth and behind him are about hundred people.

Having half a number of Grimm monsters didnt seem to bother the Guild leader of the Scyth as it looks at the two leaders of the Grimm Monsters.

Seeing them coming face to face with each other, I swiftly changed my direction started and started run toward the boundary of the battlefield, nor only other smart people, but I was doing the same.

The place below they will fight will be most dangerous, I have seen people becoming a pa.s.sing casualty, and I dont want to be one.


I had just reached the boundary of the battlefield when I started hearing the Deafeaninig Booms, and the earth started shaking so loudly that cracks began to appear on it.

I could the cracks forming on the ground, it is like I am experiencing the real earthquakes, many people stopped fighting just a second after they had experienced this, but I do not have the luxury, as the Grimm monster is still chasing me using its full power.

If I dared to stop even for a second, it would hack me into two with the long knife of its, so Its better if I did not stop even for a second.

Time pa.s.sed by, and the fight had raged even more, and now I could see the soil lifting in the air by every move they make.

While running, I sometime would sneak a look at the battlefield of the Golden Elites but would so nothing but the Blur; these blurs are so fast that I would even have a problem defining whether they are from humans are Grimm monster.

When Silver elites are fighting, I will able to tell their figures, but with Golden Elites, I didnt even able to say that.

Half more hour had pa.s.sed, and now there is barely twenty minuits, I would be able to support myself, and after that, I will start to feel the side effects of the occult energy. The d.a.m.ning thing is, I wasn't able to find any way to save myself from.


I was thinking of saving myself when I saw the green Blur falling toward the ground at the immense speed, and its direction is where I am running, I was about to change my path, but before I could, the green Blur crashed on the ground.


That green Blur crashed on the ground, and it created a ma.s.sive shock on the ground that acted a break which made me tumble forward uncontrollably, it's all happened so fast that I barely had a chance to do anything.

I was like a leaf that had been blown away by the force of the hurricane.