Monster Integration - Chapter 572 Comprehension Room II

Chapter 572 Comprehension Room II

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The insight turned into the comprehension as the streams turn into a river, it is slow but the constant process.

I can feel the rule powers in me getting stronger and stronger as both started to comprehend, just little thought helping me merged the insight I have into the comprehension.

Soon my Killing Rule crosses the halfway mark of the middle level, and now my comprehension speed slowed down a little as all the insight I have started to use away.

The insight is gained through daily life, be it fighting or rest as long as one understood something or thought something that aligned with the rule, the insight is created.

That is why the Rule everyone comprehended is different than others as it was comprehended by self; only the rule that is comprehended by insights gained by self is have a brighter future.

If others used other's comprehension regularly to gain insight, the Rule power loses its prospect as it is not gained by self, that is why it advanced that one should use one's insight to advance one's Rule rather than gain insight from the rule that is comprehended by others.

That does not mean one should not use the other's rule for comprehension, one should use that, but its insight should not be more than a half, if the rule is more than half comprehended from the foreign source, then one's rule became alien to oneself.

It would have been quite good if this room would have helped me gain the new insight that would have made my comprehension rise by leaps and bounds. However, it did not, it only helps in merging the idea to create the comprehension, still, there is a lot of comprehensions and it will help me make quite an advancement into my comprehension.

Time pa.s.sed and finally, I have used up all my insight of the Killing Rule and it had reached about 70% in the middle stage, 30% more and I would have been able to reach the High Level of Basic Grade in Rule comprehension but all the hoped are lot yet, there is still Ashlyn.

As we share the rule, we also gain insight into each other's Rule, just as I have gained some insights in the Sunfire Rule, Ashlyn also gained into the Killing Rule and when she will merge her insight than my killing rule will also advance in the comprehension.


When I moved to the Sunfire rule, I couldn't help but sucked breath sharply, the Sunfire Rule which was little behind the Killing Rule is now ahead of it, Ashlyn had taken its comprehension to later part if Middle stage of Basic grade, she just need another 20% comprehension to take it end but I don't think she will able to as her insight had also run dry that she is barely making any progress.

"Chew chew…"

Ashlyn finally chirped in defeat as she finally used up all her insight but her mood didn't let down for long as she quickly moved toward the Killing Rule.

Seeing that I also moved toward the gunfire Rule and started to merge my insight into it I have quite much insight, so the Sunfire rule started to make quite a progress.

The feather which was blazing with explosive power started to become little in control, the Sunfire that Ashlyn control went toward the explosive power but the one I comprehend controlled power.

Both have the same might in its own way and when they merged together, they have explosiveness and control together.

Time pa.s.sed by as I continue to turn insight into the comprehension and before I know it, I used up all my comprehension but the progress I made was substantial enough to put a smile on my face.,

I have reached near the end of the Middle level of Basic grade, I just need 5% comprehension more and I would be able to reach the High level of the Basic stage in the ruling power.

Soon Ashlyn also finished and she made comprehension of my Killing Rule reach where the comprehension of the Sunfire rule is, both of the rule powers need short comprehension before they reached the absolute end of the Middle level of Basic Grade and ready to breakthrough into the High Grade.


I opened my eyes and looked at my watch and could help but surprised seeing how less the time had pa.s.sed, I had thought at six hours would have been pa.s.sed but there only one and a half an hour pa.s.sed.

How is this possible? From what I read people take a minimum of five hours before they could use up all their comprehension but we had taken just one and a half hours.

It may be due to our Rule powers had just advanced a month ago and we did not have much insight to convert into comprehension.

Micheal did not know that it's not his insights are less but he had comprehended them just too fast.

I and Ashlyn had used up all the insight we have, so even if we kept sitting on the runic circle, there is not going to be much use. So, it is better to utilize the time than uselessly sit in one place.

I took out my abode and went inside before I started to release everything. I've been holding back before, I took a quick shower, all of it took me record time for half an hour.

After wearing fresh clothes, I set up an alarm and sleep that I had been wanting to do for so long.

When I woke up four hours later, I felt very refreshed. All of the tiredness that came from fatigue and sleep deprivation is gone. I freshened up once and got out before packing it back to my storage.

'Now I have Six hours and I am going to use that up well.' I thought, My rule powers had advanced tremendously and I think I have reached little above my minimum strength Target.

I am very sure that I now have the strength of Eight Star Elite and not the beginner but advance and if I make little more then my strength may reach near Nine Star Elite.

Nine Star Elite! How freaking cool that would be if I reached that strength when I had entered this ruin I had the strength of One Star Elite and now I have the strength of eight-star elite.

There is now less than six hours till the 3rd test starts and unlike two, I don't have any idea on what the 3rd test could be, it is always different. I may not know what the 3rd test is but one thing I know for sure and that is that this test is going to be very hard, even fatal.

Each time during the 3rd test many people lose their lives but if they are able to pa.s.s, the reward they get is also absolutely amazing.

Of the 1000 people that will partic.i.p.ate in the test, only 100 will be able to get a reward and for this test, my target is to become absolutely 1st as the first reward is absolutely best.