Monster Integration - Chapter 587 Conscious Egg Stone

Chapter 587 Conscious Egg Stone

Ting Ting Ting…

The ting sound would ring out every few seconds, the sound had a clear meaning that the Grimm monsters body had been harvested.

After hearing the sound, I would then pick up the Runic disk, take out all the Mana crystal out of them before taking another body of the Grimm monster and placing the Runic disc on it before moving toward another runic disk.

In this process, I did not even have a second of rest, but I didnt mind as I like this process. Seeing the Body of Grimm race monster turning into the husk and I taking out s.h.i.+ny crystals from the Runic disk before placing that Runic disk on the other Grimm monster.

I am collecting more thousands of mana crystals every minuits and in just a few hours had already collected near million, and there are still many Grimm monsters remain in my storages.

I have killed lots of Grimm monsters; some were weak as a One Star Elite who give me crystals in a hundred while some were powerful as Five Star Elite, who give me diamonds in thousands.

My only regret is that I was not able to collect the corpses of those above Five Star Elite if I can manage that, I would,d have been harvesting lot more mana crystal and that I am harvesting now.

I may not be able to collect their bodies in the Ruin, but I will surely collect them in the Midzone, where there will only me Rachel and no other friends to disturb me.

Now whenever I thought about the Midzone, my eyes became dreamy, and I would get excited as I am getting now, I have to wait for a month more before I go to the Midzone.


Time pa.s.sed by and evening approached, and that is when I heard the last ting one of the Runic disk.

And when I counted the mana crystals, I am shocked because I now have the Mana amount to about 2 million. This is a considerable amount, especially in Outpost.

I still remeber how valuable these crystal used to be that people started to fight for a single of these crystals, but now I have two million of them. I cursed at people who say money doesn't bring satisfaction cause I am feeling quite satisfied seeing the s.h.i.+tload amount of mana crystals in my storage.

I placed 10% of mana crystals in my standard storage before placing 90% to my storage ring. I have stored all most all my important stuff in my storage ring as I felt that the most secure thing I have that others will have a tough time finding it.


I tapped a few b.u.t.tons on the control panel, and ma moment later, I felt the suction force of the exhaust. The whole floor is now filled with the husk of the Grimm monster, and I want any husk here for the next thing I am going to do

I had already messaged the sisters, one of them would come to to to a few minuits later. I have quite several Grimm monsters storage bands that I wanted to open.

The storage bands that I had asked Sophia to open in the Ruin where all from the Three stars lite to Five Star Elite, the ones I left to open are from those who are below Three Star Elite.

Though these Grimm monsters storages may not have precious stuff that Three Star Elite above Grimm monsters storage had, I am still very excited as I had gained most of these storage rings in the Graden, so there ought to be some precious herbs and medicinal monsters in them, getting them would be enough for me.

Like me, my friends also rented the warehouse so they could safely harvest the Mana Crystal from the bodies of Grimm monsters that they have killed.


A few minuits, the elevator door opened, and Raina came out of it, "Thank you for coming; I know you guys still have a lot of stuff to sort." I said Sophia and Raina are just two floors below me, and like me, they are also sorting out the stuff they got from the Ruin.

"Its nothing." she replied, "Here are the storages," I said as I handed her small storage pouch in which I had placed all the storages I had got from the Grimm monsters.

"Wow, these are lots of storages," Raina said before she took out the storage and activated the all release function of it.


Lots of stuff fell on the ground with nearly filling half of the floor; I take one look at the things before I walk toward and start to place it on my storage.

Like before, amI placing import things in my storage ring and less critical in my standard storage. I did not fear Raina knowing about my storage ring unless one actively spread one's soul energy to pry, it is impossible to see where the stuff is going, so I didnt have to problem about her knowing.

I finish collecting all the stuff in my storage in two minuits before Raina released another warehouse, I am fast, and I have to be as there are hundreds of rooms; not only will they take today, but they will also take tomorrow.

Raina kept releasing storages after storage, and I kept stuffing them under my room at my fastest speed. In storing the stuff, I found many interesting things, some precious metals, precious herbs, but one that surprised me most is I found twelve energy crystals; they were the same grade as ones I had seen in the repository.

Of the twelve, I have given three of Raina despite her saying no repeatedly; finally, at my insistence, she took it.


Sometime later, when I am stuffing the things in my storage, I spotted something I did not dare believe it; it a thing that all who craft their artifact dreamed about at least those who know about it.

It thing that is worth a thousand times worth than the Emperor Cla.s.s Artifact, and it might even equal in value to the Inheritance crystal I have received.

It is called a Conscious egg stone; it helps in breeding a conscious to the weapon, though the chance to that happening is 1 in 10000. It still makes very precious as Totem Artifact with consciousness has a lot more potential than other totem artifacts. It became many times more powerful than the objects of its grade.

There are many other unbelievable things an Artifact with consciousness could do that I did not dare to believe.

Without stopping or making a distorted sound, I quickly pocketed stone, which looked like an egg and continued with putting stuff into my storage as if nothing had happened.

I may look calm on the outside, but I am very excited inside as this Conscious egg stone will change my life completly. If it can create a consciousness in the Totem Artifact that I will craft, then my life will change completely.

We continued for a few hours before we stopped, that night I cooked the dinner for them as for thanks for opening the storage that will also keep tomorrow.