Monster Integration - Chapter 591 War Horns II

Chapter 591 War Horns II

"Run as fast as you can!" I said, they nodded and started to run fast while I followed behind them while asked Ashlyn to be front to clear all the monster that came in our away.

"Team leader, do the Orcs will really attack the outpost?" asked Jen as she was running, "Yes," I said.

When one first time come to the Outpost, they automatically receive a booklet from the Outpost, in the brochure, there is information about everything, and one of this information is about the emergency Horns.

There are nineteen types of Outpost level Horns, and this horn that we have been hearing is top of the least. Its meaning is evident that Grimm monster with numbers over five million are attacking.

I dont know exact, but If I referred to the data of the battles that had happened before, I could tell that numbers of the Grimm monsters would be between 7 million to 9 million.

This is just a prediction; I would only know about the real numbers when I will reach the Outpost.

As we were running, we saw other teams coming across us and started running with us. The reason is Ashlyn, many Grimm monsters tried to attack, but they were turned to ash before they could even lift the weapon.

Many surprised seeing Ashlyn's power but not shocked as some monsters have incredible strengths, as long as she does not use the Rule power people would only be surprised by her strength.

The Grimm monsters seemed to know what the blaring horn means and tried to inpead us by attacking crazily, but Ashlyn killed all of them; she is so fast attacking that she barely gave me any chance to attack.

Well, it is understandable why she did it; she barely gets a chance to fight and now is getting it, and that is without any restraint; she is revealing in it.

More and more Grimm monsters kept attacking us, but Ashlyn would kill them before they reached a five-meter distance from us.


Another horn blare out strongly with completly different sound that is blasting from the Outpost, and I know what is the meaning of this horn is, it horn from the Grimm monsters side which is ordering them to regroup if earlier I had any doubt about the Battle is not happening and its all being a big joke from the Grimm monster side then now all the doubts have vanished after hearing the horn.

The Battle will happen, and this will be very brutal as millions would take part in it, and in such action having casualty of thousands is normal.

As the Horn of Grimm monsters started to blare out, the Grimm monster stopped attacking and started retreating toward their Outpost.

The Battle never a simple affair; there are powerful scouts of both sides keeping an eye on each the movements, not forget those mighty powerhouses who arranged these sorts of Battle.

To the powerhouse on both sides, these big battles are huge sharpening stones where they fight their juniours. These battles are some griding process of them where they whittle away weakling.

The deaths of thousands and even millions dont matter in the Grand Scheme of things, as there are thousands of outposts in this continent alone. There are tens of other continents and not forget the Central continent where the real Battlefied of the world is.

Soon we get out of the forest and saw thousands and thousands of people are getting out of the wood at their faster speed, and they all are running toward the Outpost.

As we reach the barren land, we took the air and started to run toward the Outpost.

Ting Ting…

Our holowatches started to ring as we enter the signal range of the Outpost; without hesitation, everyone opened their mail. The mail is simple; it is about the cla.s.sification of and which are they should report to.

They have devided everyone strenth in nine levels, 9th level are those who have the strength below One Star Elite, 8th level are those who have the strength of the One Star Elite, 7th level are those who have the advantage of Two Star Elite, 6th level are those who have the power of Three Star Elite, 5th level are those who have the force of four Star Elite, 4th level are those who have the advantage of five Star Elite and 3rd are those who have the power between Six Star Elite to Nine Star elite.

As for the 1st level and 2nd level referred to the Vice Guildmaster and Guildmater level strenth, they will be one who will be the main force of this Battle, and from what I have heard, they seemed to possess enormous strength.

We kept running on the wasteland and soon could see the silhouette of the Outpost, but it looked very different from the morning, the color of the walls had changed to red from the while, and there is a large crowd of millions could be seen in front of the Outpost.

As we reached closer, we saw a distinctive deviation of the millions of people into different camps, they each are separately under the humongous projection of the Numeric 9 to 4, and not everyone could enter under these level, there is small test to gauge one strength, only after getting ones strength verified will one able to enter the camp.

Thud thud…

We landed on the round one after another; after that, I took out some stuff from my storages and gave then to the five rookies.

"Take these, it will help your chances of surviving a little," I said as I give them loads of stuff.

There is a complete set of peak Knight artifacts, a hundred healing potions bottle each in which I added the dust of ominous plants core and three Vigor berry each.

"Its too much!" They said in unison, "To you, this stuff may be costly,y, but to me, it is nothing." I said, and it is, except for the Vigor and five dust of five specks of Ominous plants core that I mixed in the potions, the artifacts didnt mean much to me.

In the Ruin, I have collected loads of artifacts, though the Artifacts from the humans were a minority; there are still loads of them in my storage.

After little insistence, they have accepted the things I have given them as they knew; the stuff I have given them is best of the best and will help in Battle very much.

After giving them stuff, I explained to them about the specialness of the potion and Vigor berries, which shocked them to their core that they couldnt able to close their mouths for a while.

Only after some time did they able to get control over their emotions before they started to change the Artifact they were wearing.

"Stay safe," I said to them and walked toward the Wall, unlike those in 4th to 9th who was stationed in front of the Wall, those at Level 1st to 3rd were posted on the Wall.

As I am walking toward the Wall, I saw more than a thousand people were already on it, and more are coming climbing on it every second.