Monster Integration - Chapter 573 HYDRA I

Chapter 573 HYDRA I

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"Enter The Gate And Clear The Third Test.""Only First Hundred To Clear The Test Will Be Eligible For Reward."

The palace sound said and the next moment as the golden door appeared, without any hesitation, I took a step inside the door while thinking about what the test could be.


I took a large gasp when I stepped into the other side. I have again entered the arena but this time there were no humans or Grimm monsters around me but an energy statue of creature that came from the myth.

It had become the character of many books and movies and many children of slaying, I had the dream after hearing the stories from the myth.


A three-headed Hydra to be exact, it is a gruesome creature of myth nearly unkillable due to its extreme regeneration power and if myths to be believed, it is said if one cut off its head then two shall grow in its place. In the memory or whatever I saw in the potion particle, I one four-headed hydra which is part of the horde of a mythical beast, there the man with a sword has killed the four-headed hydra with a single slash.

The hydra in front me is not real as it is made of energy l but it is still fearsome, it is about two hundred meters tall and has three giant heads which could easily swallow me whole without a problem.

As I looked around I saw thousands of screens on the corner of the arena, I could see some people like me staring at the hydra at the utter shock and when I looked more screens a big smile appeared on my face as I saw a familiar face in on the screen. Sarah also pa.s.sed the second test, I could see her figure standing in front of the hydra. As if feeling me staring, she looked at the screens before smiling at smiling in it.

I also smiled and looked at her and mouthed best of luck, Sarah isn't the only one who is able to reach the Top 1000, Sophia too able to reach it.

"You Will Have To Fight The Hydra And Empty Its LifeBar…"

It took nearly five minutes for the voice of the Palace to finish its description and only hearing it, I was able to take a sigh of relief. Hydra is nearly unkillable at my current level, I have no way of defeating if it has the myth-like abilities like super healing and growing two heads after cutting one.

In this test I did not have to kill the hydra, I just had to empty the life bar which had appeared above it, as long as I will empty its life bar, it will be considered a win.

It's like a game but in this game, one can lose one's life. The only way to avoid that is to crack the purple band, as long as one transmitted mana or soul energy to the purple band, it will crack and transport one to a safe location.

Though one will be safe, one will lose the chance to get any reward but compared to the life that is nothing.

The hourgla.s.s had already appeared and I have thirty seconds before I have to fight this fearsome hydra and now I am trying to remember everything I know about this hydra, so I could empty that life bar as soon as possible.

"Battle Start!"


Just as the hourgla.s.s emptied the palace voice sounded again and a moment after that, I heard the loudest roar of my life and saw the hydra which was still as the statue till now roaring loudly and now water blast coming toward me from three of its mouths.

If I had some doubts about its strength earlier now seeing the momentum three floods like water jets coming out of its mouth, I know how strong it is.


Seeing the water jets coming at me, I instantly activated mini blast under my dodged sideways as I know if the water jets. .h.i.t then I will at least be getting seriously injured the least and dead the most.

The shot out like a rocket, the speed is greater than I had imagined but I was able to control it enough to not crash against the boundary of the arena.


Three of its head roared and attacked me again with the fearsome water jets and to their response, I dodged again attacked with my skill.

Sup sup sup…

Multiple fire arcs shot out of my sword, they went toward every part of its body but most of them went toward its head.


The hydra roared loudly seeing the arcs of fire coming at it but it made no attempts to dodge, even if it made the attempts most of my blades would crash against it seeing their speed and its huge size.

Dhub Dhub Dhub…

The arcs of fire crashed against the hydra, all of them struck the target, seeing that my mood became ecstatic and I looked at Life bar, expecting some change but to my utter disappointment, the huge life had no changes in it, not even slightly.

This really shocked me, I had known that there will not be any big change but seeing how huge the Lifebar is, I had expected some changes even if they are very slight but no, the life bar remained unchanged.


My mood fell after seeing that and wanted to attack again but I saw those water jets coming at me, so I have to dodge the attack.

As I dodged the attack, I attacked with the fire arcs again but like last time there was no effect on hydra instead it made it angrier.


Its three heads roared loudly and attacked, this time the hydra not only attacked me with its water jets but it also came at me with the intention of biting me whole.


It roared loudly as its three of its heard continued to follow me with the intention to bite, it was a good thing that I have learned to be agile with the mini blast otherwise, I would have really done ended up in its mouth.

It kept coming at me while I kept dodging with a mini blast while dodging its attacks, I would have to constantly adjust the power of it as it had three heads which could not only be able to attack me with the fearsome ranged attack but also with its body.

Bang Bang Bang…

The three heads of it are very dangerous, they look big and bulky but they are very agile, wanting to bite me off from any direction possible. If not for me having instant speed, I would have had a really big problem dodging its attack.

I hope Sarah and Sophia are fine, with the strength they would have obtained from the Two tests, they should be fine, I rea.s.sured myself.

Time pa.s.sed by as I kept dodging attacks and now I have identified its rhythm, I could easily dodge its attack.

In the past hour not only I was able to get used to its rhythm, I even got used to my strength which was the main thing I was doing, now that I got good control over my powers, its time to begin my offensive seriously.