Monster Integration - Chapter 575 HYDRA III

Chapter 575 HYDRA III

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It came at me with the roar with the speed like never before, its speed is far greater than before, if I had not increased my power to the limit, I would have been in its mouth by now.

Currently, it is not able to catch me but a few minutes later when its power increased, it will not have any problem catching me. I have to finish this hydra as soon as possible.



Seeing it is not able to catch me, it roared in indignation and attacked me with furious water jects, these water jets looked really dangerous, if one then hit me then I will directly reach the underworld.


I dodged its powerful water jets and moved toward it with force of the mini blast.


My sword slashed across its neck, creating a quite huge wound but when I looked at the life bar, I saw only a fraction of points had been taken from its life bar.

This attack I had made using my full strength and the damage it did was counted the only fraction of points, if it had been before it reached its rage mode, I would have definitely taken at a lead a few percents from its life bar.


It let out a roar and attacked me which I had dodged before attacking it again.

The hydra is very fearsome and it will become even more at the time pa.s.sed. I have to finish as soon as possible, if I let it become too strong not only will I lose my chance for the price, I might even die.

I continued attacking and it kept coming at me. The game of cat and mouse continued but with the pa.s.sing time, changes started happening in the game.

The strength of the Hydra kept rising at the unbelievable rate that every attack of mine barely able to deal with any damage to it and its attacks came very close to touching me.

The only solace I have that in just a few minutes, I was able to shave off quite a bit of life off it and now only 3% had remained, as long as I cleared it, this fearsome test will be over.


My sword sliced across its neck one more time and just as I finished the attack, I found two fearsome water jets coming at me.


Bam! Puh Puh….

I activated the mini blast on top of my high speed but the water jet still grazed by me and I felt like I had been hit by the sledgehammer. The immense force crashed on me, most of it filtered by the swirling armor but some of the force went inside and injured my internals.

I puked blood as I shot toward the ground, I shuddered and started to stabilize myself, as I know that once I crashed against the floor with this force, I would surely be turned into the meat patty which I don't want.

Bang! Crack!

I activated the mini blast to forcefully divert my fall, white doing that, intense pressure appeared on my body and my bones started to crack under it.

I was already heavily injured when that water jet grazed by and now diverting my fall injured me even more, it was a good thing I had hidden lots of speck of Ominous plants core which I can eat any time.

I used my tongue to remove the speck under my teeth before biting it, as I bit it the healing energy started spreading in my body and healing my injuries.


I barely able to stabilize myself and just as I did that, I activated the mini blast again a move toward it with swift speed.

Its power is rising at very fast speed and if I didn't kill it soon enough, I will continue receiving such attacks and may even die, so matter I have to kill it as soon as possible.

Bang! Bang

Seeing me coming at it, I launched water jets at me from three of its heads, which made me activated mini blast again to divert my way before activating mini blast to move toward it.

This was the most daring move I had done with the mini blast, it looked like I am crisscrossing through the air in sharp angles, it may look fun but it had put immense strain on my body, so much that several on my bones were verge of breaking.


The risk is worth it as I will be able to successfully land an attack on the beast before getting way.

Time pa.s.sed as I continued to perform such an attack and in this way, I have shaved away 2.8% of its life bar, it was really dangerous and two times I even hit by getting seriously injured in the process, if not for me having a speck of ominous plants core under my teeth.

Now only 0.2% of the life bar had remained but that is giving me the most headache, for past minutes I had been trying to land an attack but the monster had become powerful, that it is not giving me any chance to get closer to it.

Whenever I tried to attack it, it would attack me with its water jets and it had grown stronger, it seemed to have an unlimited supply of water jets as it is attacking me every second from it.

It would have been quite good if it only had ahead but it had three d.a.m.n heads which are making attacking it even more difficult.

The speed that I am most proud of now is no use other than helping me dodging its attack.


Dodging another of its attacks, I started spin swirls on my armor faster and faster to get more power as I will need as I could for the daring move that I am planning to do.

I am planning to finish this hydra in a single move, it is very dangerous to the level of life-threatening but if I am successful then I will finish this battle within a single.

Bang! Shoo! Bang! Shoo! Crack...

Just as I dodged the fearsome water jets, I activated the mini blast shot toward it, seeing that it roared and attacked me attacked with the water jets.

Seeing water jets coming toward me, I activated the mini blast and moved away before I activate again to move toward it and have to activate mini blast again to dodged before activating mini blast again to get on it.

This constant activation of the mini blast in to move unnatural angel started to put lots of strain over my body which made numerous bones of mine cracked because of it, if not for me eating several specks before I started my daring move, I would have collapsed under such rung.




Bearing the immense pressure, I reached directly above the middle head of the hydra and stabbed my sword directly into its eyes roaringly while feeling two immensely powerful water jets about the crash on me.

But just as they were about to touch me, they disappeared just like the hydra that is below me.

"Congratulations On Pa.s.sing The Third Test!"