Monster Integration - Chapter 586 Harves

Chapter 586 Harves

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Tring Tring Tring...

I was woken up by the phone's ring, and when I open my, I found it is a bright day outside.

Yesterday night due to the whole Raina's soul corruption episode, I did not get any sleep, so before sleeping last night, I did not set the alarm, so I could a long sleep, which I had not got in the few days.

When I looked at my holowatch, I found it is Rachel that calling and seeing that I felt like reality is cras.h.i.+ng me.

"h.e.l.lo!" I said as I accepted the call after some time of hesitation, I would have to tell her at some point, the sooner I tell her about it, the better.

But I was about to say to that when I noticed her expressions on her face; she did not seem unusual self, there is evident sadness could be seen on her face.

"You looked sad, what happened?" I asked, "You must have been wondering why I hadn't called right?" she asked, to which I nodded, I had many ideas on why she hadn't called but I didnt voiced them out.

"Well, the Guild f.u.c.ked me up, I was in that 1% who didnt get what MidZone they want," She said with clear her voice.

"Which Midzone did you get posted to?" I asked, if someone very familiar with me to hear my voice, they would notice that it had become an octane slower.

"Some unknown Midzone named Milfred," she said. As I heard that I felt like thousands of fireworks had lit in my heart, and I had received the happiness of all the world, it made me feel happy like never before.

"hahaha... yes yes yes..."

I started to laugh madly before I began to shouting the top of my lungs, Rachel became bewildered by my sudden outbursts and asked me the reason, but I am too lost in the happiness to reply to her question.

"Micheal, what happened to you?" she asked again, "Nothing happened to me. I am just happy because we are going to be together," I said before.

"What do you mean?" she asked confusedly, "I too received Milfred Rachel, we are being posted to same Midzone," I said.

"WHAT!" she roared as she could not believe such a fantastic coincidence could happen.

"Are telling the truth?" she asked, "I would never lie to you," I said. We both stayed silent as both us happy but did not know what to speak next; some speechlessness has come over us.

"I wish my siblings and friends could join us in the that Midzone," she said with the sigh. "Yes, it would have been quite good if they also been posted to same Midzone as us," I repeated, but internally, I am thrilled.

I am thrilled that none of my friends joining me in the Mildred; there only be Rachel and me; no one would disturb our time together like Sophia used to do in the ruin.

"Why do I feeling you are pleased seeing others are not with us in the Midzone." Rachel said suddenly and looking at me questioningly.

"Happy, of course, I am happy. Yesterday when I came to know I am being posted to Milfred, I was crushed, so crushed that I could not make up an effort to call you."

"But now I that we are going to the same Midzone, I am extremly happy. though I am feeling little sad that our friends wouldn't be able to join us, I am happy that you will be with me." I said.

Seeing the little anger she had left on her face dissolved, I heaved a sigh of relief.

We started to talk about her days, and when I told her about the transaction of yesterday, the curses began to fly from her mouth, which even made me blush.

But that she asked me to explain all the ten Emperors Cla.s.s Totem Artifact and that I cursed internally, asking myself why I had told her that I had received 10 Emperor cla.s.s artifacts.

I know that she is not only wanted to Totem Blueprint for herself but her sister and brother and also for Jim.

I would have planned to give Emperor cla.s.s blueprint and there one Totem Artifact series which,h, as many noncombat totem artifacts, which is very suitable for Jim.

Jim is no problem, but I dont much like her siblings that much; they always to seemed to look down on me too much, and it pained my heart to see that I will be giving then blueprint for the Emperor Cla.s.s Totem Artifact.

"Give them a chance; they are not that bad." Rachel said as if reading the struggle for you. "I am doing this only for you," I said grudgingly.

"Dont worry, I will make up to in future," she said, and she put on such expression that made imagine my wildest fantasies for a second.

I soon finished telling her about all the details of the Emperor Cla.s.s Totem Artifacts, she had recorded all the information I had told her, and now she will say to her siblings and Jim.

And when they select the artifact blueprint, I will tell her materials that needed for them before giving them the runic blueprint when I met them in person.

After I finish my call with Rachel, I started with my morning and gotten a free two and a half hour layer. I had just finished the bath after I finish with th practice.

After changing into new clothes, I jumped out of the window and started flying toward the destination.

Half an hour later, I reached my destination. It is an outskirt of fort cavendish and also known as the Warehouse District.

The tall building could be seen neatly by the line; these tall buildings are not the residential building, but the warehouses, these warehouses not only go up, but they also go deep underground.

I had paid extra to get the warehouse floor above, so I dont have to go the underground.

I soon the warehouse and scanned my holowatch to go to my booked floor. I reached it two minuits later.

"This should be enough!" I said as I looked at the open stretch of hundred meters and activated all release from the storage pouch.

Thud Thud Thud...

Repeated thud sounds could be heard as the body after the body of the Grimm monster fell on the ground. All types of Grimm monsters could be seen on the ground with varies expressions of their faces, but two were most common.

Fear and Indignation, be it Grimm monster or humans. Both have this expression when they die.

Seeing the bodies of Grimm monsters filling the room, walk toward it and started to place the runic disk on them. The reason I have rented this warehouse because I want to harvest the Mana Crystals from them.

I have killed thousands of Grimm Monster in the after a ruin, and if I were to harvest, then in my apartment, it would take a day to that while day would be more than enough here.

I could help but get excited when I saw all these bodies of Grimm monsters as after I am finish harvesting them, I will have a small roomful of s.h.i.+ny mana crystals.