Monster Integration - Chapter 576 Godslayer Interitance

Chapter 576 Godslayer Interitance

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"Congratulations On Pa.s.sing The Third Test!"

I heard and a very big smile appeared on my tired face, the battle had lasted only three hours but it had completely tired me out.


I weakly landed on the floor and looked around only to see besides the face Grimm monster and human, my face also appeared.

I am Third!

I said in my mind, I was a little disappointed seeing I am third as I wanted to become 1st but my mood soon improved thinking about the progress I have made, I was One Star Elite when I had entered the battlefield and now I am Eight Star Elite.

Compared to those who entered from the mid zone with the power of Six Star Elite my result is very good.

I look at the small screens which are showing battles of others, of the thousands of screens that had surrounded the arena, now less than five hundred had remained, half of the people had become disqualified.

Sarah and Sophia are still fighting, they seem to struggle against the hydra very much but looking at their battle I know they will be able to kill it, it will just take little more time that's all.

The Golden door had appeared again in front of me to take to the place where I will get a reward.

Most of the people enter this ruin in the dream of getting the reward from this place, it is a place where one could get the life-changing Opportunities and nearly all the reward obtained through it present a life-changing opportunity.

Whatever I obtained through it be it knowledge crystals, mystical methods, inheritance crystals, mystical artifacts whatever one gets from it is life-changing.

After staring at the Golden door for a few seconds, I took a step inside it and what appeared in front of me is the large hall where hundreds of beautiful small cases could be seen floating.

"Select One Case As Your Reward." said the Palace voice, hearing that I walked toward the hundreds of cases that are floating in the irregular fas.h.i.+on.

All the cases looked the same but they contain different things and my life future course will set on which case I picked. I looked around for a while before I suddenly picked up the case that came floating in front of me.

"Knowledge Crystal!"

I whispered when I saw a tiny knowledge crystal in storage, unlike last time I am not disappointed getting the knowledge crystal, I have known the importance of knowledge contained inside them.

Their value isn't less than any mystical artifact or mystical method, h.e.l.l I think their value is more.

In the repository, I have come across the three knowledge crystal and the knowledge I have gained from them had been extremely useful to me especially knowledge plants which had many alchemical formulas and knowledge of natural materials which not only helped me identify important treasure like the soul tempering Diamond but also gave me important method like the secret method.

I was about to take out the knowledge crystal and use it when I heard the palace voice again.

"You Have Obtained The Command Token And Pa.s.sed The Test, You Are Now Eligible For The Apex Reward Of This Ground."

Hun? What command token? What test? I asked myself, till now I had pa.s.sed three tests and received respective rewards from them, so when did I pa.s.s the new and what is this command token?

"Unn ex excuse me, w what iss it te ccomand tokken and tesst that youu mmentioned?" I asked in the broken universal language. I have knowledge of the universal language and know it as it is my mother's tongue but I still stuttered when I spoke it for the first time.

"The Potion That You Have Drank Was The Test And The Ring You Are Wearing Is The Command Where Your reward is placed." said the voice.

Just as I heard that I looked at the plain silver ring I was rearing in my hand, only to see the ring which had been normal without change till now is glowing faintly.


I hesitantly used my mental sense on the ring and it seeped inside the ring next moment I saw inside it which made me gasp in astonishment.

There is a small box inside the storage but I didn't focus on that, I focused on the ring itself, or I might say the storage s.p.a.ce of the ring.

The s.p.a.ce is really huge that even my whole town could be placed in it. This ring has the s.p.a.ce of 10 KM Square, even in my wildest imagination I have never heard any storage s.p.a.ce to have this much of s.p.a.ce.

And the interesting thing is this ring can be hidden when I touched this ring with my metal power earlier, small information transmitted inside me. That information not only states the size of it, but it also stated how this ring could be hidden.

I followed the procedure and found the plain silver ring being melded in my finger, it completely disappeared from my finger but I could clearly feel it inside my finger.

I again added some metal energy inside it and the next moment it appeared on my finger, I could always keep it hidden and use it. It is quite sneaky.

I added mental energy inside it and another small box appeared in my hand, it the reward I got from drinking that h.e.l.l potion, which was a reward but also a test.

It is no wonder it was life-threatening, the doc.u.ments that guild had provided had no mention of such potion.

"Inheritance Crystal!"

I shouted loudly when I saw a blue a black starry crystal inside the box, just one look was enough for me to know it is an inheritance crystal.

I have become very ecstatic seeing the inheritance crystal, the thing I wanted most from the Third tests reward was inheritance crystal. From what I have heard this inheritance is one of the best in the world, the normal inheritance crystal couldn't be compared to it.

Inheritance crystal could be said to be the most important thing in one's practice as it decided the trajectory one's future. A good inheritance crystal could make even an idiot rise high.

The inheritance crystal could only be sold in the central continent and those which are able to pa.s.s in the continent are one of the worst grades, that is why people prefer to head to the central continent when they reach the Peak of the knight stage.

In the central continent one not only could buy the best inheritance crystal but also could get all the important things needed for one's breakthrough to the lord stage.

I don't know much about the Inheritance Crystal but I know that they are very important in deciding the future trajectory of one's practice and are absolutely necessary when one leveling up to the Lord Stage.

"IT In An Apex G.o.dslayer Inheritance, Don't Fuse With It Unless You Have A Very Pure Body And Soul." A deep voice resounded in through the Palace, this voice is very different from the voice which I had heard from the Palace before.