Monster Integration - Chapter 588 Rookies I

Chapter 588 Rookies I

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Three days had pa.s.sed by since my transaction with the Vice Guild Master, and today is the day I will receive the information about the rookies that I have to instruct from Tomorrow.

The three days went quite smoothly without any problem; the only regret is that on the second day of storage opening, I didnt find any treasure.

I thought since luck had s.h.i.+ned on me the first day, it would s.h.i.+ne on me on the second day; also, if not something as precious as Conscious Egg stone, I might get one or natural treasure, but nothing of that sort happened; the only exciting thing I found in them was several hundred Vigor berries.

The vigor berries are quite surprised; they are things that became very useful during emergencies.

From yesterday I started helping twins creating their Armor. I had thought that Sophia would forget about, but no, she not, especially when she came to know that we will not be in the same Midzone.


"I didnt think I would instructing some familiar faces," I said, looking at my holowatch. The mail I had just received is from the guild; they had sent me the information on the Rookies that I am going to instruct from Tomorrow, and the five names, I saw two names that I know very well.

"It looks like tomorrow will be fun," I said as I close the window of my holowatch.

Three hours after finis.h.i.+ng my practice, I laid my head against the pillow and fell onto sleep in Just a few seconds. The next day I had woken up before the dawn and started to what I daily do.

Two hours later, I flew apartment toward the guild with the excitement of meeting some old friends of mine.

Ten minuits later, I reached the guild only to see there was a ma.s.sive crowd of rookies on the ground. In my time there hadn't been this amount of Rookies, our numbers were barely one-third of what I have seen below.

Seeing the crowd below, I clicked on a link that is provided and pressed tracker, and soon, their location appared in front of me.

Soon I spotted a team of five people, there are three men in two women, of the three men, two are my friends.


I suddenly landed in front of me which startled three of them, "When I saw your name, I didn't think you would be our instructor, but seeing you in person looks like it is true." said fatty as came at me for a hug.

"Yes, I was also quite surprised when I saw the name of the two of you," I said to two people; these two are Nigel and Billy.

They are one of the first friends I made in the Westblood city, they had helped me quite much when I was a rookie in Westblood, but our position had changed as they are rookies now.

"h.e.l.low, I am Micheal Zaar, your Instructor," I said to three people, and three people had also introduced himself to them.

These three are named Wallis, Jen, Tina. Wallis is a tall young man who seemed to be in his late twenties, the girl named Jen is quite a beauty with blond hair while Tina seemed to shy girls with curly which is twirling in nervousness.

I wonder her curly hair was natural, or it had become wavy of her twirling them so much.

"You all know Skywalking skill, right?" I asked, "Yes!" all of them replied in unison.

"Good, then let's go," I said, and I jumped into the air, they jumped after me one after another.

As we started flying through the air, I took a look at them and found them having the same expression I had when my friends and I were flying with our instructor for the first time.

The awe, fear, and pride being the member of the S Cla.s.s guild could be seen on their faces.

"Micheal, I can't seem to sense your stage, what stage are you?" asked Billy. I had covered myself with the light killing energy unless those who do not have rule comprehension the same as mine; they will not be able to sense my level.

I did this to produce the same effect, my former instructor. My old instructor had hidden his battle power and stage from us, that no matter how much we have, we were not able to sense his level and could only guess amongst ourselves when he didnt tells us despite being asked by us many times.

"Guess!" I said with a smile before I increased my speed again. There is another reason I am hidden in my battle power from them; that reason is that my power stage is lower than five of them.

All five of them either is at Mid Lieutenant stage or above, that Blondy Jen is Captain stage. If I were to show them that I am at the Initial Liuetenenet stage, would they even respect who had already scored a minus point being younger than all of them!

"Instructor which hunting ground are we are going?" asked Jen right after we have crossed the city gates.

"Sardine Hills," I replied. I have one of the most profound memories of that place, not only I had killed my first Grimm monster there, I had also encountered the Occult method there and also met Sophia and Raina there for the first time.

Sardine hills are perfect locations for them to train, it is one of the closest low-level hunting ground from the outpost, and it is connected to the mid-level hunting ground if we want to.

In these dangerous times, this is the best place the rookies to train, and I am not the only one who thought that I saw many teams running toward the direction of the sardine hill.

Soon we crossed the barren land and entered the forest from where we started to walk on the ground.

For me, there is not much danger in any area of the outpost; even if the nine-star elite came, I have the confidence to exchange a few moves with it before running away.

But I am doing this to teach the rookies; if they careless flew over the forest, then it wouldn't take them long before they became meat on the skewer of the Grimm monsters.

So its will better if I teach them from the basics so that they would end up in the belly of the Grimm monster.

We walked for one and a half-hour later, the silhouette of the sardine hills could be seen.

"Listen well, you will only be fighting the Groups of Grimm monster who have five or more members, and dont expect me to help you when you get a hard time, I will only intervene when every bone of your body broke, or you are death's door," I said in a matter of fact tone.

My tone said it all; I am following my former team leaders' method, personally experiencing then, I know how effective they are in quickly raising strength.

Billy opened his mouth to say something, but he stopped halfway seeing my face and started to follow me toward the sardine hill like the rest.