Monster Integration - Chapter 592 North Gate

Chapter 592 North Gate

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I walked toward the wall if it was before I could take taken a simple jump and reached the wall, but I can't do that; if I did that now, then I might get shot by the defense system of the Outpost.

The stairs are the test for the 3rd level to prove their strength, only those with the power of Six Star Elite or Above could climb it.

Soon I reached the stairs, I could see many people on the stairs, each of them had the strain on their faces, some were walking on it while others just sat on stairs with exhausted faces.

I could clearly sense their battle power and knew they are not weak by this Outposts standards as all of them have the power above the Four Star Elite but, this test is Six Star Elite, and only those who have the strength of the Six Star Elite or above would be able to climb the stairs.

I look few seconds before I took the step on the stair, and just as I did that, I felt intense pressure on my body and Soul, the pressure is so intense that even normal Six Star Elite would have to slow down, but I did not.

I took a step after step in the casual fas.h.i.+on as if the stairs are the regular stairs, and there is nothing special about them. Its not like I am not feeling the pressure, I am also feeling the intense pressure, but my body and Soul are strong enough to bear the strain.

In just a few minuits, I reached the top of the city wall; there are many people who could be seen on the top of the wall.

Normally in the Outpost, there are no more than two hundred people who have the strength of Six Star Elite as the limit of Outpost is Three Star Elite as one gained the strength of Three Star Elite on normally go to the Midzone.

But the Ruin changed everything, now there are three times more people that have the strength above of six-star elite or above and not to forget the reinforcement that Outpost had called, they must have asked for few thousand such warriors.

All my friends were already present on the wall, and I am now walking toward them straight, and a few minuits later, I could see the figure of the four.

"Micheal!" Rachel said as she spotted me, in the past, I sometimes used to think about Rachel when I saw this Rachel, and now I every time I see this Rachel, that Rachel came into my mind.

"Everyone," I said, "How many Grimm monsters do you think will attack? We all had made our guesses, what is yours?" Sophia asked, "I think about eight million." I said, I did not guess the number from the air but made a guess after referring to the number of monsters attacked in the past battles.

"Your and Raina's number is the same, let's see if it held true to not when monsters attack." Sophia, as said with a laugh. Though Sophia is laughing, hidden lines of worries could be seen in her eyes.

This battle going to be very ma.s.sive, and millions will fight, in such battle, there is hardly any guarantee of life, and one could be besieged by thousands of people with similar in a second.

There is no telling what will happen in such a battel, so one has to extremly careful and always take on a look at one's surroundings, as a slight mistake could make one lose one's life in the instant.

We talked while more and more people got a.s.sembled both on the ground and wall; two hours later there are about four million million people got a.s.sembled on the ground while about five thousand on the outpost wall.

Except for one thousand people who were from this Outpost, the other is the reinforcements.

The Guildmasters and Vice Guildmasters of the Various guild hadn't made their appearance yet, but they will soon.

Ting Ting…

Just as I thought that I saw a young man with spiky silver hair, late teens and or early twenties came flying, and behind him are nine people.

"Those crazy b.a.s.t.a.r.ds from Red Flag had come." I heard someone say to the ten people came, so this is a Guildmaster and Vice Guildmaster of Red Flag. They looked like any other team, but these people are extremly powerful and that no one could match them except for the Guild leader of other S cla.s.s Guild.

A minuit hadn't pa.s.sed when another 10 people came, these ten people all are young women, and some of these young women are extremly beautiful, especially the leader.

If I am not wrong, then these people were Guildmaster and Vice guild master of all women S Cla.s.s Guild Silver b.u.t.terfly.

Soon after, the three teams of other three S Cla.s.s guild had appeared. After that, people from A-Cla.s.s, B Cla.s.s, and C cla.s.s guild have appeared as well, but it is obvious that all the decision making power is in the hands of Five Guildmaster of S Cla.s.s Guild.

The only people that are absent are the people from Adventure Paradice, till now I have never seen any member of Adventure Paradice coming.

"Why is there no one from Adventurers Paradice here?" I asked twins, the friend of their brother works for very high in the Adventurers Paradice works at the Adventurers Paradice.

"Adventurers Paradice only steps in only when those above Knights attack," Raina said. That means we will receive no help from the battle as I dont think those above knights will get involved in the battle, and if they did, then all I can do is pray to the G.o.d that I would not get killed by side fluctuations.

Ting Ting Ting…

Suddenly my holowatches started to ring at the same time, I did not waste any time and opened the mail.

'Its about deployment!' I thought when I read the mail, there are four gates in the Outpost, and we have to guard all of them; if the Grimm monster attacked, then the consequences would be unimaginable.

"Which gate did you guys receive?" Sophia asked, "North!" I said while Carl and Rachel got South, and as for the twins, they received the current on which we are standing on.

"Best of luck to you all, stay safe," I said before I went toward the North Gate, the mail had said that the army of Grimm monsters had left their outposts and would reach our Outpost by the evening. There is barely three hours till evening.

A few minuits later, I reached the north gate and found that the ones that are responsible for guarding North Gade are from Scyth, seeing that I heaved a sigh of relief.

I had feared that North Gate might go under the Command of Red Flag, I didnt want to be under a bunch of cowboys who fights under the slightest provocation.

I stood on my place and waited, and three hour pa.s.sed, and just as information predicted, we saw dark silhouettes of Grimm monsters appearing in huge numbers.