Monster Integration - Chapter 593 Battle I

Chapter 593 Battle I

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"f.u.c.k, how can they be so many." said the boy beside me when he looks at the numbers of Grimm monsters coming toward use; their numbers are more than we had estimated.

They are about ten million Grimm monsters, and I am just estimating with my eyes, but the thousand and thousands of drones that outpost had deployed are saying, the numbers of Grimm monsters are far higher than they had estimated.

The outpost had given a number of 8 to 9 million, but there are a whopping 10 million; this is enormous numbers, and seeing such figures, people are literally shaking.

I have never seen such numbers of Grimm monster monsters before, the maximum I've seen is five million in Ruin, but there were collective numbers of Grimm monsters and humans.

The Army of Grimm monsters is very far. However, the oppressiveness could still be felt kilometers away, those with weak will faint on the spot feeling the oppressive feeling the Army of the Grimm Monsters is radiating.

I could see hundreds of people falling unconcious due to this oppressive feeling. All these people are rookies, only rookies who do not have much experience could faint under such circ.u.mstances.

"Wake them up, if they did not wake up five minuits execute them." said the Guildmaster of Scyth.

Every person had to fight; even the and noncombat personals are kept in reserve if the need arises, they would have to fight.

Those who could fight are present, as for hiding in the room or somewhere, they did not even think about it as doing so will lead to execution without any court.

These battles are directly related to the survival of the Race, and there is no compromise in that.

One could decline the missions from the guild hundreds, and maximum punishment he would receive is expulsion, but if one dared to defy the Order of battle, there is direct execution.

Those who fainted woken up forcefully, and those who were about of faint steeled their heart forcefull; for them, it is better to die brave and than a die like a covered.

One might think over condition is very grim seeing enemy had more than double number that us but it not that Grimm as it seemes. From thousands of years, we were able always fighting against Grimm monsters in the disadvantageous position, we rarely have the advantage of numbers against them.

We have won the battle when the number of Grimm more than five times more than us, then what is number which is just a little more than double.

The Grimm came closer and closer to us till there are five kilometers of distance between us, I see the figures of Grimm monster is bright moonlight of the three moons.

The monster stopped five kilometers ahead of us, and a few minuits later, they divided into four parts and moved toward the four gates. They only have one aim in mind and that razing the city and we have to defend it.

It may be a game for the higher-ups, but for us, it is a life and death situation where we have to survive and win at all costs.

Soon four teams Armies of Grimm monsters appeared in front of the Four gates; there is just distance to two kilometers, which is nothing to us as it can be crossed in few seconds.


A deep shout rang from the deep from the Army in Grimm language, and the next moment, a section of about 1 million Grimm monsters separated from the Army and came toward us.

The same command followed from the other three Armies of Grimm monsters, I could clearly see it from thousands of feeds.


The Guild leader of Scyth seemed to understand the meaning as he issued the Order; for the first, second, n.o.body moved but a tentatively large section of our Army and also started to move soon they starting run toward the Grimm monster that is coming.

These Level 9 are the rookies. Their strength is lower than One Star Elite and has a number of Half a million, which is half than what the enemy is sending.

I had activated the particular feed, which is showing footage of my three rookies. Billy, Nigel, and Wallis, these three did not have the power of One Star Elite yet, so they had to place in Level 9.

I could see them running toward the Grimm monsters while screaming loudly, I could see the fear in their eyes, but there is also fighting intent in it.

Clang Clang Clang….

A minuit later, two forces clashed with the loud metallic band, sparks could be seen flying everywhere, and colorful elemental attacks from be seen coming from the human side.

The Grimm monster seemed too prepared, and they did not hesitate to use their full power to attack.

Humans became wild as they clash, they are filling the gap of number with their madness as they are fighting without the care for injuries. Such a fight is really awe-inspiring that I just wanted to jump off the wall and launch the attack at the Grimm monsters.

But I controlled myself and looked at my watch to see how those three are doing, and I have to say their condition is not good; their bodies have ridden with injuries, and they are fighting at least two Grimm monsters each.

They are having a hard time now, but I am confident that their condition will improve soon as they fought on.

They are quite lucky to survive the first clash, some humans not, just under the minuit of the clash, thousands of humans got killed. However, the number of Grimm monsters that killed is higher than human, it still hurt to see fellow humans dying every second.


Fifteen minuits after the fight started, the death rate started to slow down, and the battle started in earnest but then from the Grimm monsters side, another command issued and people and little more than five hundred thousand Grimm monster separated from the main Army more move toward the battle.


Seeing that, Guild leader of the Scyth ordered One Star Elite to fight, we have about two hundred thousand One Star Elite, and that means they will be fighting the Grimm monsters that are three times more than their numbers, but I am not worried about them as I was worried about the Rookies.

One Star Elite had quite a battle experience when I was One Star Elite I could easily able to handle three to four Grimm monsters who have similar power as me.

As I had expected, in the clas.h.i.+ng, there was barely any hesitancy on their parts, the human-like a wild dogs attacked the monsters without hesitation.

One Star Elite started to fight on the other battlefield also, and I can see the feed of Tina and Jens fighting, both of them are holding their own, and their condition is a lot better than the other three, but that is for now as in such chaotic battle, anything could happen.

""@##%&$*[email protected]#%$..."

Barely three minuits had pa.s.sed when the Grimm monster sent Two Star Elites to fight and seeing Our side also sent the Two Star Elite of our side.

"Looks like the time I fight isn't much away!" I said softly as I looked two-star elite on both sides clashed with furor.