Monster Integration - Chapter 571 Comprehension Room

Chapter 571 Comprehension Room

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"Congratulations On Pa.s.sing The 2nd Test!"

I heard and the next moment all the restrictions on the movement had lifted, all people had gained their mobility but no one dared to attack each other.

The test is over at least for us, the hundred people who have entered the Top 1000 will get the reward for pa.s.sing the second test.

The reward is divided into three parts according to the rank they got, the Top 100 will get the best, the top 300 will get the second best and the rest will get third best.

The ranking had completely formed yet as the test in some arena hadn't finished, so the final ranking will conclude when all the all arena will their tests.

Currently, my rank is 41st which is decreasing every few minutes, seeing that I am not worried as I know no matter how much it decreases, I will be in the Top 100 when the test is finished.

So now I just have to wait for a little and I will get my reward. That is what I can't seem to do so, I am way too excited about it to keep calm. Of all the rewards of three tests, it is the reward of the second test I have most looked forward to as I know it had the possibility of skyrocketing my strength.

Though the 1st test reward was better than I had expected and I got a huge boost but I am still looking forward to the reward of the second test as it possesses the ability to increase my strength grandly.

I want to have the strength of minimum Eight Star Elite when I get out this ruin, it may sound far fetched as it is very hard to increase one's strength after having the Strength of Six Star Elite but I am confident that with the help of the 2nd tests reward, I will be able to reach that or greater power.

I looked at my opponent for a while and walked toward the corner and sat down, it may take a few minutes for other arenas to finish the fight in a minute or hour, I don't know but I am going to use this precious time.

Sitting down, I took out the meal I had cooked specially to eat between the break in the test and now I am eating it.

"I was really hungry!" I thought as I felt the uncomfortable heat of the medicinal energy in my stomach, my body earlier would not have been able to handle this much energy without performing supreme combat Technique but now I don't need to, I can easily bear it with my strong body.

I really wanted to take a nap but I didn't like last time when the gate will be open, I will have to enter inside within a minute and here I dont trust anyone to wake me up.

"The Second Test Is Complete, Enter The Doors To Get The Reward.""You Have One Minuit."

Said the voice and next moment the doors started to appear in front of everyone and the color of everyone's door is different due to their rank.

The door that appeared in front of me is golden in which is the minority and less than ten people in my arena have that, most of the doors present are silver and copper color with copper being the majority.

The Golden Door is given to those who have their rank within Top 1oo like me who's final rank is 67th, as for silver given to those to have below 300 while rest got the copper color door.

I looked at the door for a few seconds before I took a step inside it and when I entered another side I found myself standing in a small room which is densely packed in the runes.

This is the densest runic formation I have ever seen, there is rune carved in literally every inch of this room.

"This Is The Comprehension Formation…."

The Voice finished its lengthy explanation and hourgla.s.s which is marking 12 hours appeared above me.

This room is the reward of the 2nd test, known as The Comprehension Room. This room is made of a special stone called comprehension stone which is thousands of times more expensive than the Soul Tempering Diamond.

The formation is also known as comprehension formation and it used in the comprehension of the Rule power, sitting on the stone one can comprehend Rule power faster as for how faster it depends on one's comprehension power.

There is one condition though, it will not help in producing new insight about the Rule power but help in consolidating insight that one already had, which means the more insight I have the higher my comprehension will me.

I am sure that I have loads of insight acc.u.mulated and now this room will help me solidify that into the comprehension.


Without wasting any second, I walked into the center of the formation and sat on and the next moment, I heard a soft buzz and all the runes that carved in the room started to brighten up.

I closed my eyes and found my mind usually fast when I think about the rule powers, just a second after concentrating, I felt like I am understanding a lot.


The only regret I have is Ashlyn, if she could have come out then my progress would have been doubled and just as I thought that, I found a very strange power covering me.

It felt like this power connecting me and Ashlyn at a very deeper level, this power suddenly strengthens our connection more than a hundred times and now only that, I found I am sucking the comprehensive power from the formation three times faster than before.

'Ashlynn, are you doing this?' I asked hesitantly, 'Chew Chew!' I received a positive answer from her.

'How are you doing this?' I asked as I have never seen her using such strange power before.

'Chew chew chew chew..' she chirped and I couldn't but sigh asking myself why I asked her such questions.

Her answer is like always, she didn't have any idea how she did this, she just wanted to experience the energy of comprehension and something like this happened.

This new ability is related to forming deeper connections. I didn't know any miracle fruit gives such ability, maybe this ability is a variation of some Connection type ability.

I would have thought deeply about it but I didn't have time to as I have Rule power to comprehend.

With that thought, I closed my eyes and concentrated on the Killing Rule as Ashlyn is focused on the Sunfire Rule.

As I begin concentrating, I found the different insights I have gained till now started merging and forming comprehension, I could see my ribbon that represents the Killing Rule started growing.

Though the speed of its growing os is very slow, barely visible to the eyes its growing that what it matters most.

Micheal may consider this is slow speed but to others it humongous, others will be shocked to see the speed of his insight turning into the comprehension but there another whose speed greater than Micheal and that is Ashlyn as the growth of silver red feather is so visible that even a normal people could spot it.