Monster Integration - Chapter 577 Out Of The Aferian Ruin

Chapter 577 Out Of The Aferian Ruin

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G.o.dslayer Inheritance? I have never heard such a name of the inheritance before, it is quite a domineering name and to fuse with this so-called G.o.dslayer Inheritance I will need to have a very Pure soul and Body.

These are quite harsh requirements, as I clearly know that the standard of this Palace is quite high and I likely have to perform the 16 moves of Body Cleansing Technique and reach the 10th Accomplishment in Secrete Method.

I am saying that because of all of the Inheritance obtained through this ruin had been very high level and the inheritance I've obtained is likely level above that and only use this inheritance when I met all of its condition, otherwise, I will die horribly.

High-level Inheritances have lots of conditions and one has to meet all of the conditions before one could even think about fusing with that inheritance if the conditions are not met, one has to suffer very grave consequences like never able to practice magic again or death.

When I first looked at it, I had thought that the inheritance crystal is totally black in color but when I looked carefully, I saw it is in color of the night inside it I could see numerous glittering stars and celestial bodies of sun and moon.

That is all I could get from the Inheritance Crystal as when I tried to probe it with my sense, I didn't get anything. I also asked the Palace but unlike before this time, I did not receive any response.

Sighing, I put back the inheritance crystal in the storage ring and looked at the Knowledge Crystal in my hand which I am going to use now.

I sat on the floor and touched the knowledge crystal, just as I did that the knowledge crystal melded into my hand and my thoughts started to slow down.

Being familiar with the process, I did as much I could not panic but seeing my thoughts slowing down, I did panic a little but not much.

Soon my thoughts completely stopped and they for a few hours before I started to become conscious again.

"I wanted to craft trash," I whispered to myself, the knowledge I have received is about the Totem Artifacts, I now have knowledge of Total 100o Totem Artifacts and every one of them is hundreds even thousand times better than what I had been planning to craft.

These Totem artifacts are not only great power but their potential is also very great but the things they needed to craft are very very rare, especially the things I need for the Totem Artifacts that present in the Top 10.

These Totem artifacts are the terror, each and everyone not only gives the fearsome power but they also have the fearsome potential, these totems not only useful in this world but in other worlds too.

After waking up, I had become completely lost in this Totem artifact that I even forgot to check the time.


I took a long sigh after I am barely able to break myself away from the knowledge of Totem artifact, each and every totem artifact is incredible even the one Ranked at the 1000th is a hundred times better than the one I had chosen for myself.

Seeing there was nothing else to do until I transferred out of the Palace, I started to put precious stuff in the ring. The Ring had a very huge s.p.a.ce and I could be easily hideable.

I have lots of stuff ranging from the Parts of Robots to powder of herbs, I want to place most of the stuff into the ring and kept minimum things at the storage, so even I ever came across any unfortunate accidents that made me lose my storages, it will be facade as most of the stuff will be present with me in my storage.

In two hours I finished transferring all the important stuff into my storage and now I am waiting for the band in hand to light up and get me out of this realm.

It shouldn't take long, there are only a few hours till three days are over and so, in a maximum of six hours, I would be able to go back home and till that time, all I have to do wait.

So, I waited and started to go around the information on the Totem Artifacts one by one.


Time pa.s.sed by as I lost in the information of Totem Artifacts, I was amidst understanding very special Totem Artifact when I felt heavy vibration like a shock from the homing back, seeing a bright smile appeared on me and.

It has been two months since I've entered this realm and now it is time to go back home, I thought as activated the homing band with my mental energy.

I found energy from a homing band covering my body and I completely disappeared into the darkness. The darkness lasted for a few seconds before I found myself in a large square beside Adventures Paradise.

I could see hundreds and thousands of people around me coming every second that empty square is filling at the visible speed.


The second after I appeared, I found my holowatch is buzzing with thousands of notifications. I swiped cleared all the notification as it is not the time to read them.

Chew chew chew…

Ashlyn appeared out of me and started demanding food, without waiting I handed her a small pouch, I know this nowhere near to sate her as she had been hungry for three days but she will have to do with till we reached our apartment.

In the next ten minutes, the square got filled with people but I could clearly see the disparity in numbers, whenever any ruin opened a lot of people get killed and this time also there is no surprise, thousands of people have got killed.

After twenty minutes when all the people had come to the teleportation formation closed, with that all the people started to move.

I also walked toward the direction of my friends with the help of the band that my former team leader had given me.


I heard my name and only to see Rachel calling me, she is not alone there is Sophia and Raina, only Leo could not be seen but I know he survived as I had received the message from him.

Not only Leo but my other friends survived too as I received messages from them too.

"You guys have gotten quite strong!" I said in complement but little astonishment could be heard in my voice.

I had estimated Sophia's power when I saw her fighting the Hydra but Rain and Rachel who I had not seen had also made advancement in leaps and bound. Raina's power is near her sister and Rachel likely to have the strength of the strong Seven Star Elite.

My progress is the greatest of them all but I know how many chances I have come across to gain such strength, but their progress is not much less at all and they are done way better than most people who entered Ruin.

Soon Leo arrived and he too made big progress similar to that of Rachel, it will suffice to say that our team had made quite a progress in the ruin.